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Flooding Information

Posted: Saturday, September 25, 2010 at 4:08 pm
By: Jay Trobec
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As many people continue to deal with flooding I wanted to share an excellent flooding resource provided by the National Weather Service.  When you go to the link below you will find a map with the location of different “River Observations.”  When you click on an observation it will bring up a graph of the conditions on that river. The blue area shows where the river has been and the green area shows where the river is forecast to go. Time is plotted on the bottom of the graph and the river level is plotted on the right.  I plotted an example below the link, please note that the data is TIME SENSITIVE.


Heavy Rain Event in KELOLAND (Rain Totals)

Posted: Friday, September 24, 2010 at 9:10 am
By: Jay Trobec
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Below is information from the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls.  Rain totals from our tropical like rain storm were most impressive into areas of southwest Minnesota.  We also received several reports into the Storm Center from southwest Minnesota of over 8 inches of rain.  Feel free to add your rain totals into the comments section below.

Storm Total Precipitation for September 22/23, 2010

State       Location         Rain Total

MN          Windom (Des Moines River Gage)    7.61

MN         Windom Airport     6.66

MN          Tracy Airport          6.35

MN          Jackson (Des Moines River Gage)  5.94

MN          Worthington Airport             5.61

MN          Lakefield 2NE COOP          5.59

MN          Jackson Airport    5.20

MN          Pipestone (Pipestone Creek River Gage)      5.05

MN          Pipestone RAWS 4.78

SD          Brookings (Big Sioux River Gage)   4.64

SD          Vermillion (Vermillion River Gage)  4.58

IA             Hawarden COOP                4.54

MN          Marshall Airport    4.47

SD          Buffalo Trading Post           4.40

MN          Pipestone Airport 4.16

MN          Russell (Redwood River Gage)       4.12

MN          Slayton Airport      3.86

SD          Yankton Airport     3.45

SD          Bruce (Big Sioux River Gage)           3.31

SD          Montrose COOP  3.16

SD          Sioux Falls 5.5 SE Airport  3.13

SD          Madison Airport    3.06

SD          Sioux Falls Harmondon Park            2.99

SD          Dell Rapids (Big Sioux River Gage)                2.88

SD          Sioux Falls (Big Sioux Western Ave. River Gage)         2.82

MN          Luverne (Rock River Gage)               2.74

SD          Yankton (Missouri River Gage)         2.72

MN          Luverne Airport     2.68

MN          Jasper (Split Rock Creek River Gage)            2.67

SD          Brookings Airport 2.54

SD          Menno COOP       2.49

IA             Sioux Center COOP            2.45

SD          Corson (Split Rock Creek River Gage)           2.39

SD          Sioux Falls (Big Sioux North Cliff Ave. River Gage)       2.36

SD          EROS Data Center COOP 2.35

IA             Spencer Airport    2.17

SD          Sioux Falls Joe Foss Field (NWS)   2.15

IA             Orange City Airport              2.10

IA             Spencer (Ocheyedan River Gage)   2.03

IA             Orleans (Spirit Lake River Gage)     1.99

SD          Parker (East Fork Vermillion River Gage)      1.87

IA             Alton (Floyd River Gage)    1.84

SD          Sioux Falls Maple St. (Big Sioux River Gage)                1.81

SD          Salem 5 NE COOP             1.75

IA             4 SSW Craig COOP            1.73

SD          Sioux Falls 60th St. (Big Sioux River Gage)   1.52

SD          Hartford (Skunk Creek River Gage) 1.40

SD          Vermillion 2 SE COOP       1.38

IA             Akron (Big Sioux River Gage)            1.37

IA             Linn Grove (Little Sioux River Gage)                1.27

IA             Correctionville (Little Sioux River Gage)         1.19

SD          Mitchell Airport      1.05

SD          Crooks (Willow Creek River Gage)  1.04

SD          Forestburg 3 NE COOP     1.00

NE         Wakefield COOP                0.69

IA            Sioux City Airport  0.58

SD         Huron Airport       0.31

Keeping the Radar Honest

Posted: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 at 3:07 pm
By: Jay Trobec
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Zurich: Beauty Comes At A Cost

Posted: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at 2:15 pm
By: Jay Trobec
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Chief Meteorologist Jay Trobec is at the European Meteorological Society meeting in Zurich, Switzerland. He will be giving a talk on broadcast meteorology in the US.