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Christmas Snow Totals

Posted: Monday, December 28, 2009 at 2:00 pm
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The snow is 19" deep at Sioux Falls airport, a measured depth that hasn’t been seen in the city since February 2004. In the spirit of giving, we now give you the snowfall totals covering the four day Christmas snow of 2009, as reported by the National Weather Service offices in eastern South Dakota:YANKTON       E17.0 INCH       YANKTON            SD   BROADCAST MEDIASIBLEY          E16.0 INCH       OSCEOLA            IA   LAW ENFORCEMENTAKRON    E18.0 INCH       PLYMOUTH           IA   CO-OP OBSERVER6 NNE WHITE    E10.0 INCH       BROOKINGS          SD   CO-OP OBSERVERMARION        E23.5 INCH       TURNER             SD   CO-OP OBSERVERMADISON       M18.0 INCH       LAKE               SD   EMERGENCY MNGRHARDWICK           E12.0 INCH       ROCK               MN   CO-OP OBSERVERSIOUX CITY           M20.7 INCH       WOODBURY           IA   CO-OP OBSERVERCHEROKEE         E18.5 INCH       CHEROKEE           IA   CO-OP OBSERVER1 SSE VERMILLION     M23.0 INCH       CLAY               SD   TRAINED SPOTTER SIOUX FALLS          M19.0 INCH       MINNEHAHA          SD   OFFICIAL NWS OBSHURON         M20.4 INCH       BEADLE             SD   CO-OP OBSERVERMITCHELL      M19.9 INCH       DAVISON            SD   CO-OP OBSERVER6 W TEA         E22.0 INCH       TURNER             SD   BROADCAST MEDIA2 NE BROOKINGS    M11.7 INCH       BROOKINGS          SD   CO-OP OBSERVER1 N SPENCER    M20.0 INCH       CLAY               IA   CO-OP OBSERVERSANBORN        M21.0 INCH       O`BRIEN            IA   CO-OP OBSERVER4 E SIOUX RAPIDS     M18.2 INCH       BUENA VISTA        IA   CO-OP OBSERVERMARSHALL      M16.0 INCH       LYON               MN   CO-OP OBSERVERPIPESTONE          M16.5 INCH       PIPESTONE          MN   CO-OP OBSERVER6 SE CENTERVILLE        M11.7 INCH       CLAY               SD   CO-OP OBSERVER5 S CHAMBERLAIN      M9.0 INCH        BRULE              SD   CO-OP OBSERVER3 NE FORESTBURG       E10.0 INCH       SANBORN            SD   CO-OP OBSERVERGREGORY                M13.0 INCH       GREGORY            SD   CO-OP OBSERVER5 NE SALEM         M19.5 INCH       MCCOOK             SD   CO-OP OBSERVERVERMILLION              M23.0 INCH       CLAY               SD   CO-OP OBSERVERWESSINGTON SPRINGS      E15.0 INCH       JERAULD            SD   CO-OP OBSERVER2 NE LAKEFIELD         M16.2 INCH       JACKSON            MN   CO-OP OBSERVER2 NNE WORTHINGTON    M22.5 INCH       NOBLES             MN   CO-OP OBSERVERLUVERNE           M22.5 INCH       ROCK               MN   CO-OP OBSERVERFLANDREAU        M16.3 INCH       MOODY              SD   CO-OP OBSERVER2 E YANKTON           M20.5 INCH       YANKTON            SD   CO-OP OBSERVER2 SE SIOUX CENTER       M13.6 INCH       SIOUX              IA   CO-OP OBSERVERWAKEFIELD              M11.1 INCH       DIXON              NE   CO-OP OBSERVERWHITE LAKE          M12.0 INCH       AURORA             SD   CO-OP OBSERVERTYNDALL              M14.5 INCH       BON HOMME          SD   CO-OP OBSERVERMENNO               M17.0 INCH       HUTCHINSON         SD   CO-OP OBSERVERDE SMET           M11.0 INCH       KINGSBURY          SD   CO-OP OBSERVER5 NNE SIBLEY    M16.0 INCH       OSCEOLA            IA   CO-OP OBSERVER4 WNW CANTON    M17.7 INCH       LINCOLN            SD   CO-OP OBSERVERSHELDON            M17.0 INCH       O`BRIEN            IA   CO-OP OBSERVERROCK VALLEY        M21.0 INCH       SIOUX              IA   CO-OP OBSERVERLE MARS          M14.5 INCH       PLYMOUTH           IA   CO-OP OBSERVERHOLSTEIN          M20.0 INCH       IDA                IA   CO-OP OBSERVERHAWARDEN          M15.7 INCH       SIOUX              IA   CO-OP OBSERVER
WESTERN MINNESOTA…BIG STONE COUNTY…  10 N CORRELL                12.5 M   833 AM 12/27   45.38N  96.16W…TRAVERSE COUNTY…  WHEATON                     10.3 M   833 AM 12/27   45.81N  96.50W  BROWNS VALLEY               11.2 M   833 AM 12/27   45.59N  96.83WNORTHEASTERN SOUTH DAKOTA…BROWN COUNTY…  ABERDEEN                     8.7 M   700 AM 12/28   45.47N  98.48W  CLAREMONT                   13.7 M   700 AM 12/28   45.67N  98.01W  COLUMBIA                    15.0 M   700 AM 12/28   45.61N  98.31W…BUFFALO COUNTY…  GANN VALLEY                  9.7 M   700 AM 12/28   44.03N  98.99W…CAMPBELL COUNTY…  POLLOCK                     17.0 M   833 AM 12/27   45.90N 100.29W…CODINGTON COUNTY…  WATERTOWN                   14.0 M   700 AM 12/28   44.91N  97.17W…CORSON COUNTY…  MCINTOSH                    16.0 M   700 AM 12/28   45.92N 101.35W…DAY COUNTY…  WAUBAY                      12.0 M   700 AM 12/28   45.33N  97.31W  WEBSTER                     14.5 M   700 AM 12/28   45.34N  97.52W…DEUEL COUNTY…  CLEAR LAKE                  20.0 M   700 AM 12/28   44.77N  96.68W…DEWEY COUNTY…  TIMBER LAKE                 17.1 M   700 AM 12/28   45.43N 101.07W…EDMUNDS COUNTY…  ROSCOE                      11.4 M   700 AM 12/28   45.45N  99.33W  BOWDLE                      15.0 M   700 AM 12/28   45.45N  99.66W  11 E HOSMER                 16.0 M   700 AM 12/28   45.58N  99.25W…FAULK COUNTY…  SENECA                      13.2 M   833 AM 12/27   45.06N  99.51W…GRANT COUNTY…  MILBANK                     17.0 M   833 AM 12/27   45.22N  96.63W…HAMLIN COUNTY…  1 W HAYTI                   15.2 M   700 AM 12/28   44.66N  97.22W…HAND COUNTY…  REE HEIGHTS                 14.0 M   833 AM 12/27   44.52N  99.20W…HUGHES COUNTY…  BLUNT                       10.0 M  1008 AM 12/27   44.52N  99.99W  PIERRE                      13.5 M   700 AM 12/28   44.37N 100.32W…JONES COUNTY…  MURDO                       20.2 M  1008 AM 12/27   43.89N 100.71W…LYMAN COUNTY…  KENNEBEC                    24.0 M   833 AM 12/27   43.90N  99.86W…MARSHALL COUNTY…  ROY LAKE STATE PARK         15.0 M   700 AM 12/28   45.71N  97.43W…MCPHERSON COUNTY…  LEOLA                       11.4 M   700 AM 12/28   45.72N  98.94W…ROBERTS COUNTY…  WILMOT                      15.0 M  1035 AM 12/27   45.41N  96.86W  4 NNE VICTOR                17.9 M  1008 AM 12/27   45.92N  96.80W  SISSETON                    23.4 M   700 AM 12/28   45.66N  97.05W…SPINK COUNTY…  TURTON                      16.0 M   833 AM 12/27   45.05N  98.10W…STANLEY COUNTY…  7 E HAYES                   15.5 M   833 AM 12/27   44.37N 100.88W…SULLY COUNTY…  ONIDA                        7.0 M   700 AM 12/28   44.70N 100.07W…WALWORTH COUNTY…  MOBRIDGE                    12.1 M   700 AM 12/28   45.54N 100.44W52.40   LEAD                     SD  LAWRENCE         0600 AM48.70   5 SSW LEAD               SD  LAWRENCE         0600 AM                 COCORAHS45.20   2 NE DEADWOOD            SD  LAWRENCE         0600 AM29.40   SHADEHILL RESERVOIR      SD  PERKINS          0600 AM26.00   DOWNTOWN SPEARFISH       SD  LAWRENCE         0600 AM26.00   LEMMON                   SD  PERKINS          0600 AM24.00   DOWNTOWN BELLE FOURCHE   SD  BUTTE            0600 AM24.00   MISSION                  SD  TODD             0600 AM19.00   4 NNW WHITEWOOD          SD  LAWRENCE         0600 AM                 COCORAHS18.90   SILVER CITY              SD  PENNINGTON       0600 AM                 COCORAHS17.00   DUPREE                   SD  ZIEBACH          0600 AM16.50   12 SW MAURINE            SD  MEADE            0600 AM15.00   BISON                    SD  PERKINS          0600 AM15.00   CEDAR BUTTE              SD  MELLETTE         0600 AM14.60   MILESVILLE               SD  HAAKON           0600 AM14.00   2 SSE LUDLOW             SD  HARDING          0600 AM14.00   6 NW MILESVILLE          SD  HAAKON           0600 AM                 COCORAHS14.00   WINNER                   SD  TRIPP            0600 AM14.00   11 N PORCUPINE           SD  SHANNON          0600 AM14.00   HOOVER                   SD  BUTTE            0600 AM11.70   3 E DOWNTOWN STURGIS     SD  MEADE            0600 AM  9.00   MARTIN                   SD  BENNETT          0600 AM  9.00   2 E COTTONWOOD           SD  JACKSON          0600 AM  8.50   6 ESE BOX ELDER          SD  PENNINGTON       0600 AM                 COCORAHS  8.00   2 WNW KADOKA             SD  JACKSON          0600 AM                 COCORAHS  8.00   CAMP CROOK               SD  HARDING          0600 AM  7.90   DOWNTOWN RAPID CITY      SD  PENNINGTON       0600 AM  7.50   1 SW HAMILL              SD  TRIPP            0600 AM                 COCORAHS  7.40   HILL CITY                SD  PENNINGTON       0600 AM  6.90   3 WNW DOWNTOWN RAPID CI  SD  PENNINGTON       0600 AM                 COCORAHS  5.80   PACTOLA RESERVOIR        SD  PENNINGTON       0600 AM  5.60   RAPID CITY AIRPORT       SD  PENNINGTON       0600 AM  5.50   9 SW DOWNTOWN RAPID CIT  SD  PENNINGTON       0600 AM                 COCORAHS  5.50   DOWNTOWN HOT SPRINGS     SD  FALL RIVER       0600 AM  4.50   WIND CAVE VISITORS CENT  SD  CUSTER           0600 AM  3.30   MOUNT RUSHMORE           SD  PENNINGTON       0600 AM  2.00   EDGEMONT                 SD  FALL RIVER       0600 AM

December 2009…so far

Posted: Saturday, December 26, 2009 at 7:03 am
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What a week it’s been! We still have snow falling today, but at least it’s Saturday!
Here’s a look at some interesting numbers…
·        From Sunday through Friday, Sioux Falls has received 18.6” of snow.
·        We’ve had more snow THIS WEEK than our 6th snowiest December on record of 17.6” in 1982.
·        Our December snow is at 24.9”, our second snowiest December on record
·        The 24.9” this month is the 7th snowiest month on record
·        So far, we have 28.4” for the season. Sioux Falls averages 40.9”
Snowfall per day this week:
            Sunday Dec 20:            0.2”
            Monday Dec 21:            2.0”
            Tuesday Dec 22:           0.1”
            Wednesday Dec 23:     2.3”
            Thursday Dec 24:          3.5”
            Friday Dec 25”             10.5”
Snowiest Decembers

41.4”            1968
24.9”            2009
23.8”            1924
20.6”            1945
19.8”            1996
17.6”            1982
17.3”            1951
17.2”            1955
16.0”            1920
15.2”            1969

Snowiest Months

48.4”            Feb            1962
41.1”            Dec            1968
31.5”            Mar            1951
28.5”            Feb            1969
27.5”            Mar            1917
25.5”            Feb            1909
24.9”            Dec            2009


Christmas AM Storm Update

Posted: Friday, December 25, 2009 at 10:33 am
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It’s a White Christmas across South Dakota. Snow is expected to keep piling up throughout the day. For more on this large winter storm, click the play button below for an update from Meteorologist Brian Karstens.

Christmas Eve Afternoon Update

Posted: Thursday, December 24, 2009 at 2:09 pm
By: Administrator
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A winter storm will pick up as Christmas Eve comes to an end.  Heavy snow is expected to start falling during the evening.  And on Christmas, strong winds will add to travel problems.Meteorologist Scot Mundt has an update on the storm. 

Christmas Eve Storm Update (Video)

Posted: Thursday, December 24, 2009 at 8:53 am
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There may be a lull in the action but the snow storm isn’t over.  Snow will be light Christmas Eve but heavy snow will return by evening.  For more on what to expect, click on the play button below for an update from Meteorologist Brian Karstens. 

Inside The Storm Center: Christmas Snow Storm

Posted: Wednesday, December 23, 2009 at 11:51 am
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A major winter storm is on the way to South Dakota. Meteorologists are keeping a close eye on a number of models that show how the storm may develop. KELOLAND Meteorologist Scot Mundt takes you inside the Storm Center as he looks over the latest data. 

Storm Center Update-9:00am

Posted: Wednesday, December 23, 2009 at 9:13 am
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A major winter storm is heading for KELOLAND.  All of the latest indications are suggesting the Sioux Falls will receive 12-18" by Friday night.  This…combined with very strong NW winds will create drifts of 6-10ft in some areas.  Travel will become impossible.The latest radar imagery from this morning shows 2 areas of snow…one in Montana associated with a northern storm…and the main storm to our south….with precipiation in much of Kansas and Nebraska.  These 2 areas will combine over KELOLAND.The watch/warning map features a very large area in red with a winter storm warning.  Areas in blue near Rapid City represent the winter weather advisory.  The map above shows the upper level energy associated with this storm system.  One center is located over Montana…the other over Oklahoma.  The 2 are forecast to merge (see map below) and become a very large storm that will stall just to our east…putting KELOLAND in a position for very heavy snow and wind.Look for areas of light to moderate snow this afternoon…with perhaps an inch or two by early evening.  Heavier snow is set to arrive tonight and tomorrow.  The map below shows snowfall increasing again tomorrow morning in NW IA.The map below shows the snowfall forecast through early this evening.  Most amounts are less than 2".By early morning tomorrow…look for 3-6" of new snow…with areas of blowing snow.  Conditions will worsen through the day.By early evening…amounts of 6-9" are likely in the southeast…with lesser totals near Rapid City.  Remember, the wind will be increasing in much of western and southern KELOLAND as this storm develops.By Christmas morning, we’ll be feeling some of the worst conditions with this storm.  Heavy totals over a foot are possible by then as the snow continues through the day.Our snowfall forecast includes Sioux Falls and much of the southeast with 12-18 inches of snow by Saturday morning.  Some location may exceed 20".  Pierre, Watertown, and Aberdeen will all have heavy snow as well.  Rapid City should have the least…but even 5-10" is looking likely with strong winds.Winds by tomorrow morning should be strongest in South-central South Dakota…but the 20-30mph wind from the north and northwest will increase by Christmas Day.  Sioux Falls will have some wind from the northeast tomorrow…but much stronger winds are likely by Christmas Day with blizzard condtions LIKELY.This is a very dangerous storm.  Last minute preparations should be completed today and travel will become impossible in many areas as the storm develops through Christmas Day.  It appears Sioux Falls may get it’s heaviest 2 day snowfall total since 1968.  Stay tuned to KELOLAND TV and for the latest information.-Brian Karstens

STORM FORECAST***7:30am***

Posted: Tuesday, December 22, 2009 at 7:39 am
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We have a very powerful storm system set to arrive in KELOLAND starting tomorrow…lasting through Saturday.  The jet stream shows a powerful trough already developing.  This will add upper-level energy needed to support the storm.  There is a good deal of moisture in the Gulf of Mexico…so this storm will have plenty of moisture to work with.The map above shows the latest watches and warnings as of early Tuesday morning.  This map will change through the day…so keep checking for the latest.  The warnings and watches begin tomorrow…with the storm affect Nebraska first early in the day…spreading north during the afternoon and evening.  Heavy snow will likely hold off in many areas until tomorrow evening.  There could also be ice and sleet in NW IA near Sioux City to Spencer tomorrow night…more on that below.The maps below and above show the progress of the storm through Thursday.  Widespread snow is predicted…with east-northeast winds in eastern KELOLAND…and northwest winds in the west.  Several inches are likely by the end of the afternoon Thursday and travel will be hazardous.  The worst of the wind will arrive on Friday.The snowfall forecast below has Sioux Falls in the 12-18+" range.  This will be a major storm…affecting all regions of KELOLAND.Freezing rain and sleet may accumulate to .25" or more in NW IA….mainly along and south of a Sioux City to Spencer line.  We’ll follow this closely through the day for any changes.Stay with KELOLAND TV and for the latest information.-Brian Karstens

A Closer Look At This Week's Storm

Posted: Monday, December 21, 2009 at 10:56 am
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Meteorologist Brian Karstens gives us a closer look at this week’s storm.  Use the video player below to watch.

12-20-2009 Forecast Update (video)

Posted: Sunday, December 20, 2009 at 1:50 pm
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It looks like an active weather week ahead. I tried to cover it all in this video blog but the forecast models have been changing frequently so stay tuned here at and of course to the newscasts on KELOLAND-TV.