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Our NEW Weather Watcher Program and Winter's Arrival (video)

Posted: Sunday, November 29, 2009 at 7:46 pm
By: Administrator
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A video blog talking a little bit about our new Weather Watcher program and some BIG changes in our extended forecast.  Here is a link to the Weather Watcher Sign Up Page.

Turkey Travel Forecast (video)

Posted: Sunday, November 22, 2009 at 7:49 pm
By: Administrator
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We have a big travel week ahead of us and it is looking like there will be some weather to talk about in parts of the Upper Midwest.  The video blog below details the forecast for the week ahead.Tony

All About our Video Blogs (video)

Posted: Sunday, November 15, 2009 at 7:31 pm
By: Administrator
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So because the weather has been so nice and quiet lately I thought I would post a short video blog about the camera we specifically use for taping our video blogs. You will learn all about it in the video.  I also wanted to mention that if you ever have any weather video to send us you can use our uShare gallery or you can just email it to us at  If you are ever having trouble getting it to us just send us an email at that same address and we will help you out.Tony 

Ridiculous Sioux Falls Air Fares

Posted: Wednesday, November 4, 2009 at 3:27 pm
By: Administrator
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Sioux Falls airport has embarked on a major redevelopment project. It includes a renovation of the terminal building, and improvements to the runway area. The project will make a great “first impression” on visitors who land in Sioux Falls for the first time.

Architect’s rendering of renovations at Sioux Falls airport. (And a depiction of how many residents will use Sioux Falls airport if things don’t change.)
To pay for the project, the airport authority intends to impose a $4.50 facility fee on airline tickets. That is certainly not a huge amount compared to the fees charged by other airports I have visited, especially when many (unlike Sioux Falls) have degraded to the condition of bus terminals. But as things are right now, I may never have to pay that fee – because prices set by the major airlines serving Sioux Falls have forced me to take my business to other airports.
Previously, I have written about the dramatic cost savings by driving to catch a flight in Omaha, because competition (mainly from Southwest) keeps air fares there very low.
Now, as I find myself needing to take a trip to Atlanta in January, I have realized that driving to ANY airport in the Midwest will result in better fares than those charged in Sioux Falls.
Here are the actual, lowest fares posted on the web for a round trip flight to Atlanta on Saturday, January 16, returning Wednesday, January 20. Flying on Saturday and Wednesday gives the airlines every benefit, because those are two of the cheapest days of the week on which to fly. Examining the numbers, I was not surprised that it is significantly more expensive to fly out of Sioux Falls than Omaha or Minneapolis. But I was amazed to find that it is much cheaper to fly to Atlanta on those dates by driving to airports in Sioux City, Fargo, or even Rapid City!
—Cheapest round trip fares (taxes and fees included) to Atlanta from six Midwest cities on Jan 16, 2010, returning Jan 20, 2010. Fares posted as of 10 AM on November 4, 2009:
                        Delta                            United             
FSD                566.91                         568.00
OMA               358.59                         346.90            
MSP                224.20                         245.40
SUX                459.80                         –
FAR                 360.40                         480.00
RAP                 320.40                         367.00
Out of curiosity, I checked the price by flying the route backwards, from Atlanta to Sioux Falls on those same dates. Delta charges $20 dollars less for that route. It seems like the only way to get affordable air fares out of Sioux Falls is by visiting one of the destinations Allegiant serves.
I am not a penny-pincher trying to squeeze a nickel. I am not opposed to paying extra money to use Sioux Falls airport. But when the additional cost to “fly local” is in the hundreds of dollars, I object and vote by packing my baggage in my car – and taking my travel business elsewhere.