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A New Tool for the StormCenter (video)

Posted: Saturday, January 31, 2009 at 9:39 pm
By: Administrator
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Check out the new tool we just installed in the StormCenter…  It is called ESP:Live and is made by the same company that makes our weather graphics.  This new system is going to be a great asset to us as we bring you the latest weather information possible and use our 3 radars to cover KELOLAND. 

A Different look at WxNow (video)

Posted: Saturday, January 24, 2009 at 6:36 pm
By: Administrator
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I may have gotten in a bit over my head with this video blog… I think the concept was cool and I think it turned out OK, but probably not as good as I would have liked.  I wanted to give you a view of what we see when we do weather reports from the green screen.  So I stuffed our little camera in the pocket of my suit jacket and away we went.  All things considered I think that it gives you a decent representation of what we see when we are doing the weather, so enjoy!!!

The Fight for South Dakota and some Snow for the West

Posted: Saturday, January 24, 2009 at 4:13 pm
By: Administrator
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A battle (or as our PA Derek said "an Epic Battle") will continue to take place overhead over the next 36 hours or so… We’ve got an area of High pressure trying to move into the state from the north and an area of Low pressure trying to work into the state from the south.  Why everyone wants to get to South Dakota, I don’t know, but apparently the High and the Low don’t mind the cold!!!  Because of this battle we will have very different weather for the SW corner of the state then what we will see in the NE.  In the SW snow showers will be likely from late tonight through Sunday night.  In the NE clear to partly cloudy skies are expected with NO snow.  The one thing we will all share of course is the very cold air that isn’t going anywhere for awhile!  Some of the snow across SW SD will spread across the southern part of the state especially south of I-90, some light snow showers may spread as far north as Pierre in central South Dakota but snow is more likely in areas like Winner and Gregory.  The same is true for the SE where some snow may make it to the Sioux Falls area but light snow is a little more likely in areas like Vermillion and Yankton.  Either way snow totals will stay pretty light in areas outside of extreme southern SD and the west.  Totals could make it up to 5 inches in far SW SD.  After this bout of snow conditions quiet down for next week with no major snow systems expected.  Temperatures will be cold early in the week but should gradually warm.  

Wind Chill is Bogus

Posted: Thursday, January 15, 2009 at 10:38 pm
By: Administrator
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In theory, it sounds good: Combining wind speed and air temperature into one number, intended to indicate the rate a body cools on a chilly, windy day. But wind chill has become so misused and misunderstood as to render it meaningless as a legitimate meteorological value.
Wind chill was created in 1939 by Antarctic explorer Paul Siple, who measured the temperature effects that wind had on containers of water. Those results were later transformed into a complicated formula called the Siple-Passel equation, and the wind chill was born.
Siple’s equation was used until 2000, when it was discontinued because it was found to dramatically overestimate the chill caused by strong winds in a cold environment. The National Weather Service performed some tests on the skin of real human beings in simulated wind to come up with a new wind chill formula. In it, the conditions which used to create a wind chill of -40 now result in a wind chill of only -20. Wind chill values just don’t sound as ferocious as they used to.
But the whole wind chill idea is flawed. The public (and some broadcasters) say the wind chill is what it “feels like” outside. But wind chill is aimed at determining the effects of wind on bare skin on a stationary person facing into the wind. To say that a wind chill “feels like” -20 assumes that a real person won’t turn their back on the wind, put a hand over their face, or wear a scarf. I assure you that those of us who live in a colder climate do those things (except for teenagers, who don’t let wind and cold interfere with attitude and fashion).
Another issue is that wind chill is generally calculated at the nearest airport. Since there are few trees or tall buildings on air fields, measured wind speeds are higher than in neighborhoods and business districts where people live and work. Again, we don’t “feel like” the wind chill says we do.
But people still love to refer to the wind chill. I guess it makes us all “feel like” we can stand up to the best that winter weather can bring our way. Or give us something to brag about the next time someone says, “Sure is cold this winter…”

Behind the Scenes in the StormCenter (Video)

Posted: Thursday, January 15, 2009 at 4:41 pm
By: Administrator
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We have almost 20 computers for various uses in the StormCenter.  Here is a behind the scenes look at some of our valuable computers and how we use them.   Enjoy!

Thursday's Cold!

Posted: Thursday, January 15, 2009 at 10:10 am
By: Administrator
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Here’s a list of the morning lows from Thursday.  Records have been set in Aberdeen, Mobridge, and Sisseton.  Spencer, IA tied a record low.SOUTH DAKOTA     ABERDEEN WEATHER SERVICE              -42    WAKPALA                               -41    COLUMBIA                              -39    WESTPORT                              -39    ROY LAKE                              -38    WATERTOWN                             -34    ROSCOE                                -32    BROOKINGS COOP                        -31    MOBRIDGE                              -31    HURON                                 -30    SISSETON                              -30    BROOKINGS                             -29    REDFIELD                              -29    VICTOR                                -29    WINFRED                               -28    ASTORIA                               -27    TIMBER LAKE                           -27    CENTERVILLE                           -26    CLEAR LAKE                            -26    EROS DATA CENTER                      -26    LANTRY RAWS                           -26    SAND LAKE RAWS                        -26    WILMONT                               -26    GETTYSBURG                            -25    HIGHMORE                              -25    MCINTOSH                              -25    SIOUX FALLS WEATHER SERVICE           -23    MITCHELL                              -22    PARKSTON                              -22    PIERRE                                -22    WESSINGTON RAWS                       -21    WHITE LAKE                            -21    CHAMBERLAIN                           -18    EAGLE BUTTE                           -18    YANKTON COOP                          -18    LEMMON                                -17    YANKTON AIRPORT                       -17    GREGORY                               -15    FAITH                                 -14    HURON COOP                            -14    FORT PIERRE RAWS                      -13    KEYAPAHA                              -13    MURDO                                 -12    WHITE RIVER                           -12    WINNER                                -12    BUFFALO                               -11    MISSION                               -10    PARAMALEE RAWS                        -10    PHILIP                                -10    VERMILLION                             -9    PINNACLE RAWS                          -8    UNION CENTER                           -8    MARTIN                                 -6    RAPID CITY WEATHER SERVICE             -4    NISLAND                                -3    MOUNT RUSHMORE RAWS                    -2    RAPID CITY AIRPORT                     -2    RAPID CITY COOP                        -2    NEMO RAWS                              -1    PINE RIDGE RAWS                        -1    CAPUTA                                  0    PORCUPINE                               0    CUSTER                                  1    EDGEMONT RAWS                           2    CUSTER RAWS                             3    OGALA                                   3    ORAL                                    3    PINE RIDGE                              3    DEERFIELD RESERVATION                   4    LEAD                                   10  SOUTHWEST MINNESOTA     PIPESTONE COOP                        -34    LAKEFIELD                             -26    MARSHALL AIRPORT                      -26    PIPESTONE                             -26    WORTHINGTON AIRPORT                   -26    SLAYTON                               -24    WINDOM AIRPORT                        -24    JACKSON AIRPORT                       -22    LUVERNE AIRPORT                       -22    TRACY AIRPORT                         -22  NORTHWEST IOWA     SPENCER                               -25    SHELDON                               -24    STORM LAKE                            -22    SIOUX CITY AIRPORT                    -19    CHEROKEE                              -18

Tuesday's Snow

Posted: Wednesday, January 14, 2009 at 10:37 am
By: Administrator
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Here’s a list of Tuesday’s snow…  LOCATION                                SNOWFALL
  LEAD 5.5 SSW                              6.5   ROSCOE                                    4.8   ROSCOE 0.3 NNW                            4.5   ABERDEEN WFO                              3.7   COLUMBIA                                  3.6   ABERDEEN 1.5 SSW                          3.5   SISSETON 10.4 ENE                         3.5   WARNER 3.4 SE                             3.4   SISSETON 3.8 W                            3.1   HECLA 8.6 W                               3.0   BROOKINGS 1.4 SW                          3.0   GETTYSBURG                                3.0   ROY LAKE                                  3.0   SIOUX FALLS 3.4 ESE                       2.8   SISSETON                                  2.7   SIOUX FALLS 3.4 ESE                       2.6   BRUCE 4.1 NE                              2.5   ASTORIA 2.2 SSE                           2.5   SIOUX FALLS AIRPORT                       2.5   MARION 0.5 NE                             2.2   HARTFORD 6.4 S                            2.2   RAPID CITY 5.0 ESE                        2.1   CLEAR LAKE 0.6 SSW                        2.0   VIBORG 0.2 NNE                            2.0   MONTROSE 5.8 NW                           2.0   HIGHMORE 19.1 NNW                         2.0   HIGHMORE 12.4 N                           2.0   WILMONT                                   2.0   VICTOR                                    2.0   RAPID CITY 3.4 WNW                        1.9   RAPID CITY 5.8 SW                         1.8   RAPID CITY 2.4 WNW                        1.6   RAPID CITY 3.3 SSW                        1.6   BROOKINGS                                 1.5   BOX ELDER 6.2 ESE                         1.4   SILVER CITY                               1.3   WHITEWOOD 4.2 NNW                         1.2   RAPID CITY WFO                            1.2   ELK POINT 5.6 NNE                         1.1   RAPID CITY 5.4 SW                         1.0   RAPID CITY 9.8 SW                         1.0   WHITE LAKE                                1.0   RAPID CITY AIRPORT                        1.0   HURON AIRPORT                             0.9   VERMILLION 4.1 SE                         0.7   BELLE FOURCHE 0.9 SSE                     0.6   MITCHELL                                  0.6   ARMOUR 4.6 W                              0.5   ONIDA 0.2 N                               0.5   GAYVILLE 1.8 SSW                          0.5   YANKTON                                   0.5

Monday Blizzard (Sunday evening update)

Posted: Sunday, January 11, 2009 at 4:16 pm
By: Administrator
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Hopefully, you were able to get out and enjoy a pretty decent weekend because our South Dakota weather is about to change again BIG TIME!  We’ve got blizzard watches and warnings posted across much of the state from Mobridge across to Aberdeen and then down to Sioux Falls.  Where those aren’t posted we’ve got a winter weather advisory for the Mitchell area and wind advisories and warnings for everyone else.  The snow will start up from west to east tonight especially affecting northern portions of the state.  The low will then drop across the state from N to S bringing snow to much of eastern South Dakota late tonight and early tomorrow.  Snowfall totals could be up to around 5-6 inches in isolated areas especially along the Buffalo Ridge in Minnesota but most folks can expect 1-4 inches of snowfall.  The winds will be a major problem with this snow, gusting up around 45 to 55 mph.  This will create near whiteout conditions throughout the day on Monday.  By late in the day an area of High pressure will move in and relax the winds for us.  Travel will most certainly be difficult at times on Monday with the snow and blowing snow so take care and be smart if you have to leave the house.  We will see a few more chances of snow and some bitterly cold temperatures through Thursday. 
Be careful and stay tuned to KELOLAND-TV and for the latest information on this storm.Latest advisories:

Friday's Snow

Posted: Friday, January 9, 2009 at 12:00 am
By: Administrator
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Here’s a list of snow smounts from Friday…VERMILLION1.0 INCH

(Mostly) frigid northern hemisphere

Posted: Tuesday, January 6, 2009 at 2:01 pm
By: Administrator
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In the past couple of days, I have received emails from several of my friends who are television weathercasters around the world. Hopefully they won’t mind if I share their comments, because I found their reports fascinating. (One reminder – the temperature values mentioned are in Celsius, so a temperature report of -10 to -15 really means +5 to +14 Fahrenheit.)
Jill Peeters – VTM in Brussels, Belgium: “All the papers and the television news of the day were talking about the snow we had last night. We now had some snow: up to 2-12 cm. Not that much compared to other countries, but we’re not really used to it. Tonight polar air is coming in and we’re expecting one of the coldest nights of this winter, with temperatures between -6 (coast) and -12°C. Tomorrow we’ll face an ice day with max temperatures around -2 to -7°C, probably the coldest day of this winter and in the top 5 of coldest 6th of January since 1833."
Francis Wilson – Sky TV in London: “Here in the UK it’s the coldest spell since 1996. This night we will have our coldest at -12. No sig snow. But odd snow flurries have made the news."
Claire Martin – CBC in British Columbia: “Western Canada is suffering right now too. Vancouver recently got clobbered with 41 cm of snow (Xmas night through Boxing Day), and has seen 20 straight days of below seasonal temps. We ended Dec with 89.0 cm of snow (all time Dec record for snow 89.7 cm). The avalanche threat remains extreme for most of the entire western Rockies.. we had a very shallow early snow pack, followed by some frigid weather. The Arctic air literally sucked the moisture out of that early snow pack, turning if fine and sugary.. the recent heavy snow is therefore falling on a very precarious base. We have had 15 avalanche deaths so far, two in Whistler (host of the Olympics next winter). The Prairies continue to see morning temps in the -40 deg C mark, wind chills close to -48."
Jean-Christophe Vincendon – Meteo-France: “In France, ‘snow’ and ‘cold’ are the two principal words in the media. Around 5 cm of snow yesterday in the north, including Paris. Snow is now forecasted for the next hours in the south-east (5/10cm possible between Avignon, Marseille and Nice). And now (it’s 7PM), temperature is -9°c in Paris. I think it could be around -12°c tomorrow in the morning!"Frank Cavallaro – CBC in Montreal: "As of today Jan 5th, 2009 Montreal has already picked up almost 110 cm of snow. The record is 383 cm for a whole winter, so we’re well on our way to a record."
And then there’s this…
Dr. Jose Rubiera – Cuban TV in Havana: “In Cuba we’ve had splendid sunshine weather and higher than normal temperatures from mid-December through these days, corresponding with little exchange between the tropics and higher latitudes.. But the period from mid-November to the beginning of December was cold (to us) with lows up to 8 Celsius degrees in some stations and around 21 degrees in afternoon highs. From January 7th, however, another "cold" spell is forecasted with cold fronts arriving to Western Cuba again in a row. Water temperatures are around 26C, so tourists are enjoying beach resorts!"