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Potential Severe Weather

Posted: Thursday, May 29, 2008 at 12:00 am
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We have the great potential for severe weather this afternoon and evening, but I think the limiting factor will be the amounts of sunshine we see.
The Storm Prediction Center has southeast KELOLAND under a high risk for severe weather.  Here’s the update from 11:30…

The HIGH risk is the area that has the greatest chance at seeing tornadoes…that is if the sun comes out!
Clouds have been stubborn in southeast KELOLAND this morning and afternoon, but we are starting to see some clearing in south central South Dakota.  You can take a look at the visible satellite here.
Bottom line, if the sun comes out…better chances at severe.  If the clouds stay…the lesser chance at severe.
BUT, the sun HAS been shining in western South Dakota and this too will lead to severe weather this afternoon.
Regardless of if we see severe weather or not, I do think heavy rain is a good bet for southeast KELOLAND. The areas most favorable for the heavy rain will be in northwest Iowa.  Flood watches are in effect for extreme southeast South Dakota and northwest Iowa.  These areas can see an additional 2-3” or more.