Weekend Snow…Update

Posted: Saturday, December 8, 2007 at 8:29 am
By: Administrator
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Well, it looks like more snow is on the way for our Saturday and Sunday.  We have been keeping an eye on a system down to our south for the past few days, and now it is finally making the move northward.  This system is a little different from the typical snow makers, we see this time of year.  We are basically stuck in a battle ground between cold dry air to our north and warm moist air to our south.  Where these two meet and interact is where we will see the snow fall today.  One of the challenges is figuring out just how strong the components are.  It is now looking like Sioux Falls and the southeast will be looking at more like 3-6 inches of snowfall, while Aberdeen may only end up with a dusting to an inch.  Pierre should be looking at the possibility of 1-3 inches while they are still expecting 3-6” in Rapid City and more just south of Rapid City.  The heaviest snow will fall south of I-90 over the weekend and some isolated spots could receive 10 inches or more down in northern Nebraska  Two positives with this system are that it isn’t bringing much wind with it, and that because of our cold dry air the snow will be light and fluffy, and easy to shovel.  Snow showers will continue tonight and linger into the day tomorrow for eastern South Dakota.  Temperatures will also stay very cold for the rest of the weekend.  By next week we should see things calm down a little big after the east gets another shot of snow on Tuesday.  Temperatures will also warm slightly as we continue through next week. 
The snow should start up for Sioux Falls sometime late this afternoon, with some of the heaviest snows falling tonight.  With the combination of this snow coming and the frigid temperatures it would probably be a good idea to have a winter survival kit in your car if you do have to head out.  Stay tuned for more updates!

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