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More Than a Messy Drive

Posted: Wednesday, April 11, 2007 at 1:10 pm
By: Administrator
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Snow will continue to wind down this afternoon with additional accumulations of 1-3” mainly east of Interstate 29.  With temperatures hovering in the low to mid 30s this afternoon, a lot of the snow will continue to melt leaving a wet and sloppy commute during the afternoon and evening.  It’s not all about the commute to and from work, more on that in a bit. 
I just peeked at the satellite this afternoon and it’s showing a couple of breaks in the clouds from Aberdeen to Huron, partly cloudy skies were showing on our Rapid City SkyCam earlier today too.  Any sunshine you see will be short lived, expect cloudy skies with on and off snow through the day.  A storm system we’ve been watching for the first half of the weekend will be taking a trip to the south and should NOT affect KELOLAND.  Instead, we’ll be looking at dry skies and warming temperatures.  Highs will moderate to the 50s and 60s by Sunday…more spring-like.   
As I mentioned earlier, it’s not all about the commute to and from work.  The weather is also taking its toll on area farmers and ranchers; I’d like to share an email from a viewer…
I am the 18 year old daughter of a farmer with a cattle operation.  Right now we are in the most crucial point of calving and with the weather, it has made it very difficult for my father and my 20 year old brother.  Both of them are up, taking turns throughout the night to go check the cattle every hour or so and it makes for hardly any hours of sleep.  The pasture in which all of our cows are calving is located about 2 miles from our home and the only wind protection is a row of bales and a small portable cattle shed.  When a calf is cold, it is up to my father or brother to load the calf onto the fourwheeler, drive all the way home with it, then bring it into our basement where we have a bathtub and blankets ready to try and warm it up.  So far, with all of the cold weather that has been around, we have lost a total of three calves (all of which died in the basement as my family tried to save them) and actually have another one trying to warm in the basement as I am typing this to you. 
     The reason I am telling you about all of this is because I am very disappointed that the only thing Keloland says is affected by the weather is the commuting.  Yes, transportation is very difficult right now but it is not totally necessary for most people.  Your station keeps stressing how important commuting is for people but there are much bigger problems.  How come I have not heard one story or comment about the cattle farmers and the situations they are in right now?  With the beef industry being one of the most important industries in the state, I would think that it would be somewhat important how the cattle and calves are holding up in the weather and what steps are being taken to try and help as many as possible to survive. 
     I apologize for being so forward but I feel it is about time we talk about what’s REALLY being affected by the weather.  My father has the hardest job there is right now and he and all of the other farmers out there aren’t getting any recognition or mention of what they have to endure.

Snow Forecast Update-10:00 PM

Posted: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 at 3:19 pm
By: Administrator
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The second low to the south in Kansas and Missouri has intensifed and is sending more moisture our way.  Sioux Falls’ temperatures has hovered near 30 degrees, but the snow continues to fall with temperature colder aloft.  The atmosphere will be very efficient at producing snow overnight over a large areas of eastern KELOLAND.  Here are the official snowfall totals from the National Weather Service:0700 PM     SNOW             8 S SIOUX FALLS         43.43N 96.73W04/10/2007  M5.0 INCH        LINCOLN            SD   NWS EMPLOYEE0705 PM     SNOW             WESSINGTON SPRINGS      44.08N 98.57W04/10/2007  E2.0 INCH        JERAULD            SD   LAW ENFORCEMENT0709 PM     SNOW             2 SE WESSINGTON         44.43N 98.67W04/10/2007  E2.0 INCH        BEADLE             SD   CO-OP OBSERVER0715 PM     SNOW             DE SMET                 44.39N 97.55W04/10/2007  E3.0 INCH        KINGSBURY          SD   CO-OP OBSERVER0727 PM     SNOW             HOWARD                  44.01N 97.52W04/10/2007  E1.0 INCH        MINER              SD   AMATEUR RADIO0730 PM     SNOW             MADISON                 44.01N 97.11W04/10/2007  E4.0 INCH        LAKE               SD   LAW ENFORCEMENT0735 PM     SNOW             STICKNEY                43.59N 98.44W04/10/2007  E2.0 INCH        AURORA             SD   CO-OP OBSERVER0735 PM     SNOW             MITCHELL                43.73N 98.03W04/10/2007  E3.0 INCH        DAVISON            SD   LAW ENFORCEMENT0737 PM     SNOW             ALEXANDRIA              43.65N 97.78W04/10/2007  E4.0 INCH        HANSON             SD   CO-OP OBSERVER0740 PM     SNOW             5 N SALEM               43.80N 97.39W04/10/2007  E4.0 INCH        MCCOOK             SD   CO-OP OBSERVER0740 PM     SNOW             PARKER                  43.40N 97.14W04/10/2007  E1.5 INCH        TURNER             SD   EMERGENCY MNGR0750 PM     SNOW             MENNO                   43.24N 97.58W04/10/2007  E0.0 INCH        HUTCHINSON         SD   CO-OP OBSERVER0755 PM     SNOW             IVANHOE                 44.46N 96.25W04/10/2007  E3.0 INCH        LINCOLN            MN   EMERGENCY MNGR0755 PM     SNOW             BROOKINGS               44.31N 96.79W04/10/2007  E4.5 INCH        BROOKINGS          SD   LAW ENFORCEMENT0756 PM     SNOW             LUVERNE                 43.65N 96.21W04/10/2007  E2.0 INCH        ROCK               MN   LAW ENFORCEMENT0757 PM     SNOW             MARSHALL                44.45N 95.79W04/10/2007  E2.0 INCH        LYON               MN   LAW ENFORCEMENT0757 PM     SNOW             SLAYTON                 43.99N 95.75W04/10/2007  E2.0 INCH        MURRAY             MN   LAW ENFORCEMENT0800 PM     SNOW             WORTHINGTON             43.63N 95.60W04/10/2007  E5.0 INCH        NOBLES             MN   TRAINED SPOTTER0800 PM     SNOW             FLANDREAU               44.05N 96.60W04/10/2007  E5.0 INCH        MOODY              SD   TRAINED SPOTTER0800 PM     SNOW             5 SSE SIOUX FALLS       43.48N 96.69W04/10/2007  M5.0 INCH        LINCOLN            SD   NWS EMPLOYEE0800 PM     SNOW             7 SSE SIOUX FALLS       43.45N 96.68W04/10/2007  M5.0 INCH        LINCOLN            SD   NWS EMPLOYEE0805 PM     SNOW             PIPESTONE               44.00N 96.31W04/10/2007  E6.0 INCH        PIPESTONE          MN   LAW ENFORCEMENT0807 PM     SNOW             CANTON                  43.30N 96.58W04/10/2007  E1.0 INCH        LINCOLN            SD   NWS EMPLOYEE0815 PM     SNOW             5 NNE SIBLEY            43.47N 95.71W04/10/2007  E4.0 INCH        OSCEOLA            IA   TRAINED SPOTTER0820 PM     SNOW             ROCK RAPIDS             43.43N 96.17W04/10/2007  E4.0 INCH        LYON               IA   LAW ENFORCEMENT0824 PM     SNOW             SANBORN                 43.18N 95.66W04/10/2007  E2.0 INCH        O`BRIEN            IA   PUBLIC0829 PM     SNOW             SPENCER                 43.15N 95.15W04/10/2007  E4.0 INCH        CLAY               IA   TRAINED SPOTTER0830 PM     SNOW             BROOKINGS               44.31N 96.79W04/10/2007  M5.0 INCH        BROOKINGS          SD   CO-OP OBSERVER0831 PM     SNOW             4 W SPIRIT LAKE         43.42N 95.19W04/10/2007  E3.5 INCH        DICKINSON          IA   TRAINED SPOTTER0835 PM     SNOW             JACKSON                 43.62N 94.99W04/10/2007  E4.0 INCH        JACKSON            MN   LAW ENFORCEMENT0838 PM     SNOW             WINDOM                  43.87N 95.12W04/10/2007  E3.0 INCH        COTTONWOOD         MN   LAW ENFORCEMENT0920 PM     SNOW             SIOUX FALLS             43.54N 96.73W04/10/2007  M5.2 INCH        MINNEHAHA          SD   NWS EMPLOYEEThe heavy snow warning areas should see a total of 5-8" by Wednesday afternoon, with some locally heavier amounts possible. Again, the wet, slushy storm should linger through Wednesday morning, so plan on hazardous travel.  We’ll have the latest on KELOLAND news.

Stormy April Forecast

Posted: Monday, April 9, 2007 at 5:34 pm
By: Administrator
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It’s going to be a busy week in the storm center.  First of all, tonight we have a quick-moving storm system that will put down a swath of moderate rain and snow across northern and eastern KELOLAND.  It looks like the heaviest amounts will be north of Sioux Falls.  A winter weather advisory has been posted for areas north of Sioux Falls.  Also, other weather advisories have been posted from the Aberdeen NWS.  A sloppy 1-3" will be possible in Sioux Falls Tuesday morning.Another storm will take aim at southern KELOLAND later in the week.  More moisture will be available with this storm and it will be much larger.  Heavy snow is possible (more than 6") and we’ll be watching the track.  The American models still give Sioux Falls and the southeast heavy snow…while the European model is more conservative and keeps the storm in Kansas and Missouri.  We’ll get  a better lock on it later in the week.