Things Not Always What They Seem

Posted: Thursday, January 3, 2013 at 10:12 am
By: Doug Lund
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Yay! The Minnesota Vikings are in the playoffs; okay maybe not beyond Saturday’s re-re match with the Packers but it’s safe to say that even the most loyal of Vikings fans didn’t see this one coming after that miserable mid season slump. Of course, all the national attention is on potential MVP, Adrian Peterson, one of the greatest running backs of all time who sniffed the NFL rushing record last week only to come up a few yards short. But, the team’s defense has been stellar and even Christian Ponder has managed to throw a couple completed passes downfield. No predictions here but Sunday will likely find us in church; either to give thanks for our team’s great success and prayers for a Super Bowl victory…or to ask special forgiveness for so many profane outbursts in front of the TV including a few violations of the 3rd Commandment. (If you have to look that up, you should be sitting in the pew beside us.)

All of our “kids” have made their post Christmas check-in’s; all arriving at their distant destinations without too many travel complications. Last week I mentioned the unfortunate ice slippage incident in which our son-in-law, Joe, went to a Sioux Falls emergency room and came out with a sheepish look on his face and a big brace on his broken leg. I didn’t have a picture then. I do now.

image blog joe

 I’m not going to be too tough on Joe though because this has been an especially rough and emotionally draining Holiday Season for him and his whole family.

In keeping with the theme of this blog; “All things aren’t what they seem” this image of Joe with his brother, Rob and Sister Lori reflects a genuine but heartbreaking joy.

Lori Salvatori, Joe Moser and Rob Moser

Lori Salvatori, Joe Moser and Rob Moser

Lori, a young wife and mother of three, recently underwent a second surgery for brain cancer and the prognosis is grim. All of us who love Lori and the entire Moser family are praying for a miracle and would appreciate any prayers you’d care to send up on her behalf too.

Okay, back to the theme:

I remember the first time I saw one of those Magic Eye paintings that were so popular in the early 90’s. Tracy Roskins, who worked at Keloland at the time, brought one into the newroom and before long several of us were standing around the picture trying to get our eyes to focus correctly revealing the hidden image.

Stare at it for a bit..relax and an image should materalize

Stare at it for a bit..relax and an image should materalize

It was such a thrill when it happened and you were suddenly transported into an amazing three dimensional underwater scene complete with starfish or sunken ships with treasure chests full of gold.  When one person got it..they were only to happy to share the secrets of their revelation with others or just gloat . Sadly, and oddly, it turned out that some on our floor couldn’t see the magic image and, as we discovered, never would. It takes two functioning eyes to work and we had three folks on staff who were blind in one eye. The ooos and ahhhs stopped, the Magic Eye painting was taken down and we all went back to work.

One of my favorite artists is Dick Termes of Spearfish who uses spheres for a canvas creating art in the round from a six point perspective. He also has a gift for drawing or painting images that are more than what they seem.

This is one of his early creations. Do you see a scraggly tree or a couple about to kiss?

This is one of his early creations. Do you see a scraggly tree or a couple about to kiss?

Someone posted this picture that I also find fascinating.

Do you see a bearded buy like the one in Hobbit or a Mexican riding his horse next to a waterfall and senorita in a blanket?

Do you see a bearded guy like the one in Hobbit or a Mexican riding his horse next to a waterfall and senorita in a blanket?

Others are weirdly fun.

dog noses

angry bunny 

Hmmm suddenly I feel like seeing a 3-D movie at the theater; let’s see what’s playing. “Monsters Inc.” I didn’t care for this when it came out the first time in regular “D” 12 years ago. “Cirque du Soleil?”  I’ll wait to see it live in Vegas. “Texas Chainsaw Massacre?” Why would I pay to see blood and body parts realistically flying off the screen and into my expensive popcorn? “The Hobbit?” No, no no. I already suffered through the Ring trilogy understanding little or none of it and finding that hairless creature especially annoying.  Apparently there’s even more of him here AND in 3-D.

Nah..think I’ll save my money and stick with TV where stuff  IS real and precisely what it seems to be like: “Honey Boo Boo”.. “Killer Karaoke”.. “Hillbilly Hand Fishin’..”Springer,” “Amish Mafia” and those cooking shows where British guys scream and swear at budding chefs.

Okay, maybe that last one isn’t real. I mean everybody knows the Brits can’t cook.


Linda went to see the Doctor this morning to exam her right foot which has been hurting since Christmas. Sounds like a stress fracture of unknown origin. Best we can figure it’s a sympathy injury for Joe. Anyway, she gets to wear a pump-up boot for a couple weeks which has gone and  wiped the familiar smile right off her pretty face.

linda foot


  1. Brenda says:

    Love you you Joe and daily prayers for your sister and family. Her beautiful smile despite the grim outlook she has been given is something we should all learn from. Life is unpredictable and WAY WAY to short—so be happy and make the most of each and every day. Instead of your glass being half empy, look at as being half full. SMILE more, frown less and remember someone somewhere has it much much worse than you.
    To my family of Vikings fans this Packer fan has one thing to say…….Peterson is A MACHINE!!!!!! Glad both our teams get a chance to make it to the Superbowl : )
    If I bring you some more canned tomatoes will you promise me NO NO NO Honey Boo Boo .. Amish Mafia or any of those other waste of TV time shows???!!!! Please.

  2. Cam Lind says:

    Please forward best wishes for me. Thanks.

  3. Lizzie says:

    What do you mean Brits can’t cook. Steve Hemmingsen is living proof of my cooking!!!

  4. Patches says:

    Linda, Hope your foot is feeling better. It is a good excuse to lay on the couch with your feet up on a couple of pillows, throw out a couple barely audible whimpers once in a while and have Doug wait on your every whim, and do all the housework. HaHa. You look stylish in whatever you wear!

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