Come On Snow

Posted: Thursday, October 25, 2012 at 1:33 pm
By: Doug Lund
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I guess I’m glad it snowed a little; covered up the reality of a yard buried in leaves..most of them imported from up or down the street depending on which way the hurricane force winds have been blowing. We’re usually the last ones in the neighborhood to get ours picked up because, like a nervous bride on her wedding night,  the giant maple in the back yard refuses to strip down to bare branches until mid-November.

stove and flowers 005

 If I was that maple, I couldn’t wait to shed this season’s batch; the leaves are all plastered with that black tar-like substance again this year.

stove and flowers 007

I can’t remember what causes that..hold on..Google check:

Okay, Wikipedia says, basically..don’t sweat it. It’s a fungus problem that’s not uncommon and mostly cosmetic. Best solution; make sure all the leaves are hauled off in the autumn so the fungal spores don’t get a chance to spread and infect next years batch. Yeah, that’s fine except they’re not goin’ anywhere if they’re buried in snow. The way our yard looked this past summer, it just might benefit from a blanket of dead foliage..tar stained or not..over the long winter.

On the other hand, Linda’s pot full of geraniums on the front deck have never looked better..even with a touch of white.

stove and flowers 004

Speaking of winter, Linda and I have decided to stay put this piling into Big Red (That’s our old Lincoln for any newbie’s out there) at the end of December  hoping he’ll safely get us through another journey down to the Arizona desert and back to escape the month of January. Since we didn’t win the lottery, we decided the money would be better spent replacing our shelled-out roof next spring.

Let’s see, what else? Oh, yeah..the election. Well, it doesn’t matter who you want for President because South Dakota, according to all the experts and our idiotic Electoral College system, say we’ve already gone for Romney. In fact, there are only a handful of states, like Ohio and Florida, that will end up deciding the whole thing. Where your vote DOES matter, of course, is in all the state races and ballot issues. As usual, Linda and I will talk about all of it on election eve then go to the polls with our ballots all filled out.

I do love the process, though. It is never lost on me, nor should it be on any American, what a privilege, an honor really, to have this freedom of choice. It’s easy to get lost in the shouting and accusations that too often accompany campaigns for political office. Out of frustration we’re likely to just decide there’s not a one of them worth the powder to blow ‘em all to smithereens. I don’t think that’s true. I believe most of those who run for office really do believe they can make a difference and should be admired for at least being willing to try. It’s just hard sometimes to be heard above the din of a congress or state legislature filled with folks all trying their darndest to get attention too.

Oh, well, I hope you’ll study up on the candidates and issues then go to the polls, say a little prayer and give it your best shot. Remember, every vote counts. Oops, except for President if you’re from South Dakota..

Now, there’s an issue I wish some of our elected officials would take on; switching presidential elections to be decided by the popular vote. At least there would be the satisfaction in knowing that one of the millions of numbers on the great big tote board represented me.

Ah, darn it. The snow appears to be melting. So much for leaving the leaves to rot till spring. Now, where did I leave the number of that guy who does lawns?


  1. DRH says:

    Mo Rocca laid it all out last “Sunday Morning” with his report on the Electoral College and a plan to bypass. Clever.;flexGridModule

  2. Sweeps says:

    DRH: thanks for the URL. I had to leave on Sunday before I could watch Mo Rocca’s piece on the electoral college, and I forgot to turn on the DVR. I’ve never been a fan of the electoral college, I haven’t ever heard one good reason for keeping it, and if all we ever do is vote yes for the all the danged constitutional amendments (in SD anyway), why can’t CONgress become PROgress and get rid of the EC? Oh well. Not in my lifetime, I suppose! (Doug–the picture of the snow-decked geranium is gorgeous!)

  3. Donn says:

    I still feel the electoral college system is the only way to keep the large city polulations from deciding all elections. But I’m just an idiot, according the the smart crowd. Oh well!!

  4. Christy says:

    It will be strange not to have you here in January after 16 years . . . you will be missed tremendously! I’ll continue to try and win that lottery to share . . Love you!

  5. VJW says:

    “Ah, darn it. The Snow appears to be melting. So much for leaving the leaves to rot till spring. Now, where did I leave the number of the guy that does lawns?” Doug, are you getting that old or senile that you can not remember your or Linda’s phone number? Certainly you would not want someone else to mess with your yard, now would you?

  6. The Big B says:

    The popular vote seems like a great idea until the election comes where a recount is necessary. That would make the 2000 election seem like a 2nd grade dispute over a cookie.

  7. Lynn says:

    With all of the advancements in technology, why do we still use paper ballots? Would it ever be feasible for future elections to be done electronically? If it could be secure enough, and be able to verify voter eligibility, maybe we can do away with the EC. Would there then be a reason for recounts? Military voters would not have to deal with lengthy mail times to and from their precincts if they could vote with computers. Something to think about.

  8. Crawford T. says:

    The 2000 election *was like a 2nd grade dispute over a cookie. There was even a South Park about it (and probably will be again in another couple of months).

  9. Skye Fargo says:

    The Electoral College protects us from the Tyranny-of-the-Majority.
    If you wish to enjoy your freedom of choice, which was mentioned above, then you can thank the Electoral College….
    I will stick with the knowledge that The Founders STILL know better than anyone alive today.
    A free online course on The Constitution is available at Hillsdale College…go take it…and donate, if you wish.

  10. Eric says:

    Big B – Any time I watch anything to do with politics it reminds me of a second grade fight over a cookie….especially when you throw Donald Trump into the mix.

  11. Mary C Der Hagopian says:

    Donn, you are spot on!!! Before anything is changed on the EC rule, it needs to be thoroughly thought out and tested to the max!!! The gents that set up that system were highly intelligent and did it with much thought. Of course, they had no suspicions that computers would come to be, however, we all have read about major hacking, and perhaps been a victim of identify theft. Wouldn’t that be something to deal with should a recount becomel necessary???

  12. Mary C Der Hagopian says:

    Should have added SkyFargo with Donn. Agree with both!!

  13. Dan says:

    I believe it is very important to understand that the Electoral College was put in place to protect the rights of the minority in a Democratic Republic. There is an enormous misconception in our nation that we live in a democracy. I would assume that if one were to ask 100 people on the street what type of government was formed under our Constitution, 99 of them would tell you it was a democracy. America is not a democracy, it is a Republic, and there is huge difference between the two.
    A Republic was formed to protect the minority against the rule of the majority, protect the rights of the minorities, and to balance power throughout the nation. The Electoral College is far from “idiotic” and is what will protect a small state like South Dakota from the will and whims of the most populated states and cities.
    If one believes they cast a wasted vote in this state and wishes their vote to “count” according to Mr. Lund, don’t forget you live in a Republic, and have the right to move where you think your vote does “count.”

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