Rotties And Dobies And Pitties..Oh My!

Posted: Wednesday, June 13, 2012 at 11:52 am
By: Doug Lund
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What has four legs and one arm?




“What are you gonna write about in your blog this week, Doug?” a friend asked the other day. “Well, I’ve been thinking about  weighing in on the debate over whether or not certain breeds of dogs, like Pit-bulls, Rottweilers and Dobermans, should be banned in the city limits of Sioux Falls because they’re vicious,” I said. “Waddaya Nuts? Don’t you realize that dog lovers are going to tear into you like a…well, a Pitt-bull on a bunny rabbit?” he warned.

Point is, I’m not advocating for or against the proposal but I do have a few questions and observations. First and foremost is that every one of those breeds scare the snot out of me and, in my walking days, the site of a pair of Dobermans barking wildly and charging the backyard fence each day as I’d pass by, always caused my bowels to loosen just a little bit. Oh, I tried stopping and would speak softly..calling them puppy but they’d have none of it and kept looking for a hole in the fence large enough to squeeze through and get at my throat. Well, Doug, dogs are territorial and they’re just defending their territory. Well, that sidewalk is my territory paid for with my tax dollars and I should have the right to stroll by without being terrorized. There were lots of dogs of all breeds and sizes along my three mile route but only two (why are Dobermans usually in pairs) that wished me dead. Well, it must be the owner’s fault for not spending enough time with his dogs training them. I guess everybody agrees on that. I think most would also agree that these dogs..especially the three mentioned above..were genetically designed to be powerful, intimidating and in some cases, like Pit-bulls, vicious. What I don’t understand is why so many people feel the need to own one knowing that these creatures will require a lot of extra attention to train out the natural nastiness bred into them. I can hear it now, you don’t know what you’re talking about Lund, my “Rottie’ or my “Dobie” or my “Pittie” is the most gentle friendly dog on the planet. They also claim guys like me in the media are to blame for giving them a bad rap; only reporting attacks by these animals while, in fact,  more people are actually bitten by lovable Labradors..failing to mention that labs outnumber Rotties, Dobies and Pitties by a gazillion to one so your odds of an unfortunate encounter with a mean one are somewhat greater. Plus, unlike a Pit-bull, a lab is likely to bite once and take off rather than hang around until the attackee is dead as a carp.  

How do you see a Pit-bull?   Like this:

pit bull nice

Or This:

pitbull vicious

It seems on one hand they detest the media for what they believe to be unfairly labeling their dog vicious, while on the other they love the fact that their animal is a more effective watchdog because it has the reputation of simply having to do nothing more than stand there to keep trespassers away.

I personally think people like having these breeds of dogs mostly for the wow factor. “Wow, you have a Pit-bull?” “Isn’t he dangerous? Aren’t you afraid?Has he ever attacked anybody?”

Sort of like those who go to Buffalo Wild Wings and order the hottest ones on the menu and consume them in pain in order to impress their friends. “Wow, how can you eat those? Aren’t you on fire?”



I literally don’t have a dog in this fight (Even though I’ve tried to convince Linda we should get one) and I’m certainly not advocating the extermination of Pit-bulls but unless there’s a way to make sure they don’t wind up in the care of idiotic uncaring owners, I wouldn’t mind allowing the breed to naturally go extinct.

Okee Dokee commenters…SIC ‘EM.


  1. Lynnal Nelson says:

    Everyone should have a little Yorkie like me…………they aren’t very mean! Ours lives on the farm with us & thinks he is a cattle dog so he does have a bit of an attitude…….toward cattle anyway!

  2. Donna jensen says:

    I have been saying for years that getting a pit bull is idiotic. I agree that not all of them are bad, but why would you want to tempt fate? They are usually at the top of the rescues & most insureance is much higher if you own these breeds. I love all dogs, but I don’t want to own one that could do any damage to anyone or thing. When we were on the farm we only had dogs that could not be accused of killing sheep-I would have hated that. I sold Lynnal her Yorky-she knows what she’s talking about!! (P,S. I have 3 babies for sale-who needs one?)

  3. becky says:

    My son has a rottweiler and he is the sweetest dog you could ask for. I don’t believe every dog should be punished for what one did. If you banned dogs for everytime someone got bit, well nobody would have a dog, because i am sure every breed had bitten at one time or another. I myself have got bit by a collie. my son got bit by a dog riding his bike. blame the owners not the dogs.

  4. Warren says:

    Aggressive dogs are almost always the result of either poor breeding, poor training or both.
    A bigger issue is simply owners, that do not properly control their dog, regardless of breed.

  5. joanie says:

    We all should have a Gumby or Sadie!!

  6. GMAX9 says:

    The dogs I find to be most apt to bite are those miserable little chihauhau’s (sp?). Yes, I know they’re just little ankle biters but they seem to be overwhelmingly nasty tempered. Of course, 1 of my brother’s cocker spaniels sent both his kids to ER at different times, and the biggest wuss of a dog I’ve ever known was a doberman named Daisy. By far the most impressive dog I’ve ever seen was a German Shepherd/Great Dane cross – who took a massive dislike to our cocker spaniel.

    The point is, most any dog can and will bite if the circumstances are right. I’ve tried to teach my grandkids that you never approach any dog w/out asking the owners permission. I also tend to cross the street if I know there are naughty dogs along any route I’m walking – not that I walk much.

    My point is, if everyone shows a little forethought and takes a little responsibility we’d all be better off.

  7. Hemmingsen says:

    I’ll stick with Cockleburr, and 80 pound scud missile of a Lab-mutt, in a nice way. She likes everybody…medium rare.

    Two guys are walking their dogs on a hot day. They spot a bar. One says: “Let’s pop in for a cold one.”
    The second guy notes that bars don’t allow dogs.
    The first guy leashes his dog, dons a pair of sunglasses and the next thing you know he’s having a beer at the bar.
    Seeing this fraud, the second guy puts on his sunglasses and tries the same ploy, but the bartenders says: “Hey, bud, no dogs in here.”
    The guy says, “but he’s my seeing eye dog.”
    The bartender says: “A Chihauhua!”
    The guy says: “You telling me they gave me a #*&^%@ Chihuahua?!”

  8. Brenda says:

    <> As the biggest dog loving daughter in the world I can assure you 99% of the time it is the OWNERS issue with not properly training aggressive dogs. There are bound to be a few untrainable dogs in this world, just as there are humans. For the most part too many people get a sweet cute pet but don’t give the time consuming and necessary training that is necessary. My two labradors are sweet as can be—-unless you stick your hand in my car window when I am not in the car. No one is allowed in my car unless I am in there. Same goes for my house.
    I remember when our own Sadie started doing her job in the house rather than outside, and we knew it was time. I came and got her and we had treats on the way to the vet and I was with her and holding her to the very end. I comforted her and talked to her and held her as she went. It was my responsibility and the very least I could do for my very very best chidhood friend and confidant.

  9. Claude M. says:

    Dobies, Rotties, & Pitties ?
    I think its in there DNA to attack and bite.
    Its not a question of if…its a simple question of
    who & when. Owner’s have zero control over it.

  10. Vet tech says:

    During my late high school and college years I worked at a Vet clinic.  We never had problems with the above mentioned breeds. In fact, they were some of our most favorite clients! On the contrary, it was the cute little guys that gave us the most attitudes lol. Especially Chihuahua’s and Lhasa Apso’s.  I remember the staff would take dibs on whose turn it was to restrain those little guys! The only large breed dogs I remember giving us issues *on occasion* were Chow Chow’s and Neapolitan Mastiff’s. Either way, I love all the breeds, big and small :) After working with so many different breeds for all those years, I learned not to judge the breed. I do believe their temperament has a lot to do with their upbringing and training. Even before meeting the dogs, we could usually tell how the dogs were going to behave upon meeting their owners :/ Of my years working there, I did get bit once by an ill-mannered Weimaraner. These dogs are usually very sweet, unfortunately he mirrored his owner.

  11. Amanda says:

    I know that all dogs have the ability to attack, I have 3 chihuahuas and they are sweethearts unless I am threatened or someone directly threatens the dogs. I firmly believe that all bad behavior is caused by lack of time, attention, and training on the owners part!!!!! Rather that banning the dogs, we should make the owners get licensed to have the more “dangerous” breeds. I am also a member of the ASPCA and have had mostly rescue animals, even if they were abused, time and loving attention can change them into the sweet loving pets everyone wants. So, please when you are choosing a pet, look at activity levels, lifespan, possible health issues(one of my dogs is now blind), and the cost of owning a pet over it’s lifetime. Not only would we have happier, healthier, better behaved pets, there would be less abandoned pets in shelters. Adoption should always be the first option!!!!!

  12. Andrea says:

    I cannot agree more with you Doug. People get pits alot of the time because they want a big mean looking dog. Personally, I think they are trying to make up for something that they’re lacking but, whatever. My roommate has a pit, and although he has been a baby for the most part, there are a few times he has snapped on our Boxer-lab. No worries though, my chihuahua has put him back in his place. :-)

  13. MIKE O says:


  14. JCS says:

    All this talk is in response to the recent attack on the guy playing basketball in the park. Let’s see, do I have my facts straight? The dogs escaped from an open house door while the owner was out on his lawn arguing with his girlfriend and beating her ith a beer bottle at something like 6:00 a.m. after an all night party? And the guy had been cited twice before for problems with his dogs? And the whole dog breed is at fault? Pardon me, but there is a lot more wrong here than the breed of the dogs. I am the proud owner of a female part pit bull mutt that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I can’t see where she should be banned because of the reckless acts of another IDIOT woman beating owner who should have had the dogs removed from his home after the first citation and definitely after the second citation.

  15. FarmerJohn says:

    I understand the full blame can not be on a dog breed. But what about the victim who was minding his own business and ended up being terrorized! If the breeds are not banned, how about VERY stiff punishment for the owners? Someone needs to be held responsible. The basketball player was not threatening anything or anyone. It is not as if the dogs were protecting what is theirs.

  16. Jen says:

    Claude: where did you get your fact that it is in their DNA? I’m interested in seeing the research.

  17. Donn says:

    This is the “Progressive Party” at work folks. Get used to it.

  18. Heather C says:

    I can not believe some of the comments on here. Do the one’s that think the dogs should be to blame, really have ALL your facts? I have an American Bulldog, 98 lbs and everywhere I go people ask me, is that a pitbull? UMM NO, but if she was, what about it? I have tons of friends with pitbulls, and they think they are human and think they are lap dogs. They are the most cuddly dogs ever! I can promise you that if you knew what these dogs were meant for with the breed type, you wouldn’t believe me. They first started out helping VETERANS, yes that is right, and then have any of you looked into California rescue dogs! You will see Pit Bulls right there. ANY dog type is going to be a territorial, just like HUMANS!!! Sorry to say, but if some idiot breaks into my home, I can promise you, it won’t be my dog attacking that person, it will be me with my gun right at their face! If I feel threatened at any time, I would not be afraid to shoot! That doesn’t mean I teach my dog to attack anyone! The way these dogs are raised are do to the owners. Dogs that are dumped off in the middle of know where, or beatin from one owner, those dogs go through classes before they are actually up for adoption. The one’s with tempers, are put down. Again, do to the OWNERS raising. You all sit here and stereotype and forget German Shepperds are taught to attack with K-9 units. They have it in them, and someone else could raise that dog very easily to do that in their home. What I am trying to get at is this. You can’t just put this on certian types of breeds. You need to put blame where blame is due. And that is on the owners.

  19. Brittany says:

    To everyone with the opinion that any of these “scary breeds” are naturally driven to bite or attack you should note that credible research groups and government agencies (the Center for Disease Control most notably) publicly oppose breed specific legislation and state that there is no evidence that it is effective or statistical proof that any breed is more dangerous or likely to bite than another… which means your opinion is just that, an opinion. And you are more than entitled to it and welcome to share it, but that doesn’t mean we can enact legislation based on it. The duty of our representatives is to consider ordinances based on our community needs as a whole group, which includes everyone who disagrees with you (and that may be more people than you realize), along with the realization that policy cannot be created on personal opinion (yours or mine) but rather sound and reasonable evidence. We should all share our thoughts on this subject in order to come to an educated conclusion, but if your part in this sharing is only a personal feeling based on an experience you’ve had or something you’ve heard in a news story it will be difficult for that input to be very seriously considered as valid for legislative discussion. Be sure you are bringing facts to the table, but be cautious because the internet provides a lot of inaccurate and ridiculous information on any given topic and those who don’t carefully select what they say will not carry much credibility.

  20. Dan says:

    In response to Lynnal, a Yorkie has a higher percentage of bites than more than 100 other breeds of dogs, mine included. The pit bull has a higher temperament testing pass rate than ANY other dog, at 84% pass rate (average across all breeds is 72%). The real issue with breed specific banning is that it removes the good ones from responsible owners, not the people that shouldn’t have them. A study by Michigan University has shown that BSL’s have had no positive effect, and in some cases have made the problem worse. In California, in the areas where pit bulls were banned, their population, and popularity grew. It became “cool” to have a pit, just because they were banned.

    The real solution is to have EVERY dog registered with the county, and very stiff penalties for dogs running free, and the harshest of penalties for those dogs that do attack. If my pit bull, or yorkie attack someone, unprovoked, I will personally put them down.

  21. Amanda says:

    I agree with Farmer John, that the owners should punished if they are not going to be responsible for their pets.

  22. Megan says:

    So let me get this straight: you were afraid of Dobermans, & due to what you’ve read or heard you now hold an opinion, that you don’t mind sharing on your media blog, based on no personal experience against 3 very different breeds of dogs? The media does sensationalize these attacks. Did the man in the park who was attacked lose any limbs? It’s funny to me that the bite makes the news, legislators open discussion on breed bans & you never hear the outcome of the victim. I suppose 3 stitches & bruising don’t make the same statement headline as vicious pitbull attack. Kelo posted a story about pitbull owner faces charges, no where in the story does it state anything about charges because of a pitbull.. but kelo still shamelessly used the headline. If you don’t understand something it doesnt make it dangerous, and if you choose to follow media outbursts instead of actually educating yourself with personal research & experience, that just makes you ignorant, which by the way, you cannot blame on a dog. I am through with kelo & their exploiting of these animals.

  23. Megan says:

    @Andrea, that’s amazing that your Chihuahua is able to put such a “vicious” dog into his place. I hope my sarcasm isn’t lost somewhere here. Also, you think that pitbull owners are making up for something lacking, I think that Chihuahua owners are wanna be bratty socialites, but I wouldn’t support a ban on the breed regardless.

  24. Caity says:

    Like other towns with BSL laws, before you ban a specific breed you should consider making them carry some kind of insurance or just to keep them on a leash or in a fenced yard. ANY dog should be in a fenced yard or on a leash. ANY kind of dog can bite. ANY kind of dog can be dangerous. It is dumb to try and ban a specific breed when they are so loved and there are so many lovable ones out there. So I believe that it is the owner, not the dog. Do you think if you mistreat, abuse, or never socialize your dog that it will be nice? No… That is the owners responsibility to take care of their dog the way they are suppose to.

  25. You have no facts says:

    So here we are all talking about one dog bit this year… And it was a English Stafford terrier(aka pitbull). How bout we talk about the two black labs that attacked someone this year or the lady overseas that got here face ripped off by a black lab a couple of yours ago……labs don’t make good head lines right Doug….o I got one more for yeah . What about he guy in Florida that at the face off of another man…..that happend only one time this year too… may be we all should be band from going out side… Just never know when your neighbor is going to eat your face off

  26. You have no facts says:

    To: Claude and Jen
    From : someone with facts

    Your both morons….thanks and have a great day.

    P.S. Get the Real Facts before you open your mouths to speak

  27. Tara says:

    As a lifetime dog owner I have been convinced of several things over time. Things that I did not believe before owning dogs. Dogs have been bred over the years for very specific tasks. These things are instinctive to them.

    I loved hounds, they were beautiful. I have had a couple of them. Different breeds. Fact is they hunt. They don’t stay in the yard by nature, they take double the training to consistently come when called (there are a lot of things that smell good or run from you that you might go need to explore) and you may never get them to not run off after the squirrel, or chicken or bunny or the neighbors cat at least occasionally. It’s what they do. Training can make this remarkably better – but it isn’t going to keep them from defaulting to their natural tendencies from time to time.

    I have many friends with border collies, healers etc. They are herding dogs. They have a natural need to herd things. The kids running in yard, the chickens, the kittens, the cattle. They don’t care what it is – they are born wanting to follow things around, to herd and not just chase. I could try to train my Jack Russell to to herd the end of my wits and she’s going to chase things – but never with the intention of rounding them up.

    Rotties, Pitties and Dobbies have been bred for some pretty specific tasks as well. And as dog owners. Even good dog owners we have to remember that. Sometimes regardless of good training they will do what genetics dictate. I have a Rottie, one of the best dogs I’ve ever had. He’s ten years old and never done a thing wrong – but I respect that his instincts are to protect his people and his place.

    I am respectful of what it means to have him. It means if there are kids over – though he loves them, he gets kenneled. It means that I don’t leave him out unattended to bark at people at the fence. Doing nothing but lying on the floor people are scared of him (He’s a sweetheart and I don’t think he’d ever harm anyone), but fearful people do things that may make dogs react in unpredictable ways – they run, scream, yell, swing at the dog, try to be threatening, stare at them, kids in a group running and yelling while playing -some things are a recipe for an instinctive response rather than a trained one. Particularly in an unattended dog. Maybe only 1 in 100 times but these dogs are big, powerful and if they mean to bite you it’s just not the same as getting the fighting end of the nastiest Chihuahua you can find.

    If the people can’t control their fear reactions every minute of everyday we can’t expect the dog to either. Faced with something they perceive as threatening (even if it’s not intended to be) or that gets them over excited, these breeds may do what their programing dictates; defend their family or their yard or themselves. It’s their programed job, just like digging holes and chasing squirrels seems to be my Jack Russell’s job.

    As owners of these breeds we not only have to give them adequate attention and training, but need respect what they are and what they are capable of if we screw up. AND not go around telling ourselves and others that training is the sole solution. Or that OUR rottie would never do that. It’s bad owners that cause that. We have to respect what years of breeding for specific tasks have programed them for and keep them out of situations that have the potential for the unexpected and potentially dangerous.

    Dobbies at the fence barking at passersby are about ten times more likely to bite someone all riled up , more than one dog and allowed to act aggressively than a single dog, under supervision in the yard who’s not allowed that behavior even behind the fence. Multiply by 2 if the kids scream and run. In exactly the same manner as your Healer may chase the horses past the point of exhaustion herding them around the pasture if left to their own devices. Or your cute JRT may do lasting harm to the neighbors cat if she can catch it.

    If you have the attitude my dog would NEVER – you are a danger to everyone.

    It’s a combination of Breeding, Training and Respect/Knowledge.

  28. DANIEL JOHNSON says:

    The real issue is the out come of an attack relative to the breed of dog . An attacking Pit-bull will create a more serious injury because of their powerful bite and intensity to inflict damage. It can be the differnce of being shot by a BB gun versus a shot gun.

  29. Brittany says:

    Interesting point Daniel makes… so we should ban shot guns and any other gun that can cause serious injury because some people may use them inappropriately. Or would that be an unpopular opinion because a very large population of people in South Dakota use their guns responsibly?

  30. derek says:

    Maybe u should write about irresponsible dog owners. Ive known friends who have and grew up with these breeds without a single issue. Sometimes the ppl in this state get way too scared too soon.

    It would save more lives if we were talking about drinking and driving deaths. That would have a larger impact than this breed of dog issues. I think SF is wasting my money on this crap. Let’s make sure our residents can take steps to be more responsible before we talk about vicious dogs.

    Drinking and driving is a way more important issue and a much better use of my tax dollars. This topic will not change the quality of life. Come on….

  31. Timi Kiewel says:

    Every dog has a different temperment. I’ve seen labradors act a hell of a lot meaner than I’ve ever seen a pit. I have had ptibulls and they are some of the sweetest dogs on earth. It all depends on their training. Even little dogs can be vicious little jerks. Not all dogs are the same, just like not all people are the same. Rotties’ original purpose was to protect, and dogs bred for such a purpose have a tendancy to be more territorial. Is that their fault? No. People need to know what the hell they’re doing when they get a so called “dangerous” breed. Golden Retrievers are on the top 10 list for biting; they are very family oriented and thus territorial and protective. Should we ban them too? Maybe there should be a ban placed on idiotic owners.

  32. Deb Holz says:

    Are you grooming for a job with the National Enquirer? Responsible journalism, anyone? I know this is an opinion column, but you have just added fuel to a fire for your own entertainment. Shame on you!

    I have a small, female, spayed pit bull who was adopted from a very responsible rescue organization. I’ve yet to hear her growl, and only heard her bark a couple of times. She is always on a leash, or in our home. She is being trained, is up to date on her veterinary care, and is kept out of situations (like running loose along a fence) where she could be put in danger, or a danger to someone else. I doubt that I could get her to bite you, but she is learning to pee on command (makes it easier to take 2 dogs out on leashes to potty). Maybe I could get her to pee on your foot?

  33. eric g says:

    Ive been bit by a lab before and ive had 3 pitbulls and none have ever bitten anyone.. if youve never had a pit then dont dudge one. We dnr get them because they are strong or “possibly” dangerous. I like how they look and they are super loyal. So pleade dnt assume they are bad because clearly u dnt knw what youre talkin about (claude m) fact!

  34. You have no facts says:

    Hey Daniel. Where did you get your facts about there bit power….I would love to read about it. They have the same bit power of about 90% of all other dogs. Once again get your facts straight before you open your mouth thanks and have a great day

  35. Greg Weberg says:

    First of all, there are no bad dogs, it’s not bread into them! You need to understand that right off! It is taught by humans. As a pup, any breed, you can train and teach them good behavior! How would you react if you were always abused, mistreated, no food, water to fend for yourself? Dogs need humans for food, water, shelter, love and respect! It is the humans responsibility to TEACH and TRAIN their dogs to be obedient. There are more people bitten by little dogs than any big dog breed put together. FACT! I work with and have handled over 200 of all sizes of breeds of dogs in the last year and a half. I have NEVER been bitten. A good portion of them are Pit Bulls. With my hands on work, I need to be aware of every movement they make with their body language, if they have any sore area’s, any dog can get aggressive to protect themselves from further harm. The most important point is knowing and reading the signs and the knowledge of all types of breeds and what their typical behaviors are. The owner of the dogs are responsible for the actions and reactions from their dog! Your actions on how you approach, talk, body language can send the wrong signals to a dog as well, if you show fear to a dog that is protecting a person or property the dog senses it. If you show aggression towards a dog, they are going to be more aggressive back, it’s their natural instinct. Yes, I do believe the media reports on certain stories about certain breeds, because that gets people to watch their news! You can’t convince me that it does not happen, I see it way to often to be coincidence!

  36. Rob Honomichl says:

    My heart dropped when I read your editorial. I think that many of the facts are off by the people commenting about things. I was so hurt by your words and my daughter would be to.

    About the only thing I can agree with is your comment about idiotic owners. So we punish good owners of any breed and only punish bad pit bull owners but not other bad dog owners.

    Did we not just see some 18 year old brutally beat his mother’s dog with no punishment. Wasn’t it just recently we saw a neighbor brutally beat his neighbors dog with little punishment. Yet we see this as no problem, yet majority of serial killers were animal abusers.

    Do we forget that the owner of these dogs was beating his girlfriend? Your right we should not allow people like this to own dogs of any breed. We should not allow people that have had multiple DUI’s drive and kill a 9 year old like in Mitchell. We should not allow people that have shown violence against people work with kids. There are a lot of things we should not do.

    When I adopted my last dog I did more to get that dog than when I bought my house. I filled out an application, they called my references, they called my vet. Is that going to prevent someone from going out and stealing or buying one. However your ordinance would not stop it either. It has been proven that when city’s place ordinances, the people that are bad owners will still have them however they will hide them and socialization is the key part of it.

    My neighbors neglect their black labs. They are loose all the time, they bark all the time, and they are in my yard all the time. Where is something to stop this. What would happen if that lab was to bit my daughter in my yard? Would we have the same conversation as we are now?

    Mr. Lund, before you tell me how scared you are of these dogs I invite you to come to the Sioux Empire Pit Rescue’s adoption day or to their poker run. My 4 year old daughter spent hours playing with pit bulls.

    Come do a story about neglected and abused dogs. Come talk to shelters and rescues. My mom hated the idea of me having a pit. Now she volunteers to watch them when I am gone.

    I could go on forever, I just ask you to see both sides. Also could someone produce all the dog bites in Sioux Falls for the last year?

  37. Rob Honomichl says:

    I did not get a pit to be big and mean. I met one and fell in love. It is my daughter’s best friend. She sleeps with them and everything else. The last thing I wanted was a big mean dog. Have you been to most humane society sites…..what dog do you see the most…black dogs. Why because big black dogs are the hardest to adopt.

    We need to address issues of importance: BAD OWNERS, Over Breeding, Animal Abuse, and enforcing current city ordinances.

    One person mentioned it is in their dna. It isn’t. Well wait all dogs are canine’s so all dogs in their dna have a hunting, fetching, and other canine elements in their dna.

    Please don’t judge things so easily. I would want nothing more than bad owners of any breed to be punished, however don’t punish me for caring for a dog that cares for me.

  38. Kristi says:

    I currently have 3 Pitbulls in my house…with my 11 and 5 year old sons and 4 year old daughter. Guess what? I’ve never had a problem. Not with my children and not with any neighbors or kids. And my dogs have been around a lot of people. I also use to have 2 other Pitbulls with my ex before he took them when we split up. My kids were 8, 2, and 1 then…guess what??? No problems then either. I even took those dogs with me everywhere. They road in the bed of my truck and NEVER jumped out at another person or animal. I even turned a few “pit-fearing” people into absolute pit lovers…including my own mother. So say what you will about our “vicious” dogs, but you don’t know jack. Do reseach and educate yourselves before attacking a breed that use to be used as nannies and were prominent in our military. They also don’t have lock jaw or any of those other bogus myths you have heard about them. If we want to be fair here, I have children. I want ALL child molesters banned from the town I live in. And since I’ve been the victim of domestic assault, I want all “women beaters” banned from Sioux Falls also. How ridiculous does that sound? Pretty out of line…but that’s what you are doing to our dogs. Punish the deed, not the breed.

  39. Joni says:

    I find it interesting that you are saying you have a neutral stance on the subject, but the tone clearly states that you, having no knowledge of the breeds, would fully support a breed ban. No, wait, you said “I’m certainly not advocating the extermination of Pit-bulls but…I wouldn’t mind allowing the breed to naturally go extinct.” Same thing in my books. Also, please, please, please, learn how to spell pit bull before writing such a biased essay, otherwise you just sound like an ignorant, pompous jerk.
    If you insist on writing anything about having an opinion, perhaps you should actually form one on your own. Do the research, read a book or two, but be carefully of your sources– some of them will fudge the facts just to make their point. I would suggest sources like the CDC, National Canine Research Council, Ceasar Milan, and a book entitled “The Pit bull Placebo.”

    For those interested in the cost of BSL and a breakdown of what all the costs are associated with it, check out the following link:

    Please note that at this time, costs in Sioux Falls are already past $150,000 a year.

  40. Cindy says:

    How about we deal with the facts instead of use this issue to try to discriminate against certain breeds of dogs?
    FACT: A dog owner allowed their 2 dogs to run free in the neighborhood.
    FACT: A person was bitten by one of these dogs.
    FACT: One of these dogs lunged at a police officer.
    FACT: A person has been bitten and a dog is dead.

    Now let’s discuss the difference between a “responsible” pet owner and and “irresponsible” pet owner.

    RESPONSIBLE pet owner: Supervises their dogs at ALL times. Doesn’t allow their dogs to get out and run in the neighborhood. Obedience trains their dogs. Knowledgeable about their dog’s breed and knows how to handle that breed of dog. Spays/neuters their dog. Obeys the leash laws of the town they live in. Doesn’t abuse their spouse/partner or their dogs!

    IRRESPONSIBLE pet owner: Doesn’t supervise their dogs. Allows their dogs to run in the neighborhood. Doesn’t spay/neuter their animals. Has unwanted litters. Doesn’t work with their animals. Doesn’t obey the leash laws. Puts their dog on a chain in the backyard and forgets about them.

    The real fact is that if the dogs had not gotten out of the house NONE of this would have happened!! Nobody would have gotten bit, the dog would still be alive and we would not be talking about this issue.

    Another FACT: Unaltered male dogs are more aggressive than neutered male dogs. Were these dogs spayed/neutered?

  41. Billy says:

    You do have some good points! But you are also way off track should we not sell guns anymore? Because people rob and kill other people! And what about child molersters and rapest and women beaters should we cut of the human race because of their DNA? No it’s not their DNA it’s the way the are raised or I guess technically aren’t raised it’s their mind nothing to do with white black brown green or purple! Stop putting blame where it doesn’t belong and call a spade a spade I own both a rot and a pit and ya you break into my house I would hate I be you! But there is so much more to these dogs than you know and that’s why you wrote these aritcles and say is DNA or breed. It is the owner and nothing more and the fact that on a 3 mile walk only them two dogs barked I have to say I don’t believe that dogs bark. Thats what they do just cause they bark don’t make them mean or vicious or a bad dog that’s how they get your attention! Look I realize a lot of people get bit every year and their are a lot of pits in there that’s because people treat them very badly if you have never gone to the shelter are simply scared of them because of the media bs then don’t get one but stop pushing blame on something that only does what it is taught!!!!!

  42. Jen says:

    To: You have no facts

    My question to Claude was to prove a point: there is NO research and/or facts in reference to her DNA comment. She is another individual professing her opinion as fact not realizing the ignorance she is portraying. I am a proud pitbull owner and this recent “ptibull topic” has really shown me how absurd some people think.

  43. GMAX9 says:

    After reading all of the posts on this blog I’ve come to a couple of irrefutable conclusions:

    1. People are passionate about their pets.
    2. Most of you need to return to school to update your spelling and grammar skills.
    3. Some folks aren’t very good at deductive reasoning.

    My favorite comment was when Brittany took Daniel’s comparison of dog breed bites to wounds from various guns and somehow got the idea he was proposing a ban on guns. However did you

    I hope you’re all as passionate about wearing seatbelts, donating blood, signing up to be an organ or bone marrow donor, etc., etc., etc. God Bless You All – and don’t bother asking me not to inflict my Christian blessings upon you – that was a whole different blog!

  44. GMAX9 says:

    Ok, now I look like a dork! Had to answer the phone and didn’t finish my last sentence in the paragraph about Brittany and Daniel. The last sentence should read:

    However did you get from what Daniel said to your conclusion he wants to ban all guns?

    I apologize.

  45. MMom says:

    done with Kelo……media bias…tired of it. Have to listen to it on the National Level but don’t need it here in SD. Get a life, Doug…or better yet…a Pittie!!!

  46. rebound says:

    Velly Interesting

  47. Cindy says:

    So Doug–
    If pit bulls are so vicious (as you say they are) and it takes a GREAT amount of training to control the viciousness. (I’m sure this statement comes from years of working with pit bulls or extensive research online about the pit bull breed.) Tell me how I was able to do the following without an incident.

    I am a volunteer with the Sioux Empire Pit Bull Rescue (SEPR) and very proud to be part of that organization. I and another volunteer had an opportunity to speak with approximately 150 10-13 year old children on responsible dog ownership. (Yes, Doug, we had a pit bull with us.) I am very proud to say no one got bitten or mauled.

    What did happen? The children were fascinated with the dog, loved watching him brush his teeth, and of course, came up to pet him. The children were not afraid of this dog. The dog loved the attention. You see, Pit Bulls in the past have been called “nanny dogs”. For generations if you had children and wanted to keep them safe you wanted a pit bull, the dog that was the most reliable of any breed with children or adults.

    Doug, if at some time you would like more information about pit bulls please contact our organization. We would be more than happy to talk with you.

  48. Billy says:

    Let me ask you this? Who is the one and only breed of dog that is a decorated war hero???? Look it up

  49. Billy says:

    Sgt. Stubby!!!!! Enough said that’s the true pitbull breed

  50. love my dog says:

    Mr Lund, it’s time for you to research your subject before you open your mouth and spew garbage comments. You and the news stations are part of the problem for causing “frenzy” and seem to love the sensationalism. Do the research and put out those facts in your blog….I use to respect you, not so much anymore.

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