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Posted: Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 11:11 am
By: Doug Lund
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Note to the young lady in the bright yellow VW Beatle between Canton and Rock Valley Easter Sunday. That old guy in the big red Lincoln honking the horn at you was me. At first, Linda and I thought you were weaving all over the highway because you were drunk but after getting a closer look at a stop sign, we saw you holding the steering wheel in one hand and your I-pad in the other. I’m not sure if you could hear my horn blaring because you continued to wander from side to side causing our hearts to pound when it happened going UP a hill and we prayed there wasn’t an unsuspecting family in a car coming from the other direction whose lives were about to end thanks to your need to check Facebook or Twitter rather than pay attention to your driving. You finally turned off in Rock Valley, with I-pad still in hand, perhaps never realizing how fortunate you were for not killing yourself and others that day.

Speaking of getting hurt; you know how you’re always telling your kids and grandkids to “BE CAREFUL” because they need to understand that you feel their pain every bit as much as they do  if they’re not. Well, our granddaughter, Zoey, had a momentary memory lapse recently and suffered a school playground accident resulting in a broken right arm. Fortunately, she’s left handed. “It doesn’t hurt much anymore..but it itches,” Zoey says. I think the pain is somewhat tempered by the fact she’s receiving celebrity status among her peers and relatives when she shows off her new pink cast. Where do I sign?

I saved a spot for you to sign right here, Grandpa.

I saved a spot for you to sign right here, Grandpa.


I’ve been on the radio quite a bit in the last few weeks promoting the upcoming South Dakota Rock and Roll Music Association’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony and concert April 21st at the Ramkota Exhibit Hall. I was even back on Keloland TV last Saturday morning being interviewed by Perry Groten. It was my first real exposure to High Definition cameras and not a pretty picture. I had anticipated the need for putting on some make-up to at least try conceal the additional cracks and crevasses that have developed in the six plus years since retirement but all I had was an old compact of Max Factor Pan-cake applied with a wet sponge. It said “Tan No. 2” but it turned my mug more of an orange hue.  Although Perry didn’t say anything I must have looked like a withered pumpkin when I showed up in the studio.

I wonder if pan cake make-up has a shelf life.

I wonder if pan cake make-up has a shelf life.

This last week I’ve been on the radio with Rick Knobe, Chad Mackenzie, Ben & Patty, Andy and Mel and Mark Tassler. But the most generous gentleman providing air time for the Hall of Fame is  broadcasting legend, Grant Peterson of KBRK Radio in Brookings. I say legend because Grant has been on the air since 1959. He did a stint at WCCO in Minneapolis but most of his time has been in Brookings where he’s as well known as the campus Campanile. Every Friday afternoon in the weeks leading up to the event, Grant has Don Fritz and I on his “Great Afternoon Smorgasbord” program to talk about old time rock and roll and listeners seem to “eat it up”  especially when pioneers of rock and roll call-in to chat.

Grant Peterson is the world ambassador for Lutefisk and dines on the lye-soaked cod whenever and whereever he finds it.

Grant Peterson is the world ambassador for Lutefisk and dines on the lye-soaked cod whenever and whereever he finds it.

Grant Peterson represents the end of an era in radio. His laid back style probably appeals more to seasoned citizens but he makes no apologies about it nor of his Norwegian heritage. One of his longtime sponsors is a corset shop run by little old ladies..Millie and Tillie. He recites temperatures called-in from such odd places as Lutefisk Ridge. He sells his own commercials and ad libs them on the air sometimes going well over the allotted 30 or 60 seconds that most stations allow. He visits with many of his advertisers right on the phone..dialing them up on the air and chatting for several minutes about the product, of course, but also about the weather, the client’s family and plans for the weekend. It’s just fun old time radio that you don’t hear anymore. Grant Peterson’s Great Afternoon Smorgasbord can be heard weekdays from 3 to 5 on 1430 KBRK AM. It’s also streamed on his website, to be enjoyed by anybody with a computer anywhere in the world.

We’ll be chatting again this week even though this years Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony and concert is SOLD OUT. I plan to spend more than a couple minutes thanking Grant and KBRK who played no small part in making that happen.

mange takk min gamle venn!

Grant with a couple of his adoring fans

Grant with a couple of his adoring fans


  1. Cam Lind says:

    Doug: The number of people who are on their electronic toys is amazing. If the funeral homes were smart they would put ads on all of the Ipads, Iphones and Cell Phones. Because those devices have been great for their business. Too stupid to be logical at all.

  2. Per Pål P says:

    What a nice compliment Doug…. Thank you very much…. I’m very proud to call you friend….I look forward to many more years… Grant Peterson

  3. Tim says:

    I ride motorcycle and see way to many people distracted by these devices. It amazes me how many people leave the parking lot after work and have to be immediately on their devices will driving. What did they do before these devices? I think our trusted legislators and representatives missed the boat by not passing a electronic device useage law this past session. What is it going to take?

  4. Dan Keith says:

    Driving west on 26th street yesterday around 1:00 p.m. across the 229 Interstate bridge and traffic was backed up for blocks. There was a police officer in the far right lane and he started to slow way down backing up his lane even more. I quickly caught up to him and was side by side wondering why he was driving so slow all of a sudden. I thought maybe he was running the plates of the car in front of him. But, no…he was texting on his phone.

  5. Tman says:

    I worked briefly at KBRK with Grant in the summer of 1990. Quite the character.

  6. grouse says:

    When you want to listen to “real” radio…and not some syndicated crap or a local station employing a program director with no touch of reality or community….then you’ve got to listen to Grant!! It’s radio the way we all remember, and quite frankly the way it ought to be! Too many stations are bringing in some homogenized, pasturized, watered down program from New York City, or worse yet, Los Angeles via satellite. Grant plays records from local artists! He brings on guests of interest to Brookings and the surrounding area. You can count on one hand the number of stations that actually do that! One of the highlights, is that he is Norwegian to the bone. Grant knows that a diet of lutefisk and lefse helps build strong bones and bodies at least 12 ways. If you don’t live in Brookings, listen to his show on your computer! Grant is what’s right with the world!

  7. jaycee says:

    I love his beautiful Norwegian china, glassware, table runner….even his sweater! Yes, Norwegian all the way!!

  8. Pam Holsen says:

    Read with interest that the SD Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is sold out. Went to it last year because old high school friend Jim Groth was inducted. It was such great fun, loved the music of course!! Kids today are missing out on all that fun and those bands playing in Armorys or dance halls around the region. Didn’t even think about it being that time of year again. I have to admit I rarely listen to the radio anymore so wouldn’t hear any promotions for it.. Use that IPad plugged into the car don’t you know.

  9. gary says:

    I just wanted to let Grant know that “Swedish Meatballs” is actually a Norwegian recipe that has been simplified!!

  10. Paul says:

    My comment on this is about the distracted driving. I work in a 911 call center and you cannot believe the number of calls about (suspected) impaired drivers. Had one a while back where the vehicle was “all over the road”. The vehicle was located and stopped. Driver said oh I was watching a movie on my laptop. And the other thing that fries my bacon is people walking around in stores with shopping carts and yakking on their cell phones. If you need to make or receive a cell call while shopping please move to a spot where you won’t block the entire aisle. And if you find something in your cart you did not intend to purchase maybe you should pay more attention to your shopping and you might notice the person walking by you adding items to your cart :)

  11. Per Pål P says:

    Gary….they say the same thing about Swedes… That basically, they’re much like Norwegians…just been simplified. Per

  12. Lui says:

    Gary – that looks like a cream sauce on your lutefisk so you must be Swedish.

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