Time To Come Clean

Posted: Monday, March 19, 2012 at 5:26 pm
By: Doug Lund
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Psssst, Hey buddy.


Yeah, come over here a sec.

Wadda ya want?

I gotta stash of Tide here I can let you have for half price.

Tide..as in laundry detergent? You’re kiddin’ right?

No I ain’t. Look, you in or not?

Sure, I’ll take a couple gallons, I guess.

 Did you hear on the news this past week that there was a Tide theft epidemic sweeping the country? The original story apparently came from M.L. Nestel writing for an on-line news organization called The Daily. According to Nestel, Tide has become a form of currency on the street, where it’s known as “liquid gold.” People trade it for drugs.
Apparently, thieves brazenly go into supermarkets, load up shopping carts full of Tide, and then dash out the front door, into waiting getaway cars. Nestle citied one specific example from a St. Paul WalMart showing Patrick Castanzo barreling out of the store with a cart full of Tide. He later confessed to stealing 25 thousand dollars worth of Tide and other products from Wallyworld and elsewhere.

Costanzo came clean and admitted the "Era" of his ways

Costanzo came clean and admitted the "Era" of his ways

Other reports say the Tide story is being blown way out of proportion and most retailers haven’t really noticed any dramatic increases in detergent disappearances.

I guess it really doesn’t matter to me one way or another. All I know is that when I do the grocery shopping..which is one of my agreed-upon domestic duties, there is always plenty of Tide on the shelves at HyVee.  Linda doesn’t insist on many things but she does like her Tide and has made it clear that I do NOT go bargain hunting when it comes to laundry soap. (She feels the same way about Charmin toilet paper but I digress.) My biggest problem is trying to remember what type of Tide she prefers; Tide with or without bleach, with or without fabric softener, scented or unscented.

laundry tide

If memory serves, my mom also liked Tide best but she also couldn’t resist some of the special premiums offered by competitors. In fact, she amassed a cupboard full of wheat-pattern plates, cups, saucers and drinking glasses offered free with the purchase of Duz.

Anybody else remember these Duz dishes?

Anybody else remember these Duz dishes?

They’re still around the house here in a box labeled “Mom’s Stuff.” (Update: Linda reminds me that our daughter, Suzan, has these dishes and still puts them to regular use.)

I’m pretty sure Duz  duzent  exist anymore. In fact, a lot of familiar laundry soaps that were popular in my youth  have gone down the drain..at least the powdered variety. Any of these ring a bell?

laundry ad

laundry dash

laundry oxydol

laundry surf ultraviloet


 Oh, yeah, anybody remember SALVO which were jelly jar-lid size tablets that you threw in with your dirty undies. I don’t know what the advantage they were..wait, let me check You Tube. Here you go, those pellets, according to pitchman Wally Cox,  were “Fortified.”

YouTube Preview Image

Last February, Procter and Gamble came out with a similar method of distributing detergent into your laundry; But unlike Salvo, Tide PODS use dissolvable bags instead of tablets and proclaim to not only clean your clothes but remove stains and brighten them too.

Don't be fooled by the packaging, these are not candy.

Don't be fooled by the packaging, these are not candy.

Unfortunately, if drug dealers are using Tide for currency, these plastic pods just might be a more convenient way to go.

Actually, I think I’ll pick up a jar of them next time Linda sends me to the store and needs Tide. It sure would take the guesswork out of deciding which variety to pick.

Well, maybe not. I see they come in either Ocean Mist or Spring Meadow.


  1. Deb says:

    love your blogs Doug!!

  2. grouse says:

    My mom was a true Tide believer!! Unscented Tide! I married a Tide believer of the unscented denomination, and after 44 years our clothes are still sharing the same washer. Now granted, I don’t know how to use the washer, but still….

  3. Connie says:

    I love your blogs Doug!! Only the rich families used Tide when I was a kid we used the cheap stuff….Today I use Tide pods and love them…I also insist on Charmin soft…My Grandma had a whole set of the wheat dishes…I didnt know they came from using Duz…Thanks for the information..

  4. JDS says:

    Just remember though…
    Only ERA is approved by Chuck Norris, meaning Tide can’t and shouldn’t hold a candle to the toughness of ERA.

  5. Milt says:

    I think Salvo tablets were supposed to be more convenient—no spilling and you didn’t need a measuring cup for a powder detergent. I like that old ad. That was Wally Cox, wasn’t it?

  6. Milt says:

    Oops! I see you already identified him as Wally Cox. My mistake!

  7. Jill says:

    In childhood, I spent as much time as possible at my grandparents’ house in Spencer, SD. I still have some of the towels that came in one or another of the soap boxes, and I know I never saw Grandma Ione put anything other than Salvo tablets in the washing machine. Thanks for the flashback!

  8. Jeni says:

    My mother used Tide saying that it works better than the bargain brands, and did not need to use as much. I too use Tide. At times, I have used what is on sale, but I always resume using Tide. I generally purchase the “original.”

    My mother was a firm believer in Northern bathroom tissue for the same reasons. I too now purchase Northen. Growing up in a family of five, or sometimes six, Northern seemed the best brand for the family.

    I remember some of the oldie brands shown. Salvo was marketed as being more convienent because it was pre-measured, and did not clump because of the humidity.

    Cute article Doug! Brought back memories.

  9. Mr. Preston says:

    I remember seeing these first Salvo commercials during THE GUIDING LIGHT in the early 1960’s. i was 4 years old at the time. I also believe that laundry bar soap looks like PEOPLE SOAP. so WATCH OUT! you might find very smart tot taking a bath with it because he or she knows what bar soap is exactly for. although that stuff should be kind to the skin.

  10. Pat Monahon says:

    I’d give anything to see those Salvo tabs again….convenient,immaculate results, and great scent…..when and why did they disappear? It had to be because the advertising wasn’t wideapread or convincing enough……Salvo, come back to me and I’ll see that my whole family uses it, as well as those women I happen to chat with in the supermarket aisles…

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