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Posted: Friday, March 9, 2012 at 1:35 pm
By: Doug Lund
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It’s been a pretty good week.

Our daughter, Suzan was home from Lincoln for a couple days and, while here, announced that even though the official mourning period for their recently departed cat, Spangles, isn’t quite over, they decided to visit a shelter (embarrassingly named The Cat House) just to look over the selection of kittens and perhaps find one to fill the feline void in their life. Well, at The Cat House, it’s not just a matter of making a choice and taking an animal home. No, the proprietors insist you first meet certain requirements. Well, I have since learned that they have been approved and are actually getting TWO kittens; sibling sisters named Laverne and Shirley. The kitty’s homecoming has been delayed, though, because both are in quarantine  a few more days as they’re being treated for ringworm. Yuk. Anyone else remember when farm kids would show up in school with a silver dollar size round scalp-exposing bare spot in their hair? head’s itching just at the thought. Anyway, The Cat House isn’t taking any chances of passing the kitten’s unfortunate condition along to my granddaughter, Zoey.. the way..has absolutely no connection to the TV series that inspired the naming of her new pets and has received permission (yes, it required Cat House approval) to change their moniker. Her choice? Blue and Bubbles. When asked why..Zoey simply said she liked those names and you don’t question the reasoning of a recently heart-broken 10 year old.

We took delivery of the new family-room furniture I wrote about last week and it has met with the approval of all who have beheld it. I’m especially fond of the recliner rocker and have already spent considerable hours in it so  it will quickly conform to the contours of my impressionable frame much like breaking-in a new baseball mitt.

Speaking of my formidable frame..there’s a little less of it these days. I’m not going into great detail but I’m coming up on five weeks of careful calorie counting and starting to notice some subtle the fit of clothing. I don’t weigh because our scale only goes up to what I want to get down to.

Had a weee of a time in Brookings the other night. I met up with Steve Hemmingsen at the Pheasant restaurant and lounge where they have live music on Monday evenings. On this night, we were treated to the stupendous sounds of jazz courtesy of the Johnson/McKinney Quintet. They have terrific taste in music but dubious judgment in who they allow on stage. In this case, I was offered an opportunity to sing a song or two. It went fine and the audience seemed to take delight in seeing a former TV guy belting out Sinatra. As I left the stage I mentioned to the boys in the band that Hemmingsen also had quite a reputation in piano bars from Sioux Falls to Nye’s Polynesian in Minneapolis as an interpreter of Broadway show Steve was invited up and, after a challenging up-tempo number, he settled-in and provided a pleasant vocal surprise for both the players and patrons.

Steve closes his set with a big finish. Musicians include, Corky Johnson, sax..Jim McKinney, vibes. Greg Olson, drums and I can't remember the bass and piano player's names..sorry.

Steve closes his set with a big flourish. Musicians include, Corky Johnson, sax..Jim McKinney, vibes. Greg Olson, drums and I can't remember the bass and piano player's names..sorry.

You’ll have to check the place out. It’s a great Monday night alternative to TV.

Several months ago, the agency that sends Linda and me our monthly sustenance checks decided they had overpaid me and began withholding a sizeable sum from said checks until the debt was repaid. Well, my longtime tax man agreed to help me construct a point by point reasoned response to this agency in the form of an appeal. After several months had passed, we’d concluded that our plea had fallen on deaf ears but then the other day in the mail came a government letter telling us our appeal had been accepted and the dollars withheld would be reimbursed. Needless to say there was much jubilant jumping around the kitchen at the news and many thanks owed to Doug Amen CPA.

Now I wish I’d held out for the recliner with the vibrating fingers feature and side-mounted cooler for storing my low fat yogurt and diet cherry flavored Mountain Dew. Yumm.


  1. Char says:

    Are you, Steve and the other guys opening for George Thorogood and the Destroyers on the 23rd?? That would be a hoot!!

  2. Bob says:

    Aaaah, the good ‘ol piano bar days.

  3. Fiks says:

    What I’d have given to be there! High-five to both you and Steve.

  4. Hemmingsen says:

    We are the destroyers.

  5. kawalski says:

    the guy on the piano looks like Terril Spence. (and i’m sure i spelled that wrong)

  6. JDS says:

    You be correct on the Spence thing kaw…
    Everyone should come up here to the Pheasant on Monday evenings. Any evening as far as that’s concerned. Mondays are a great night of blues and jazz copled with some fine food and wonderful home made ice cream. Who knows, the Lund/Hemmingsen troupe may just make a selected re appearence!

  7. Hemmingsen says:

    It’s better…or maybe worse…when both of us are there to egg each other on to new lows.

  8. Yoddler says:

    A story to be told- the best musicians in this part of the country and two of South Dakota’s favorite personalities at one of the greatest hangouts in these parts. What a blast!

  9. Eric says:

    Doug- Where have you been? I hope everything’s ok. Your readers are anxiously awaiting a new post.

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