Sofa King

Posted: Saturday, March 3, 2012 at 12:16 pm
By: Doug Lund
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A big day at our house as I say goodbye to a dear old friend. Our well-seasoned leather couch (or as I like to call potato patch) has finally become so tattered from over use by me that Linda was embarrassed to have people come over anymore. So it’s going to wherever exhausted sofas wind up.

My potato patch on sliders and ready to haul away. The  love seat, which goes to, is at the right.

My potato patch on sliders and ready to haul away. The love seat, which goes too, is at the right.

Much to my surprise, the Salvation Army said they’d be happy to take it off our hands figuring the rips are reparable and their non discriminating clientele won’t have a problem with the patina I’ve created from years of  head resting against the puffy arms.  The matching love seat, which is in pristine condition because I rarely have plopped my rather pronounced posterior upon it, is going too. Our daughter wants it for her basement so out it goes . I find the name “love seat” puzzling. I don’t recall anyone ever sitting there and become overwhelmed with the urge to get frisky with the person next to them.

Nope..they’re gone and our new big ass recliner arrives this afternoon along with a brand new sofa. (Is it sofa or couch?..checking right back) Well,’s the rather surprising answer:

Derived from the middle French word – “Couche”, a couch is nothing but an armless piece of furniture that was popularly used in the Victorian period and was often addressed as the fainting couch. The couches were used in order to provide a place for the ladies wearing tight fitted corsets with restricted breathing abilities. Couches generally feature one arm or no arm at all and a tapered back. On the other hand, the term sofa is derived from an Arabic term – “Suffah” and is used for a description of a bench which has been covered with blankets and cushions. Sofas are known to feature two arms and a uniform back.

I’ll be darned; didn’t know that. When I was a kid, my mom always referred to our sofa as the “davenport.” (Shoot..I have to Google again..just a sec.)

Huh. It turns out that Davenport  is the name of a series of sofas manufactured by the now-defunct A.H. Davenport Company. Due to the popularity of the furniture at the time, the name “Davenport” has become a generalized trademark and is often used as a synonym for “sofa”, especially in the Midwestern United States. Sort of like Frigidaire, Kleenex and Thermos I guess.   When our relatives from Canada came to visit they called it a Chesterfield. I already checked. It apparently comes from the 19th century Earl of Chesterfield. But I digress.

Our new couch/sofa/divan/davenport will not have to endure the Doug stress test.  No, Linda has not forbade me from using it but I have marked a new territory to occupy in the house.(And no, I didn’t mark it that way)

Yes, NASCAR.Shut up.

Yes, NASCAR's on. .Shut up.

 We have recently transformed one of the kid’s old bedrooms into my own personal Man-Cave complete with TV, computer, recliner and day bed. (Which works nicely at night too when the snoring gets intense) The walls are covered with photos, paintings, TV and golf memorabilia.

Mom's quilt

Don't laugh..Mom's quilt








The bathroom is a few short steps away and I’m campaigning for a small refrigerator stocked  with brewed and distilled beverages. But Linda says “no way” ..that I can certainly walk to the “Frigidaire” in the kitchen. And she’s right, of course, exercise is very important.

The trouble with getting this new family-room furniture is that now Linda is getting all sorts of ideas for changing things around in the house;  replacing a few other old items that have seen better days. If you want me I’ll be hiding out in the cave.


  1. hardass says:

    doug…how wonderful for you….i have my own cave too…one question though…..are you free to make ALL the rules that apply to your cave?…..or has that discussion not been had yet?

  2. Michael says:

    Your retreat needs a new name. There are no quilts in man-caves.

  3. Deb says:

    i love your blogs Doug. lol!! your like David Letterman you have no problem with making fun of yourself in your blogs.i look forward to your blogs and enjoy reading hope you don’t stop anytime soon. take care.

  4. grouse says:

    Why do you want to live in a cave? A man’s home is his castle!! You should be the master of all that you survey!! It’s time for men to stand up and be counted. The wife should be entitled to a sewing room or a powder room, or even a small area for special knick knacks for her enjoyment. We are after all living in a modern civilized society. It’s this running to a little hole in the wall that is a symbolic castrating of the male gender. Enjoy your new couch in broad daylight…out in the open! Thrill to the surrender of coiled springs and foam giving way to your bodily contours. Bounce on it! Show the new furniture who’s boss!! Then stretch out like the lion after enjoying the master’s share of the feast. But like all kings…learn to sleep with one eye open.

  5. Per Pål P says:

    Hmmmmm….now that you have the new sofa, has Linda picked out the new carpet, end tables, lamps, wall decor, and paint ? I think a Norwegian Kaffebord would look great in front of that new sofa too.
    You’ll probably need new drapes now too so all will match. And…now with the living room in shape, the kitchen will certainly need some attention. Uffda Mei…see what you’ve started? Hat Det Bra

  6. Cam says:

    Doug, I had a fuzzy white couch that we bought from Sears in the 1970’s on E. 10th street. Used it so much I had to put some plywood under the cushions. It went away in the early 1990’s. Had to burn it, kind of like losing a pet. CL

  7. Char says:

    We had inherited an old, ugly gold couch, we referred to as ‘The Bundy Couch”. It was a dead ringer for Al’s spot to rest on “Married with Children”. The couch was hideous, but 8 feet long and so comfortable, it was impossible not to take a nap on it. It just sucked you in to a blissful rest. A great place to watch Nascar races until your eyelids fell.

  8. John Bjerke. says:

    Doug, I have enjoyed your blog for years, evenwhen we lived in Wisconsin. I noticed the lamps in the photo and can not believe it but Gail and I packed up identical lamps in 1978 when we left Sioux Falls and headed to Wisconsin. They illuminated our home for the 33 years while we lived in Wisconsin, but when we moved back to Sioux Falls in July of 2011 we donated them to Goodwill. Another quirk is that I believe we have the same end tables. Give a call some time(I’m in the book) and maybe we could meet for coffee and catch up on the happenings in our lives over the past 30+ years.

  9. Suzan says:

    Your new sofa/couch/davenport is beautiful and very comfortable (for those of us who didn’t have our contours carved into the old one!). I want one!! Not only has the changing and rearranging bug spread through your house, after my visit, it’s creeping into mine too! Joe was ecstatic to hear my desire to finish the basement, get new carpet, and replace/expand our deck…all this spring! Maybe I’m being a little too optimistic, but it sure sounds good. Thanks for a wonderful, if short, visit. Love to you both!

  10. PigMan says:

    I’m Sofa King happy for you!!

    I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  11. Doug Lund says:

    PigMan..I was beginning to think nobody got the joke. Nice catch.

  12. PigMan says:

    Yeah I know I had to read all the replies before I said it, I didn’t want to copy anybody! I guess I always read all the replies anyway but I was looking for it this time. Sofa King funny!

  13. Hemmingsen says:

    Notice how the left end, closest to the window, seems more scrunched than the rest, the area in front of the laptop and NASCAR size TV. You might find a similar dent on the corresponding end of the matching loveseat. This set has hosted many pop-in conversations between former co-anchors.

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