Lund’s Canine Hotel

Posted: Saturday, February 18, 2012 at 10:21 am
By: Doug Lund
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Good Lord.

Kermit Staggers and De Knudson want back on the Sioux Falls City Council??


I’m beggin’ you (and you know who you are) get in this race before it’s too late. If you have a lick of intelligence, an unselfish desire to serve this community and share your ideas on how to help it deal with problems and plan for the future….run, for god’s sake..RUN. Sure you’ll take some heat from the naysayers but your honesty and determination to simply do what’s right will sustain you.  

If these two career politicians are the best Sioux Falls can come up with..well..we might just as well shove the city bus in reverse. 

And no..I’m not interested or remotely qualified but there are plenty of you out there who are.

Here endeth the rant.


Linda and I have had a special house guest this past week…say hello to Maggie.


Maggie lives with my brother, Denny and his wife, Judy. They were talking the other night about kenneling the dog for five days while they’re in Chicago. Much to my surprise, Linda blurted out that we’d love to watch her. We’ve doggie-sat in the past for both our daughter and niece; finding it to be an enjoyable experience but not enough to convince Linda that we should have a dog of our own. Now, it would seem, through this gesture, she might be on the verge of reconsidering. And why not? Maggie, a mild mannered 8 year old Cocker Spaniel, is a perfect house dog whose only flaw might be her breath that, at times, would drive a buzzard off a fresh kill. We only notice because she loves to sit quietly snuggled next to us on the couch or bed and really appreciates our efforts at affection. Scratching her chin or one of those floppy ears instinctively sets her left paw to peddling the air like she’s trying to start an imaginary Harley Davidson. Oh, she snores too but then so do we.

Linda is perfectly correct, of course, when she reminds me that we’re often gone for long stretches at a time throughout the year and if we were to have a our own dog, it wouldn’t be fair to be leaving it at a kennel or with friends or family all the time. So, maybe we’ll just have to be content with these occasional stints as proprietors of the Lund Canine Hotel.

Maggie checks out Sunday. Bye bye you wonderful mutt..don’t forget to brush and floss.


  1. Brenda says:

    WOW! How would a one year old 75 lb rambunctious chocolate lab fit in on the couch? He is very loving and affectionate. Along with our nine year old yellow lab you get friday night wrestling for free at your own home!! You let us know when we can plan our weekend getaway : )

  2. grouse says:

    O.K. Doug, you’ve finally convinced me, I’ll throw my sombrero in the ring. I’m not a Republican or a Democrat, but I am a member in good standing of the Keg Party. My campaign slogan will be: “The job needs Grouse, and Grouse needs the job”. The city will soon have an events center it seems, but still has no Hooters restaurant. This is wrong! A city of this size without a Hooter’s can never aspire to the greatness we all envy concerning our neighbor to the north, Fargo, who has one. I also pledge to work unceasingly for lower property taxes, a chicken in every pot, and truth, justice and the
    American way! Ask not what Sioux Falls can do for you….Well, you know the rest….And most importantly remember that it takes lots of money to run a successful campaign. Make your checks out to the “Grouse Keg Party”. Give till you think you can’t give any more, then dig deeper. Together, we can have a prosperous future. Thank you for your support.

  3. Jeff says:

    Hey Grouse There was a Hooters on 41st for about 3 years I
    believe, (late 90’s early 2000) and the building is now a casino.
    They tried on the busiest street in town and did not make it.
    Good luck on the campaign.

  4. grouse says:

    I’m only guessing, but it was probably a Lutheran Hooters. More than likely, they didn’t serve hot wings and beer. Instead the menu was noodle tuna hot dish and black coffee. And the servers were told to bundle up because it was cold. Plus being on 41st street, it was too easy for the wives to drive back forth to see who was patronizing the place.

  5. Hemmingsen says:

    I wish you would have let me know about the change of heart on dogs a month ago. I could have dropped Cockleburr off. She’s a lovable, 80 pound scud missile of a mutt who loves attention. Reminds me of the story about the guy who wanted to know if his wife or dog loved him more. Locked ‘em both in the trunk of his Lincoln. Guess which one kissed him when he let them out? Maybe that’s why I’m still single…
    Just a chauvenist joke, okay!?

  6. CH says:

    I have also noticed that Debbie Hoffman is running AGAIN for Sioux FAlls School Board. Time for some fresh faces on that board as well.The media has ignorned that story.

  7. Dee Dee says:

    We’re dog sitting our son’s 3 yr. old lab this week too. Love her to pieces, but like you, reminds us why we don’t have one of our own anymore!
    As for Hooter’s on 41st…our daughter worked there…for one day. She was in law enforcement & needed some extra money. When she went into the kitchen & saw nose candy being snorted, she asked if they knew what her day job was & promptly walked out! Guess that was a good start to her undercover narcotics work in Florida.

  8. JDS says:

    Grouse – Don’t forget to promise a third garage on every house and you probably are correct about the Lutheran Hooters. Bad management/owners will kill a business everytime, not that all Lutherans are bad…

    Hemmingsen – You saying Lund is the butt of the story? Remember, he owns a Lincoln…

  9. TT says:

    Good to see you are still around hemmingsen… I have been reading the web articles for sometime and I must say I miss the writing style of the old anchors. I am not that old but seems to me that some of the new articles are more whiny than informative and maybe missing some of the facts.

  10. Michael says:

    I remember that Hooters. It was on 41st, over by O’Gorman. I’m just thinking that if you want a Hooters to be successful, you shouldn’t put it next to a Catholic high school. You can’t really enjoy your…uh…wings and beer…ahem…with the Holy Mother staring down on you. I think a Hooters on West 12th or by the truck stops on North Cliff would be a smashing success.

  11. blueeyes says:

    We have no animals, but grandson leaves his dog here now and then. Dog wants to sleep on the spare bed & I can’t believe I let him, but otherwise he wants to sleep with us. NOT !

  12. mike says:

    My Great Danes don’t like the kennel and will contact you later for prices. They require couches and a large bed would be best. That way you and your wife will also have some room.
    I would love to run for city government but am afraid my platform will seem a bit radical to the dinosaurs in charge.

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