Be My Valentine

Posted: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 at 1:54 pm
By: Doug Lund
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“Happy Valentine’s Day, Honey.” I said to Linda when we awoke from our slumber this morning. “Happy Valentine’s Day to you too,” she replied. This was followed by a shared, “I love you” and that was it.

We decided long ago not to be slaves to this manufactured holiday created by florists, greeting card companies and candy makers hell bent on making us (mostly men) feel guilty about ourselves if we don’t express affection with a gift they are only too happy to provide..for an exorbitant fee..

This wasn’t just me being cheap. It was a well thought out and mutually agreed upon decision based on sound reasoning; flowers quickly wilt, candy is too fattening and cards are tossed into the trash after a day or so: a waste of good money.

Our mutual adoration is eternal. We certainly don’t need any commercially construed reminders to do what comes naturally. It is a policy we’ve followed for years and are perfectly content with. Or so I thought. As I was pouring my second cup of coffee, Linda came into the kitchen carrying a musical Valentine’s Day card that was playing “Love Will Keep Us Together” by Captain and Tenille.  “Remember you got me this last year?” she said smiling. Uh Oh. I must have forgotten and violated the pact. I could still hear that song ringing in my ears as I left for HyVee to pick up a few groceries. Standing in the check out line I noticed another line. This one made up exclusively of blue collar guys with  empty looks on their faces mulling around  the floral department trying to come up with something to make up  for their lameness at having forgotten what day it was and hoping they can spend their way back into their significant others’ good graces with a big bunch of well picked over roses.

Geeze..she saved that card for a whole year, I thought to myself as the cashier was ringing up my total. Maybe I better walk over and see if there are any decent flowers left…but no, that would look contrived wouldn’t it?  Aren’t supermarket roses an act of desperation?

Here’s wishing you all a very nice Valentine’s Day.


  1. Darwin Wollmann says:

    Doug, sounds like we’re on the same page on this. If I’m going to throw down some cash for this day, I’d rather do it for a nice evening meal.

  2. Cam Lind says:

    We have only been married 5 years. I got her candy, a card and flowers. She bought me ribs at Tinners, how is that for a trade. We both got something we wanted.

  3. grouse says:

    You’re screwed Doug! And not in the Biblical sense. For whom the bell tolls….It tolls for thee.

  4. blueeyes says:

    I say he’s my Valentine 365 days a year so no flowers or gifts needed at our house either. All the grandkids get homemade cookies and we send cards to our married kids, our parents and some elderly people in our lives. We had a nice meal at home but he did sneak off & buy a card for me. We’re good with what we do.

  5. Shelle says:

    You could always make your “own” Valentine card…I’m just saying :)!!!

  6. Per Pål P says:

    Ja….Valentine’s Day….one of those happy and sad days….kinda like Labor Day….the end of summer but the start of fall…. And the reason Valentine’s Day is both happy and sad ? Well…it’s the end of the official Lutefisk Season til next fall…. On Valentine’s Eve….the Missus and me have our (almost) final Lutefisk Dinner til next fall. Chilled aquavit…the last of the lefse from the freezer….The Missus cooks up a pot of rømmegråt…mashed potatoes….and a pot of melted butter…..and of course…the entree….King Lutefisk…..The one good thing….the evening lingers on…..The wonderful aroma of lutefisk will last until spring….when windows will again be opened….and fresh air will erase the memories. Although I must confess…we have a couple of packages of Lutefisk in the freezer…one for the Memorial Weekend and one for the 4th Holiday….Which gives great hope til next fall. Jeg elsker dette fisk. Per

  7. Stuart Surma says:

    My wife DeeAnn of 37 years works hard and she deserves flowers- not only on Valentines Day, but on her birthday, and once or twice more during the year. We also went out for supper too, so that base was covered too. Lady’s love flowers and I love giving them to her! Stu

  8. grouse says:

    Yo Per Pal….I never thought of lutefisk at Valentine’s!! Oh sure, I keep some in the freezer for the 4th of July and Sytende Mai. But what better way to say “I love you” than with a romantic lutefisk dinner! Unbelievers have never experienced the passion that a healthy portion of lutefisk can muster! It’s a good thing they don’t serve it to Prom kids, or the over population of our planet would be of even greater concern. It would probably be a good idea in this day and age to keep the “romantic” benefits of a lutefisk diet from teenagers. Let them eat pizza or tacos. The globe can only stand so much warming.

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