Christmas is Grand(kids)

Posted: Friday, December 23, 2011 at 12:38 pm
By: Doug Lund
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Hannah "Grouse" Hawkins' first encounter with the big jolly guy

Hannah "Grouse" Hawkins' first encounter with the big jolly guy

It is so much fun to listen to my cousin, Grouse, get completely out of character when he starts talking (gushing, really) about his first grandchild, Hannah. He was, and is, a good dad but for years I’ve been telling him about the special joys of grandparenthood. He, and wife Sandy, now totally understand and..with big grins on their faces..think nothing of loading up the Hyundai with gifts and goodies and driving all the way to Kansas City once a month to shower that child with adoration.

I’ve gone on and on here about Linda and my grandkids and how they’ve enriched our lives. The trouble is, all but two have grown up and the youngest ones (ages 10 and 6) no longer burst out of the car, run up to door and squeal with delight at the very site of you. They’re no longer so free with the hugs and kisses or as fascinated by how you can grab the nose from their faces and have it magically appear between your fingers or build majestic castles from a pile of Legos. Just like their parents before them and in spite of our efforts to control time, they are moving onward and upward at the speed of light anxious to experience all that life has in store for them leaving grandma and grandpa in a cloud of dust.  Oh, Linda and I aren’t feeling sorry for ourselves..far from it. We’ve been truly blessed with our combined families and when they’re here for Christmas it is an absolute delight for me in particular to just sit with a glass of wine listening to them laugh and share memories. It’s a real George Bailey moment that always makes me proud and thankful to God.

I gotta admit, though, I can’t help but feel a little jealous of Grouse and Sandy as they’re just now entering the ground floor of a skyscraper filled with so many levels of joy..all there for the taking in the years ahead.

Up until about 8 years ago, My brother, Tom and his wife, Ilene, had yet to experience the delights of doting over a new generation of offspring..but then, Oh My. Well see for yourself.

Linda and I have only seen one of their grandkids in person..a situation we hope to correct this summer with a grand gathering of Lunds in South Carolina.

Linda and I have only seen one of their grandkids in person..a situation we hope to correct this summer with a grand gathering of Lunds in South Carolina.

Tom has written songs for each of those eight adorable little ones marveling at the hearts capacity for unconditional love.

 I’ve heard a few moans and groans about the lack of snow around here for Christmas. I don’t mind it so much. In fact, it’s sort of fun to hear the roar of engines coming from passing motorcycles rather than snow blowers. Here’s a Holiday Harley that caught my eye on East 26th the other day.

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 I just found out this past week that Linda and I get to host another tour for Keloland and Holiday Vacations next summer; this time to Ireland in September. Excitement abounds..details to come. I’ve also signed a deal to continue as the “Voice of Keloland” for another year and hope to continue visiting with you folks here a couple times a week on the Lund at Large forum which so generously provides.

Let me use it now to say “Thank You” to all who follow my meanderings and wish you a very “Merry Christmas.”


  1. jeff says:

    Doug & Linda
    May you and your family have a Merry Christmas
    and enjoy the trip in September.

  2. Cam Lind says:

    Doug, it is funny how when as you say the grandkids that adored you at such a young age have now replaced the closeness to you with a cell phone and texting. I am willing to remember the good times, but will not bow to texting to communicate with the.

    I am just an old guy that would settle for a few minutes of eye to eye contact and a decent conversation. Then they can return to their pretend world of important communication with the people that they don’t really give a rip about. We will have our last laugh when someday they end up saying I sure miss Grandpa, he was so much fun when I was little. Well guess what………..we are still fun, just look us in the eye and pretend that you give a darn about us and what goes on in the real world.

    Someday you will be a grandpa too…………..

  3. Lynnal Nelson says:

    Everything you say is so true……..I was the BEST grama in the world when they were little, but as they are now adults, I am just someone they love……but no longer fun or “hip” But we will always be there for them, whether they need us or want us….unconditional love!!! I love your blogs Doug, merry christmas to all of your family……….man would I LOVE to go to Ireland with you!!!! Happy new year!!!

  4. Gary says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all of yours.

  5. BOB says:

    A grandpa friend of mine has a saying, ” the best christmas lights are those of the car’s tail lights going down the street after Christmas “.

  6. Paula B says:

    Merry Christmas to you and Linda! Wow! Ireland! Hmmmm. We’ll be thinking about that!! Wonder what they have there for Larry to eat!!!

  7. Tom says:

    Merry Christmas to all. We’ll be with 5 out of eight of those beautiful Grandkids this Christmas, and we saw the three others in Hawaii at Thanksgiving. Any time spent with them is magical. Thanks for the mention and we’ll see you next summer. Tom

  8. Claude M. says:

    Well, two of our Grandkids & youngest son LIVE with us, so we have
    grandkids 24/7. I,ve found out I,m alot more calm & patient now that
    I,m older.
    You look at the world with a whole new set of eyes when you get to
    watch through the eyes of your grandchildren. Things like birthdays,
    Easter, Halloween, And Christmas all look a little more magical .
    Its not ALL fun & games….it can stress ya a little also ! But,
    for the most part it is pretty enjoyable.
    Merry Christmas To All.

  9. Denny says:

    “Lady” Lynnal, you were a great grama even when you were young! I still treasure the times I would ride my trike up to your house and you would read to me!

  10. Deb says:

    Doug,i really enjoy reading your Lund at Large stories.look forward to them.i hope you and Linda have a safe trip.i wish you both a belated Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Years!! take care.

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