Coffee or Te(bow)?

Posted: Monday, November 28, 2011 at 3:06 pm
By: Doug Lund
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I’m sitting in my favorite coffee shop, Dunn Bros. on East 10th..oops, excuse me, I guess it’s Arrowhead Parkway now. There’s nobody here named Dunn..but there is a nice lady (Doris) and her daughter (Emily) who own and operate the place.

That's Emily and Doris in this blurry shot courtesy of my inexperience with a new camera.

That's Emily and Doris in this blurry shot courtesy of my inexperience with a new camera.

If you order the coffee of the day for a buck 65, and in a 12 ounce glass cup, you get one free refill which provides me with a healthy jolt of caffeine; usually enough to free me from a mind numbing weekend of food, football and couch dwelling. Doris roasts the beans on the premises which not only makes for a delicious fresh brew but stimulates the nerve endings and helps inspire me to do something besides program the DVR or sit around pondering eternity.

Sorry purists, but I like my coffee with a dash of half and half..or Coffee Mate if I’m home. It’s a habit that began after years of trying to drink break-room coffee at Keloland. Creamer was the only thing available to mellow-out the awful taste of coffee that had been festering on the burner for a couple hours because nobody but me would ever take the time to make a fresh pot. Anyway, I’m hooked on a bit of creamer in my cup which I’m convinced enhances rather than detracts from the flavor. (Argue amongst yourselves)

 I’m not really a coffee house person…that is, I don’t come here all that often and I don’t show up to get into deep conversations with the regulars about art, politics or current events. It’s just a nice place to enjoy a tasty hot beverage and spend time in one of the designated computer-use areas surfing and writing; something I do all the time at home but, even though she’d never say anything, I know  Linda needs me out of the house and out of her hair once in a while.

Today wasn’t all that quiet at Dunn Bros. so I searched through my computer bag..found my headphones and an FM radio station in Cleveland that streams big band jazz music on the computer and I’m content.

tebow_111127_vs_video_rhr_280_210As expected, radio sports pundits..especially the annoyingly opinionated Colin Cowherd, spent lots of time this morning reminding listeners that Denver Bronco’s quarterback, Tim Tebow, may be a real likable faith-filled guy but his recent victories are based on luck not skill and it won’t be long before the bubble bursts. Let’s be honest, here. Tim Tebow isn’t doing this all on his own, but his never-say-die attitude, I believe, has totally rubbed off on his teammates. The defense, the offensive line and running game led by Willis McGahee, have been playing inspired and entertaining football. 

I hope it’s not the kiss of death for Denver but since the Vikings are a lost cause, I’m rooting for the Broncos the rest of the way.

Since I was watching several games at once on the NFL Redzone channel, I didn’t see the shot of San Diego’s kicker, Nick Novak, relieving himself on the sideline.

peeing charger

 Hey…take if from someone with a bladder the size of a salted peanut, it’s pretty difficult to concentrate on the task at hand  when you’re full of liquid yearning to be free and pressing the point. Sometimes it’s just too long between halves. Maybe the NFL should put up port-a-pottys on both ends of the field..or cut back on the Gatorade.

Let’s see..what else?

Linda brought a few Christmas decorations up from the basement over the weekend and placed them strategically around the house. Nothing like the old days when our tree would be set up in a corner of downstairs, loaded with lights and ornaments then left to stand guard over a big pile of presents for our growing combined family. But, like I’ve said before, all but two of our grandkids, are grown up now so it was agreed at the end of Christmas last year that, from now on, with the exception of the two little ones, our present to each other would be our presence WITH each other. I suppose that sounds a little “Scrooge-like” to some of you but, I think it was a relief to the rest of our immediate family not to feel obliged to spend money we really don’t have shopping for stuff we really don’t need.

I’ll let you know how our little experiment at replacing materialism with merriment works out.

For now, that second cup of Doris’ coffee is kicking in. Thank goodness I’m not like the Chargers’ kicker and have a private repository just a few steps away.


  1. Jeremy Moser says:

    Stay classy, San Diego!

  2. Matt Hendrickson says:


  3. Doug Lund says:

    It should be noted that my young cousin, Amy Erickson, was one of the founders of Caribou Coffee. Sadly, she died of breast cancer before seeing that little twin city company grow to become such a success world wide. Obviously, I love their coffee too, especially Amy’s Blend, but the store is miles away while Dunn Bros. is just down the street. I hope you try them both.

  4. grouse says:

    So, you’re the kelo ya hoo that insists on broadcasting all those Bronco games rather than the Chiefs!
    The Chiefs are just down the road, and you’d have to drive days and days to get to a Broncos game. The Bronco games are just a sop to Rapid City. And all this hoop la over Tebow. He’ll be in an arena league somewhere before Christmas. Now, one can make the case that the Chiefs stink this year. Last year, they went to the playoffs and misguided kelo still insisted on broadcasting Broncos games. This is wrong! First, turning your back on lutefisk, and now rooting for the Broncos! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! I’m sure your Mom and Aunt Esther are just shaking their heads….Nay, nay, nay!

  5. grouse says:

    Cousin Doug and I do agree on Amy’s Blend! It is wonderful! If you’re looking for a great coffee to serve with lefse, lutefisk, Christmas cookies, pie, rommegrot, or any holiday treat….make sure you stock up on plenty of Amy’s Blend to serve your guests! It’s also the perfect blend to greet the day with. Now, that’s coffee.

  6. Per Pål P says:

    Vel….for me….I guess there’s nothing better than a big pot of strong Norwegian Egg Kaffee….with some thick real whipping cream to put in it…and it’s still great to pop a sugar lump in the cheek (or maybe two or three) and “suck” the kaffee thru’em. And always delicious…one of those big white Norwegian Cookies to “dunk”… Det smaker delikat !!!!! Per

  7. Michael says:

    I loved Tebow’s stats against Kansas City. 2 of 8 for 69 yards! Not exactly Dan Marino, is he? As for coffee houses, try Black Sheep, Doug. You’d look good with a goatee and a beret!

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