Leafing for New England

Posted: Wednesday, September 28, 2011 at 7:39 am
By: Doug Lund
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Don’t hate me.

fall foliageEven though I’m sitting here waiting for our ride to the airport for another ten day adventure hosting a Holiday Vacations tour group..this time to New England to look at all the pretty leaves. 45 Keloland TV viewers signed up for this trip which includes a lot more than observing Fall foliage; for example, we’ll be spending two nights in Boston..a city I’ve never been to and can’t wait to experience. We’ll visit all the famous spots around town including Quincy Market and the JFK library.  From Boston it’s north to famous Lake Winnipesaukee, a maple sugarhouse, Norman Rockwell’s studio, The Berkshires, a Shaker village and down to New York City. I’m anxious to visit New York without having to worry about driving and dealing with the traffic; just sit back relax and take in the sights. I haven’t been there since 9/11 and looking forward to seeing the memorial at ground zero. I’ve also never been to Ellis Island; a situation that will be remedied on this tour. Plus, we’ll be taking-in a Broadway Musical.

I mention all this not to gloat but to invite you along on one of these escapades.

As usual, whether you like it or not, I’ll be blogging away throughout our journey and sending lots of pictures so keep checking Lund a Large when you visit Keloland.com.

We do have one major challenge right at the outset and that’s managing to get our large group of people from one side of the Minneapolis airport to the other in less than an hour. Frankly, it will be good to get away from anything to do with Minneapolis for a few days; the Twins going for their 100th loss and the Vikings tearing into my chest and ripping out my heart for the last three Sundays.

Yes, Linda and I do know how fortunate we are to be able to travel like this. All I can say is “wish you were with us.”

Bon Voyage!


  1. prairierose says:

    Doug, it sounds marvelous esp Boston for a history buff. Have a great trip…I will be looking forward to your pics.

  2. Don Jorgensen says:

    Have fun Doug, Darla and I took the trip several years ago. Lots to see and do.

  3. gary says:

    And you get paid too??

  4. Jeff says:

    Doug and Linda While you are out there, watch for the small raod side apple
    orchard shops and if you find one they may have fresh apple donuts. They are delicious.
    I had some 20 years ago when I traveled with my parents at this time of the year.
    If only I had the cash to trip with you on this one. Enjoy

  5. Sweeps says:

    What a great life, Doug! My mom, after she retired, took several bus trips with a friend of hers to various spots in the U.S. of A., and I for one can hardly wait until I’m able to participate in those trips, too. My dad and I took a driving trip to the East Coast, including Bahston many years ago, seeing many of the sites that you described. The best part, though, was visiting my aunt (his sister) and her family in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and having an authentic lobster dinner, looking out over the Atlantic. Oh my gosh, I hope you’re having as much fun now as I did then!

  6. Paula B says:

    Larry and I wish we were traveling with you again! Lots to see in the northeast. Have fun!

  7. Glenda & Jerry Manke says:

    Had a great time…..Beautiful trip…

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