Morning Has Broken

Posted: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at 8:56 pm
By: Doug Lund
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Well, if that doesn’t post your toasties.

I fell asleep on the couch last night with the TV blaring away just a few feet away from my head. That’s not unusual, as anybody who knows me will tell you, but my awakening was a bit odd. Those annoying foul mouthed kids from South Park jarred me into consciousness around 8 a.m. so I got up, went to make coffee and headed to the basement  since the main floor facility was occupied. As I sat their pondering the busy day ahead, I noticed how unfulfilling my slumber had been. Then, upon my return upstairs I began a personal journey into the Twilight Zone. There must be a storm moving in, I thought, because it had gotten so dark. I went into the bedroom and was surprised to see Linda reading her electronic book instead of the newspaper. “Ready for a cup of coffee?” I asked. “I better not,” she said, “It’ll keep me awake.” “No paper this morning?” I said.  “What are you talking about? Are you alright?”  “Wait a sec,” I said, is it morning or night?” The HyVee sweet corn must contain the same sleep inducing chemical found in turkey because I had dozed off right after consuming a few ears for supper

So, that’s how I came to have an extra 12 hours added to my life which has been in a time warp ever since we returned from 13 days in Alaska. Trouble is, it also means I now have twelve extra hours to fret about a visit to the Social Security office.

ssI received notice before we left that SS had overpaid me in 2010 and intended to recoup that deficiency by withholding my next two monthly checks. Ah, wait a minute. I NEED that money to, you know, live on.

 I’m familiar with the issue that raised the SS red flag because I had to go to the Social Security office two years ago for the very same thing. Fortunately, the problem was, indeed, on the government’s end and straightened right out with no loss of money or hair for me. I don’t know why their records do not reflect my earlier appeal and settlement. I mean, it’s the United States Government for cryin’ out loud. If we can’t trust the feds to properly handle our money who…….oh yeah, never mind.  

I just dread sitting in that office with a bunch of other confused people waiting for my number to be called which will grant me an audience with the civil servant standing behind the counter who has the power to grant or reject my request.  

Guess I’ll have another cup of evening coffee and plan a strategy.

As Linda will tell you, I can be pretty good at begging; even been known to coax up a few tears if necessary.

I’ll let you know.

Have a nice day…er, I mean nighty night.


  1. grouse says:

    Not to worry Cuz….It will be like another little mini-trip around the world! You’ll see people from countries that you didn’t know existed. They’re all wanting to cash in on Uncle Sam! When you get to the window, just look to your right or left, and you’ll discover the hot line to Lutheran Social Services who brought these people over, and now expect taxpayers and not the church to pony up with free loot! Oh yeah, I’m thinking your data is screwed up because you are speaking English. Just pick the foreign language of your choice and the only mail you’ll get from the social security folks is a notice begging you to accept the increase in your allotment and more free medical care! The Hutterites will be there too…trying to cash in on free loot. Wait a minute, it’s o.k…..they’re not usually speaking English either.

  2. Suzan says:

    You must have really been exhausted. I hope all goes well at the SS office. I too need to handle a government matter ASAP. I need to get my passport “renewed.” My last one is 17 years old, so it’s not really a renewal – more like starting new, complete with the new fees. Yikes! Laughed as Joe pulled out our 17 year old passport pics seriously thinking we might just use them again. Had to break the news to him – we look a little different than we did back then! Hope I haven’t procrastinated too long since I’ve got a trip to Canada the end of October. I wonder where that procrastination gene came from. :)

  3. Doug Lund says:

    Here’s the promised update on the effort to have my full Social Security check restored. First, the SS office has moved and it took me a while finding the new location. The inside looks even more daunting than the old one. I’ve never gone through the procedure of visiting anybody in prison before but this has to be close. You enter the building and are greeted by an armed guard. He directs you to a computer screen in which you indicate the nature of your business. Then you’re issued a number and sit down on one of 20 or so black chairs in a windowless hallway until your number is called over a loud speaker. Luckly, my wait wasn’t long and I proceeded down another windowless hallway until I arrived at station 5 where a young man behind a glass enclosure invited me to have a seat. I nervously explained my situation and after examining my records, he excused himself to make copies of them. When he returned, he said..okay..we’re good. You mean my checks will continue without penalty? Yup, should be a couple weeks. And that was it. My fretting and loss of sleep were unnecessary. I’m sure glad that God still hears an old doubter’s prayers. I’m also beholden to Doug Amen, my longtime tax preparer who is the best tax expert in town.

  4. LeAnn says:

    Grouse are you in journalism? You sure have a way with words.. Love it. Doug where is the new location? Is it at 26th and southeastern? Like even when you get there it’s still hard to find? I hate dealing with this kind of stuff!!!!

  5. Doug Lund says:

    The new office is a block west of 57th and Louise on NEVADA west side of street.

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