Socially Secure?

Posted: Thursday, August 4, 2011 at 10:51 am
By: Doug Lund
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Crisis averted; the United States is still going broke but congress and the president managed to strike a last minute deal that has bought us a little more time to get there. We’re raising the limit on the amount of money we can borrow by 2 1/2  TRILLION dollars.  I gotta be honest with you, I can not relate to such big numbers except that it would take the combined fortunes of 40 Warren Buffet’s and Bill Gates to get somewhere in the neighborhood.

defaultI’m not sure what would have actually happened if America had gone into default. I do know that used car salesmen feel much better about themselves since members of congress have now taken their place at the bottom of the public trustworthy totem pole. Oh, and we’re mighty tired of hearing threats from Washington that Social Security and Medicare are in jeopardy because of the economic fix this country is in. They may have gotten by with scaring the snot out of old people back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s but try it today and waves upon waves of gray haired babyboomers  will converge upon the nation’s Capital in such numbers as to make the Civil Rights March on Washington in 1963 look like a backyard barbeque. It’s OUR money, withheld by Uncle Sam for our own good so we would be “socially secure” in our dotage. The money’s running out, you say ? Sorry..a promise is a promise and we expect and demand that it be kept.. even if we have to give up a few things like a couple of wars we shouldn’t have gotten into in the first place.

It’s gotten so I can barely stand to watch the news anymore with the nightly parade of politicians and political pursuaders stepping up to microphones explaining how they feel our pain but it’s the other party’s fault. Now, the election ads will soon be gushing out of Madison Avenue featuring carefully crafted presentations of candidates strolling with their families through fields of grain or a city park as soft music plays in the background and a deep voice uses words like “change” and “honesty” to describe this guy or this gal.  Blechhh.  Considering how politicians have reached a new low on the scum bag scale in the minds of Americans, I wonder why anybody would want the job.

If there are any economic wiz kids out there who can offer solutions instead of excuses to this country’s financial dilemma, I wish they’d give it a shot. They’d sure have the vote of me and all the other geezers who just want assurances that even if Social Security and Medicare are no longer self sustaining, those of us who’ve paid in our whole lives will not be left out in the cold and that paying that debt is just as important as the money we owe to China which is now home to all those former American industrial manufacturing jobs farmed out by U.S. businessmen in search of cheap labor and enormous profit margins.

Ugh. Time to lighten up.



  1. Oh Doug,enjoy your blogs,keep them coming!!!! The only problem is if all our senators and representatives would run for office today the public that do vote would re-elect them again!!! The slaves of the country (the working class don”t vote) so we are stuck forever!!!!! RP

  2. Glenn says:

    members of congress have taken the place of the used car salesman on the public trustworthy totem…I LOVE IT!!!!

  3. daniel johnson says:

    If the 2.8 trillion in value T-bills in the Social Security fund would be honored, Social Security would be fine . The thievery of the fund surplus made the Lower taxes for the wealthy possible . We will honor the T-bills held by the Chinese but apparently not the T-bills owned by American workers. Those lower top tax rates must be protected at all cost. By the way forget the argument that jobs can only be created by the rich. The rich buy existing firms,merge the firms and fire the excess employees or send the jobs to China.

  4. grouse says:

    Torches and pitchforks! Torches and pitchforks! I agree with you on this one! If you remember back in the 50’s, a few farmers from the Volga and Arlington area got in trouble for throwing rotten eggs and hitting the mark which was good ol’ Ezra Taft Benson, secretary of agriculture. Now it’s time to remember our senators and congress person with a few rotten eggs and tomatoes when they show up this fall in homecoming parades and the like. Throw in a few boos and catcalls and raised middle fingers. No one gets hurt! Oh, their over indulged pride may sting a little. But, they’ll soon be comforted with the big dollars from corporations who have kept the little people in their place…at minimum wage and with no health insurance. But hell, corporations just love take out Chinese. It’s cheap!

  5. Joyce says:

    There are a couple of thoughts to ponder on. Have any of the politicians in Washington offered to give up any of their salary or benefits to help the balance the budget? Also, I am amazed at the millions that politicians raise during election campaigns. In the last presidential election the candidates were raising millions of dollars each week. I wonder if the national debt be reduced substantially in no time if those people would give that kind of money to reduce the national debt instead.

  6. Bruiser says:

    Couldnt have been better said Doug. This is no longer just a few guys who like to argue politics thinking their party is better than the other, I dont care where i go anymore its the topic of discussion everywhere. People are FED UP!!!!!!!!! me being one. Im sure your blog is read by countless people, so keep up the good work. I sincerely hope our elected officials are reading it also.

  7. Hey bruiser, They are reading this also but when they turn around they laugh it off and check there bank account to see if there checks made it in. We have been had!!!!!!!

  8. Jerry Bloemendaal says:

    I’m no whiz kid, but I would love to give it a shot.Vote for “Jerry the Janitor”the American working man’s canidate!

  9. Thor says:

    Is that young man saluting or hitchhiking? I fail to see the connection. Unless you’re trying to say politics is a game and even though your team has the right line up and been on a winning streak, there still is that chance you might end up losing one now and then. At least in baseball one of the teams usually wins unlike Congress which has had more meaningless ties than the ones Dedrick use to collect.

  10. Doug Lund says:

    Thor: I guess I should have written a caption about the irony of this guy shading his eyes from the sun while he has a perfectly good awning on the cap he chooses to wear backwards.

  11. Michael says:

    Yeah, I just love this young generation of morons who have no idea what the bill on a baseball cap is for.

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