Allergies And Ecstasies

Posted: Monday, May 9, 2011 at 9:49 am
By: Doug Lund
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Maybe my brother was right when he warned that after the age of 65, your health has a tendency to go haywire in a hurry. Oh, I’m fine except for the first time in my life I have developed allergies…or a single allergy..I don’t know. Something is making my eyes water and setting me off on a SERIES of roof lifting sneezes. This is completely foreign to me. I’ve always been a single sneeze guy even when filling the pepper shaker. I’m not quite sure of the cause because we don’t have any pets and it doesn’t appear to be pollen or weeds. “Maybe it’s me,” Linda said the other day sort of jokingly. “Don’t be silly,” I said but drew her close for a few friendly sniffs just to be sure. “Nope, you’re off the hook.” So I suppose it’s time for a trip to the allergy aisle of the drug store in search of relief.

The only other health concern is this bloody diet I’ve been on. No milk, bread, pasta, sugar or ice cream for two months..yet no noticeable weight loss. Oh, some concerned friends and family members, who are keenly aware of my struggles, have made a few encouraging comments but we live in an age when everybody is armed with a digital camera and not afraid to use it. When I’m in those images it is painfully clear that my appearance hasn’t changed since this battle began. I’m not conceding defeat, mind you, just venting some frustrations over how puzzling it can be to unlock the mysteries of things like fat reduction and allergy eruption.

A pretty good weekend which included a trip to the Center for Active Generations where they were throwing a 90th birthday party for Sylvia Henkin; the first lady of Sioux Falls.

hof easter and sylvia 019 

Sylvia still looks fantastic and as soon as she entered the room began entertaining the audience of well-wishers with her good humor and a little song. I’ve written here before about this grand lady whose influence on and tireless contributions toward the betterment of this community can’t be measured. She’s just a doll and I’m only one on a long list of people who adore her. 

From there, Linda and I headed out to the diamond to watch grandson Michael take to the  mound for Washington High School’s baseball team. He did great job of pitching; helping the Warriors chalk up a victory against O’Gorman.

pattyIt was an extra special win for Michael’s mom, our daughter, Patty, who was celebrating her birthday right there at her usual spot in the grandstand. She never misses a game or opportunity to cheer Michael and the team on.

Speaking of terrific moms, Linda and I are so fortunate to have her mother, Mary Trudeau, still with us.

swede renee 002

Like Sylvia Henkin, no grass grows under Mother Mary’s feet. At 87, she managed to slow down enough from all her activities, to host Mother’s Day dinner for a bunch of us “kids” at her house in Alcester on Sunday.  We came so close to losing her a few years back that the family feels these times together are God’s Bonus Days.

Mother Mary was one of those who said to me that she could see I’d lost weight.

What a sweet little old liar.


  1. hardass555 says:

    i agree about sylvia, she is adorable and of course a monument in sioux falls…besides aways being gorgeous….all of your family is beautiful, but that mary has a smile that just says “I’ve still got it”…..and you still look good too, ya old poop

  2. Jeff says:

    It seams that we both got lucky to find a couple of
    the good looking gals from Alcester. Mine was hand
    picked by myself when we were in business college.
    Her parents still live about one and a half North of 46
    near Norway Center. And all the photos I’ve seen lately
    from your trips, the whole family looks to be in good
    health, and Doug when you find a way to loose the
    pounds let me know.

  3. Erika says:

    Doug, are you still eating potatoes? Cut those out and the weight will come off. Good luck!

  4. Mike H says:

    No milk, bread, pasta, sugar, or ice cream? What the heck is the point? :-)

  5. Michael says:

    Try the Ideal Protein diet, Doug. I lost 60 pounds in four months. That’s no joke. You have to buy packets to supplement the vegetable and lean proteins you eat, but it’s worth it.

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