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Posted: Tuesday, November 2, 2010 at 8:43 am
By: Doug Lund
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Went to see my doctor today fully expecting to be gently chewed out for not having lost any weight since our last visit and fearing that my lab results would reflect the lackadaisical lifestyle I have fallen into. But he was kind, sympathetic and helpful plus the tests of my bodily fluids and a physical exam surprisingly showed no major abnormalities so, I guess, I could have done without all the worrying and sleepless nights. I did promise him, though, that I’d make friends with  the treadmill downstairs which we’ve treated  like a fragile sculpture (look but don’t touch)  instead of a piece of exercise equipment. It’s a promise I’d better keep because I’m scheduled to see him again in six weeks and doubt  he’ll let me off so easy if I fail to live up to my end of the bargain.


 It sure has been quiet around here since Friday when granddaughter Zoey went back to Lincoln, Nebraska after spending several days with us. She just turned nine and, I suppose it’s inevitable that, eventually, she won’t find these trips to South Dakota as appealing as she does now, but her presence certainly lights up our lives.

Zoey looking convincingly fierce at the Pavilion

Zoey looking convincingly fierce at the Pavilion


Linda and I have gone to the movies twice in one week; unheard of considering our disdain for twenty dollar popcorn and noisy patrons. But we thought Zoey would like to see the film, “Secretariat.” It turns out; she loved it as did we. Then, Sunday, we decided to give ourselves a “treat” on Halloween by skipping out on the annual door to door extortion ritual before the bell started ringing and go see Clint Eastwood’s latest film,” Hereafter.”  It’s hard to believe that the same guy who made his mark in Hollywood playing characters like Rowdy Yates (Rawhide TV series) and Inspector “Dirty” Harry Callahan has developed into such a brilliant and sensitive movie director. Like millions of others, I really like just about any film that Matt Damon is in and Lord knows he’s been in a lot of them. He’s he’s really fine here too as a psychic who is the real deal but reluctant to use his special gifts of communicating with the dead because it is just too hard on him mentally. The film only gives us a few quick blurry glimpses of the hereafter but the clear message is that there is indeed life after death only perhaps not as perceived by organized religions.  It’s a touchy subject and few directors besides the 80 year old Eastwood could take on such a project and pull it off.


 My team, the Minnesota Vikings are beyond disappointing this season..but you all know that. This time, though, I’m inclined to give Randy Moss a pass because coach Childress and Brett Favre sure weren’t sending any his way. As soon as they made the deal to get Moss back, I said they better not just use him as a decoy or he’ll pout and quit again. If this South Dakota couch potato has that figured out..how in the world could those calling the plays for Minnesota be so dumb not to? So what if Moss was in double coverage, Favre was back to throwing interceptions by the bucket load anyway, why not send a few bombs Randy’s way so he could show off a little by doing what he does best; out leaping and out running his defenders no matter how many there are? Stroke his enormous ego a bit..it will win games. Nope, instead, like I said on Facebook, Childress’ decision to only use Randy to free up the other receivers is like hitching Secretariat up to the Budweiser beer wagon.  Ugh..don’t get me started.


 The Gillette Fusion razor is the greatest invention since men first began scraping whiskers off their face and women started shaving their underarms and legs. Unlike politicians, It really lives up to the advertising hype. 


 I hardly watched any of the World Series this year. Didn’t care which team won.


I don’t think those who are enamored with wind energy have really thought it through. Take a drive around the Buffalo Ridge in Minnesota and see if you can honestly say..yeah, I really like these giant wind turbines covering the landscape in every direction as far as the eye can see sort of like the oil derricks in Oklahoma 100 years ago. I sure hope they stick ‘em up on every breezy hill in South Dakota.  It’ll be worth it to save the environment.


 I did not vote for anyone who made those annoying campaign phone calls to my house leaving a recorded message. Just stop it.   I also couldn’t in good conscience vote for either lady in the U.S. House race. Their campaign ads attacking each other were not only lame and full of B.S. but demonstrate that neither candidate has a clue about South Dakota sensibilities. I don’t know of one person who wasn’t sick and tired of them both and wondered how the job could possibily justify all the millions spent and venom spewed to get it. I gotta believe those who did cast a vote for one or the other held their noses while doing it.  Too bad the third party candidate brought nothing to the table or if he did..nobody was paying attention.


 Finally, you got to hand it to Sioux Falls mayor, Mike Huether. He’s somehow managed to divert people’s attention from “whether” we actually need or want a new events center to “where” it’s going to be located. Just pretend folks hadn’t already said no. It was quite a trick because, according to the Keloland/Argus Leader poll, a majority of voters now want the thing. With such power of deception and persuasion, just imagine what a great congressman he would make.


  1. fsl says:

    Good to hear your ticking along ok re: your dr visit Doug.
    Has anyone tried the anti-inflamm diet ? It worked great for me in just 4 weeks = wt loss, blood work numbers greatly improved, feel so much better.
    Dr Eggers, chiro of Brookings has free class coming up again starting Nov 16..well worth the once a week, 4 week class. You learn so much & the results are great.
    Let’s hope these great Nov weather days keep comin’ ! ~fsl

  2. Mary says:

    I agree…if they call and harass me they definitely will NOT get my vote.

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