The Queen Mary

Posted: Thursday, September 30, 2010 at 3:55 pm
By: Doug Lund
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Sure….just when I decide that I might be watching too much TV, along comes a new season of network shows that I’m already addicted to. Well, not addicted yet but a few that I really like. First and foremost is Hawaii Five-0 (Mondays at 9pm on CBS)..a remake of the long running series from the seventies starring Jack Lord as detective Steve McGarrett.   I used to watch it..but that was before we had cable and there weren’t a lot of choices. I always thought Jack Lord was a little over the top and Danno..played by James McArthur, was too mousy.  Frankly, I wasn’t expecting much from the remake but it turns out the only things the 21st century version has in common with the original are the theme song, the character names, a few catch phrases (“Book ‘em Danno”) and the incredible Hawaiian scenery.


Hawaii Five-0 cast: Grace Park, Scott Caan, Alex O'Loughlin and Daniel Dae Kim

Hawaii Five-0 cast: Grace Park, Scott Caan, Alex O'Loughlin and Daniel Dae Kim


I especially enjoy the chemistry between the two stars; Alex O’Laughlin (McGarrett) and Scott Caan (Danny Williams).  The banter between these two TV lawmen reminds me of a couple movie outlaws..Paul Newman and Robert Redford in Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid.  Caan is the oldest son of film star, James Caan and the similarity in appearance and acting styles is clearly evident. I sure hope the quality of the writing and presentation hold up because it’s a winner so far.


I also like Mike and Molly which comes on just before Hawaii Five 0.  It’s about time we had a TV series featuring plus size performers instead of those paper thin actors who don’t represent the real world. Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy, in the title roles, are really good together as a cop and a school teacher who find each other at an overeaters anonymous meeting. They’re so good and so funny that we..the TV audience..are way past the fact that both are heavy..yet the writers are determined to throw in lots and lots of fat jokes which wears a little thin after a while. .especially coming from the miss-cast Swoosie Kurtz as Molly’s mother who hasn’t eaten anything but lettuce leaves since 1978. I also have to wonder how long before the network tells producers to tone down the character of Molly’s drug abusing sister.  But then, after what they get away with on other prime time shows these days, I don’t think there IS a line of good taste that can’t be crossed anymore on network TV. Anyway, it’s an entertaining half hour.


Well, Linda and I didn’t see any ghosts during our 4 night stay at the haunted Bullock Hotel in Deadwood. But there were plenty of goblins hovering around the slot machines she played preventing any payouts.

We did manage to get out of town and take in the beauty of the Black Hills this time of year.  Try as I may, though, I just can’t capture the splendor of the scenery with my camera. You really have to be there in person to appreciate the three dimensional glory of deep green pines splashed with the brilliant bright golden leaves of the oak and birch trees which share the same hillside.

View from parking lot of The Lodge..a new hotel and casino just north of Deadwood

View from parking lot of The Lodge..a new hotel and casino just north of Deadwood


Unfortunately, we were gone over Homecoming Day in Alcester. We usually don’t go anyway even though it’s where Linda attended high school..but we’d have liked to have been there this time because her mom, “Mother Mary,” was guest of honor in the parade.

Queen Mary

queen mary 1941

Back in 1941, Mary Waddell, was chosen to be the very first Homecoming Queen of Alcester High School.

It’s easy to see why.   She was a stunning petite brunette with a bright and easy smile who made young men’s knees go weak as they watched her cheer-leading the Alcester Cubs to victory. 

Now, 69 years and 8 children later, Mary is still a beautiful lady inside and out.


Three years ago we nearly lost her. Mary suffered a seizure at her house and was rushed to Avera Hospital where she remained unconscious in intensive care for several days. All 8  children returned home to be with her at the end. But, thanks to prayers from family and friends..including many who read this blog..and much to the surprise of her doctors..Mary woke up and got well.

What else would you expect from royalty?


  1. Brenda says:

    She is still the Queen and will always be!! Love you Grandma T.
    Am out in Baltimore (flood and tornado warnings yesterday, how crazy) waiting for my marine Corporal Taylor Dale Smith to get his final award earned while serving at Camp David and we will be headed the twenty or so hours homeward bound. See you all when we get back!! GO WEST CENTRAL and #21!!

  2. Joanie says:

    What a beautiful laldy!! Mothers are very special people and Mary certainly is special! You Trudeau’s and the rest of your families must be so proud!! We didn’t get to see her as we were in Deadwood, but she
    certainly was in our thoughts!

  3. Mike H says:

    Just got back from a few days in the Hills ourselves, Doug. We try to make it out every year about this time. The colors were amaizing and there was not a cloud in the sky. I suggest eating at the Whiskey Chophouse in Spearfish when you are done driving the canyon. It was as spectacular as the colors!

  4. Sharon Evans says:

    I enjoy your blog and it keeps me up on the Trudeau family. I grow up across the street from them in Alcester. I was at homecoming last week and enjoyed seeing and talking to some of the old graduates. Mary is still going strong and enjoying everything.

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