Interviewing The Interviewer

Posted: Saturday, August 21, 2010 at 8:02 am
By: Doug Lund
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Another morning where the humidity is so high that our windows look like the bathroom mirror after a hot shower. I got up early to make coffee and found another earwig bug in the sink which I promptly dispatched. I thought Linda had successfully eliminated them from the planet several weeks ago with her strategic and abundant placement of powerful powders and sprays in and around the house..but obviously they’ve grown immune to the poison. These things plus cicadas making so much noise that it’s hard to carry on a conversation outside and, you might say, I’m ready for a good hard freeze to bring this odd soggy summer to a conclusion. But the hot wet conditions have been great for one thing: Linda’s patio plants absolutely love it and have exploded into great balls of color.

Linda's impatients on steroids

Linda's impatiens on steroids

Buddha flowers 005

 No doubt you noticed that there’s a guy with a video camera taking pictures of me taking pictures. Well, that’s veteran Keloland Photographer, Terry Kjergaard..better known as Buddha. He and reporter/anchor, Jon Wilson, were out to see me this week for a story Jon’s doing about what old anchormen do after retirement. In my case, blogging on the Keloland web site.

After years and years of interviewing people myself, it was very odd having a reporter stick a microphone in my own face and, just like those people I used to complain about, I wound up rambling on and on saying nothing terribly profound.  When Buddha asked Jon if he’d grab another camera battery, I realized it was time to get to the point and and wrap this thing up.

Anyway, I have no idea if and when Jon’s “Eye on Keloland” story will be on the air but he sure has his work cut out for him.

Jon and Buddha on assignment at my house.

Jon and Buddha on assignment at my house.

Speaking of Keloland..I am about to begin a brand new and exciting venture with my favorite TV station. I’ll tell you all about it next Tuesday.

Now, I have to go tell Linda about the creepy crawly discovery I made under the dish rag a few minutes ago. I expect that within the hour we’ll be making another run to ACE for an even more powerful bug killer.


  1. JP says:

    Buddha is looking good. As for “Willy,” yeah, he is too, I guess. I always wondered how many keyboards Jon has gone through… He sat across from me and you’d think he was pounding on an old Royale typewriter doing headlines in the morning.

  2. LeAnn l says:

    Doug I heard Boric acid would take care of those bugs. Thank goodness I have not had them yet, but many people have. Oh crap I’m starting to itch again!!!!

  3. Mark says:

    Home Defense works very well for all bugs.

  4. Robert says:

    Was Budda on Honor Flight # 6 ?

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