McGovern Takes A Dive

Posted: Monday, July 19, 2010 at 7:49 pm
By: Doug Lund
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Central Florida 13 photo

Central Florida 13 photo

 I’ve always been a George McGovern fan.  Even though we sometimes differ politically,  I think he’s one of the smartest and most accommodating people I’ve ever met.  He’s my version of a 20th century Thomas Jefferson.

From the time when he piloted 35 missions in a B-24 during World War II, to his many years in congress until his current mission to end world hunger, his life has been dedicated to public service.

Senator McGovern turned 88 today and to demonstrate there’s still a lot of life left in this Avon, South Dakota native, he bailed out of a perfectly good airplane  in Florida and, like always,  landed on his feet.

Well done sir and Happy Birthday!


You Tube already has a video of McGovern’s skydive here’s the link


  1. Dennis says:

    Great story. One doesn’t have to agree with him to admire him as a man.
    Doug, the next time you are in the KELO offices, please tell them we want more frequent blogs from you and Steve. Also, ask them to please discontinue Cory Allen Heidelberger’s rants. That young man needs to get a job.

  2. SAS says:

    I agree with Dennis!!!!!!!

  3. Fred says:

    Very good story! George has been a wonderful roll model in most every thing he does.
    As for Cory, without his insightful observations, Ken Blanchard would run unchecked!

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