The Dog Days Of Summer

Posted: Tuesday, July 13, 2010 at 7:58 am
By: Doug Lund
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Linda and I had a big dose of Brandy over the weekend.

Now, before you reach for the phone book and, for our own good, look up the number to Alcoholics Anonymous (It’s towards the front) let me explain.

This is Brandy.

 Brandy the dog 003

It’s our daughter and son-in-law’s doggie and since they were going to be out of town for a few days, they asked if we’d be interested in hosting the little bugger at our place. “Sure, glad to help out.”

Well, it’s amazing how that pint sized Shih Tzu managed to transform a couple of reasonably reserved retirees into a pair of blithering idiots..talking in pigeon English an octave higher than normal.. asking questions as if we fully expected this little creature to respond with something more than a cocked head and a tail wag.

“Is Brandy ready to go outside? Is she? Yes, you are aren’t you? Shall we go outside? Okay, sweetie. Where’s your chain? Where’s your chain Brandy? Okay, here we go..yes here we go. Whadda ya see out there huh? Alright Brandy go potty now. There, good girl. You really had to go didn’t you? Alright honey..shall we go inside? Are you hungry? I’ll bet you are. Where’s your ball?

Of course one of the reasons we fawn over this animal is because even with a fresh buzz haircut from the barber, she’s so darned cute.

The only issue I have with Brandy is her breed; Shitzu..or Shih Tzu. It’s kind of embarrassing to say out loud in mixed least the way I was saying it.

I finally did look the name up in the on-line dictionary and see that the preferred pronunciation is now “Sheet-zoo.”  I suspect that was changed somewhere along the line by the good taste police who have also managed to upgrade the pronunciation of the seventh planet from the sun, Uranus, to “YOUR-ah-nus.”

It wasn’t long after our son in law came to take Brandy home that I began to miss the clicking of her toenails on the kitchen floor; dropping her toy rubber hot dog at my feet for a fast game of fetch; doing three circles on the couch before lying down next to me for a nap or with a ferocious growl, challenging the squirrels and rabbits that passed by the window to a fight.

Brandy the dog 002

Anyway, the whole Brandy experience has rekindled that flame inside me which really wants a dog of our own. By the way Linda was acting, I figured she was ready too..but I’m afraid it’s going to take more convincing. If we ever do get a dog, though, it probably won’t be a Shih Tzu.

I’ve always wanted a cocker.

No, wait.


  1. Tom says:

    “Sheet-zoo” it is! Thank you for the information and for solving one of life’s really small problems.
    May I suggest a Jack Russell for your new pet dog as they are truly an “energizer bunny” and you will definitely lose that weight chasing your new pet around 24/7! Come to think of it..I should buy two for myself instead of just sharing my questionable advice.

  2. Patty says:

    I want to Thank you both for being so gracious as to take Brandi for the 3 days. Just as we are so fortunate to have you for parents, I knew she would be in good hands.
    She does have a way of making us all blithering idiots because she acts like she understands you with that turn of the head and tail wag.

    thank you both again for taking care of the pride and joy and entertainer of our house.

    Love Patty

  3. gp says:

    Just from knowing you….I’d say you’re “a Golden Retriever” kinda person…. Ja…I know…they shed a little more, but wait til that big golden head lays in your lap and those big brown eyes look up at you with more love than you can imagine….They’re smart….easy to train….and like you….”they’re “people” kinda dogs. Not that you’re a dog…but, you know what I mean. GP

  4. LeAnn says:

    In october of 2006 i offered to take care of my girlfriends fathers dog for a month. I had never had a dog, in fact I didn’t even like dogs. I always got bit by them when i was a kid. The more I thought about it I figured it would be the lomgest month of my life. my girlfriend could not take care of him because she has two large dogs and buddy doesn’t like other dogs [ alas we had something in common]. at the end of the month my girlfriends father sadly died and we ended up adopting him. Now I don’t know how i could get along without him. He is a 9 pound yorkie, he doesn’t shed and they are so easy to learn tricks. We have taught him about ten different tricks. He has more cloths than my signicant other. And yes we do the crazy talk too, you just can’t help it. Also there are alot of words we have to spell. They are so loving and no mater what you do they love you unconditionally It’s like if you put your husband and your dog in your trunk for a couple hours and come back and open up your trunk which one is glad to see you……………………..

  5. Matt Hendrickson says:

    I always wondered what would happen if you bred a bulldog with a Shih Tzu… hmmm.

  6. gp says:

    We have a 7-lb. “Norskie Yorkie”….and believe it or not… he understands the Norwegian Language….
    And YES….he does eat lutefisk…and that’s a fact. His name is Olav Ole…. But, if I had my choice….I’d still love a Golden…. GP

  7. grouse says:

    Hey GP, we’ve got a lutefisk eating pooch too! Our teacup poodle named Poopsie loves the stuff, even without butter. If we say Ishda or Feeda she heads for the door to be let outside. She’s not much of a pheasant hunter, but she loves to retrieve ducks. ( At least she loves to retrieve the little stuffed AFLAC duck the salesman gave us.) But instinct is instinct. Those golden retrievers are ultra cool, but excess dog hair isn’t even good for mattress stuffing. I’d suggest a weimeriner. My son-in-law has one. Well behaved, extremely short hair, floppy ears, big sad eyes, and a great hound dog howl. Old Doc Peeke from Volga had a couple for hunting. You need one of these Doug. A man without a dog is lost in the wilderness with no one to lead him out of the forest and wastelands. All you have to do on the way back from the golf course is pick up a puppy, say it was standing in the street and you were afraid it would get run over. Get it a bowl of water, let it lick Linda’s face and wag it’s tail…and Voila! You have a doggie.

  8. blueeyes says:

    Love dogs don’t want one. Grandson left his with us 5 days. Dog was supposed to sleep on a blanket but he kept thinking he should sleep with us. . . NOT ! To make a long story short, his blanket eventually got put on the spare bed so he was happy to have his own bed. If someone had asked me if I would allow a dog on the furniture, I would have said NO WAY, but we get funny in our old age.

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