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Planes, Pains And Automobiles

Posted: Thursday, June 3, 2010 at 6:29 am
By: Doug Lund
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Well, I finally got Big Red’s overheating problem repaired but not before having to endure the trappings of another garage whose employees lie like rugs.

(Big Red, for those unfamiliar with my fleet of old vehicles, is our ten year old high mileage Town Car that must still look nice enough for mechanics to figure the owner is loaded so let’s stick it to him.)  I’d like to mention which garage it was but better not because they’d likely hire Bill Janklow to sue my butt for all that money I don’t have.

Anyway after I dropped it off, I almost pleaded for them to be gentle with me. An hour later, I get a call; “Bad news, I’m afraid, Doug, the intake has a leak and it will cost at least 13 hundred dollars to replace.”

“13 HUNDRED!,” I said. “Are you kiddin’ me”?” “Nope.. do you want us to go ahead and fix it?”

“No, I’ll be right down to pick it up.”  When I walked into the office, two longtime workers looked me square in the eye and said the part itself was 11 hundred dollars.

I finally did what I should have done in the first place; called our friend’s mechanic son-in-law who came right over..made a couple of calls to parts stores and found the same intake actually cost 275 dollars. He replaced it and the thermostat and I was fixed up and on my way for about a third of what those lying pickpockets wanted.

Anyway, I guess we’re ready to hit the road for South Carolina later this month to visit my brother, Tom who lives by a big lake and is making plans for our stay; including lots of boat rides and golf games.

I talked to Tom over the weekend and he was telling me about this being his 10th anniversary. I had to think for a moment about that. He and Ilene have been married for over 40 that’s not it.  He’s been an airline pilot for 30 or more. Then it hit me..oh, was exactly ten years ago  my little brother died and was brought back to life.

Tom had been on his usual run near their home in the New Jersey hills when he suffered a brain aneurism. On the way to the hospital, a young medic in the ambulance managed to revive him and after surgery the next day, my brother slowly came out of it and eventually made a full recovery returning to flight status in about a year.

Tom has kept in regular touch with that young man who saved his life including a call last weekend bringing him up to speed on all the amazing things that have happened since that fateful morning in 2000; the weddings of a son and a daughter, the arrival of 7 grandchildren, piloting bigger airplanes on international flights, relocating to a beautiful home by a forest lake and most importantly, a closer relationship with the Almighty.

Tragedy, or in this case a near tragedy, often brings families closer together. That’s certainly been the case with the three Lund brothers and for that, Denny and I would also like to say thanks to God for arrainging  an inspired young medic to cross Tom’s path that Memorial Day morning a decade ago.   

flat stanley pics 010

Happy anniversary, Tom!