Posted: Tuesday, June 22, 2010 at 5:58 am
By: Doug Lund
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Hey, Y’all from sunny Savannah, Georgia.

We arrived here after an uneventful five hour drive through canyons of South Carolina trees that tend to make wide-open-spaces-Midwesterners like us feel a little claustrophobic and pining for an occasional clearing to clear our heads and get our bearings.

It was sad to leave Lake Keowee and the home of my brother Tom and his wife Ilene; our most accommodating and generous hosts for the past four days. Memorable boat rides, marvelous meals and glorious golf in which I managed to actually tie Tom on his home course because he had an off day and I played out of my head until running out of gas from the heat on the back nine.


We’ve learned something from this trip that perhaps most of you travelers already knew:  stop at the welcome centers when you cross the border into another state. They not only give you a chance to stretch your legs and visit a rest room..but the staff is a wealth of information about what to see and do. But even more importantly, they have coupons for great deals on motels. So far, we’ve saved much more than whatever discounts we can claim through AARP, Priceline or my lame attempts at negotiating a cheaper room rate from stubborn motel desk clerks.


While in Savannah, I had hoped to dine at the restaurant of Food Network superstar, Paula Deen; a place called “Lady and Sons.”  They don’t take reservations, though, and none of us felt like joining the long line of sweaty people waiting to get in. 

Didn't see Paula or either of her "Sons."

Didn't see Paula or either of her "Sons."

 I’m sure the food is good and the experience would have been memorable but that’s too big a price to pay on a 95 degree evening. Instead, we tried a nearby Italian restaurant called (get this) “Corleone’s.” The food was good and the amounts were ample but I half expected a revenge minded  Michael Corleone to come in blasting away with a special untraceable  pistol prepared by Don Vito Corleone’s cappo Peter Clemenza  and left for Michael behind the restaurant’s old fashioned toilet by cappo, Sal Tessio. Too many Godfather references? Sorry.

savannah cotton warehouses

Despite another stifling day in the forecast, we’re heading downtown this morning to climb aboard an open air trolley for a tour of all the sites tourists come to Savannah for; the historic river district with it’s many old cotton warehouses and the beautiful neighborhoods filled with mansions from another era in which a privileged few made fortunes off the backs of an oppressed many.

Oh, and for those of you wondering, Big Red has kept her cool and performed admirably though these hot muggy conditions.

Tomorrow, it’s off to Charleston and our first chance to walk along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean…then to Myrtle Beach for golf  and on to Charlotte to visit the brand new Nascar Museum. Yes, our necks are getting redder from both exposure to the sun and our surroundings but we’ve all commented on how there really IS such a thing as Southern Hospitality. It’s fun to be called “hon, or sweety or darlin’ by people who work in restaurants, hotels and convenience stores…even  the guys.


  1. iluvsd says:

    We had high hopes of eating at The Lady and Sons when we were in Savannah too. The lines are ridiculous no matter what time of day you try to go there…Sadly we left without eating at Paula’s place…While in the south make sure you stop at some of the great plantations…Fascinating stories and some wonderful history can be found…Andersonville at Andersonville Ga will make your hair stand up on end..It was a prison camp during the civil war…Southern hospitality in the south is like no other place I have visited thus far…Enjoy your vacation!!

  2. LANA says:


  3. Sara says:

    If you want to go to a restaurant owned by Paula Deen while in Savannah, GA you should actually go out to Uncle Bubba’s which on your way out to Tybee Island. I prefer to go there and the lunch time is an actually better time. I used to live in Savannah and loved it. There are some really great places to eat that are out of the way and unknown by tourists and the locals (and used to be locals) like to keep secret). Debbie’s restaurant is the best for breakfast plus you might recognize it from the movie Forrest Gump.

    So how did you like Charleston? I was not overly impressed and I like Savannah so much more. There is more “room” in Savannah, it was too crowded in Charleston and just too busy for my liking.

  4. Catsy says:

    The secret to getting into eat at The Lady and Sons is to go about 9:00 am, where the ticket window gives out reservations for the rest of the day. We had a lovely noon meal and I even had my picture taken with Bobby who was signing autographs in the gift shop area. He was just as charming as he is on TV. Food was good, too. We also went to Uncle Bubba’s for afternoon drinks. No heat and humidity when we were there in April a few years ago so we enjoyed walking around the beautiful parks and riverfront area.

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