Rocking And Rolling Through Time

Posted: Wednesday, April 28, 2010 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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As most of you who read these scribblings know, it was my privilege to emcee the 2nd annual Rock and Roll Music Association Hall of Fame induction ceremony and concert this past weekend.
It was a magical night as the Ramkota Exhibit Hall was filled to capacity with fans of this special era of rock and  roll music. 
The Cavaliers set the of seven inductee bands to performThose of us who had bands of our own in the sixties also had regional bands that we idolized and dreamed of being like. For me, it was Myron Lee and the Caddies, The Talismen, the Red Dogs and the Fabulous Flippers. I made it a point to see and hear them whenever they were in the area. Their music and stage presence were thrilling.  But after all this time, I figured that would have to remain a treasured memory…until last Saturday night!
Somehow the stage at the Exhibit Hall became a time machine. One by one, icons of Rock and Roll sat down to the drums and keyboards, strapped on their guitars, grabbed their horns and stepped up to the microphone.  At the very first note after my introduction I turned around and every extra pound and gray hair from them and me had disappeared. I was back forty years and my memory of how great these entertainers were then was absolutely correct! 
Me introducing The Fabulous ApostlesMarlys Roe still looks and sings like an angel. I could understand why The Talismen, The Castaways, Larry Bell and the Continentals, The Cavaliers and The Fabulous Apostles were so popular because they were and still are so very good!.
It’s more than the music itself, these bands have always had a respect for..and connection to..the audience; a lost art. From the dance steps to the horn players swaying and raising their instruments in was just was an honor to see and hear that again!
The Roarin’ Red Dogs commented later, "It was the most memorable show ever."As for the Red Dogs and Flippers..well, I hope they had fun..because they were certainly a JOY to all of us.
Sadly, when I looked into the mirror Sunday morning, my gray hair, and double chin had returned.
I was 64 again. 
The space/time continuum was back in alignment. But wow..sixteen hundred of us sure loved the all too brief journey Saturday night!  

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