Taxes, Travel & Tunes

Posted: Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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“Hi, Doug, this is Marilyn from Doug Amen’s office. We have your taxes done.”
That annual phone call is usually like money in the bank because it means a refund will be coming our way.
Not this time, though.
For a variety of reasons, we have to pay in this year; only a couple hundred bucks but when you’re used to getting a thousand or more back, it stings just a bit.
That’s the bad news.
On the bright side, I also got a call this week from Chris at Holiday Vacations wondering if Linda and I would be interested in hosting another tour..this time the Great California Train Adventure leaving September 2nd for 11 days!
So, I’ll be heading back to the Keloland TV studio again soon to record the ads for this once in a lifetime 11 day trip aboard the historic California Zephyr train departing from Chicago traveling through the Rocky Mountains and the Sierras to the West Coast where we’ll board a motor coach that takes us from San Francisco down to Los Angeles along the magnificent Pacific Coast Highway with stops at Pebble Beach and Hearst Castle.
I can’t tell you how blessed we are that so many Keloland viewers enjoy taking these incredible journeys with us.
While I’m at it, the South Dakota Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony and concert is less than two weeks away; Saturday, April 24th at the Ramkota Exhibit Hall.
Marlys Roe and the Talismen along with The Flippers, The Red Dogs, The Castaways, The Continentals, The Cavaliers and TheApostles will all be appearing and performing in person.
The Apostles began life as Sad Lad and the of the first and certainly most popular horn bands to come out of South Dakota.
The name change came about at the suggestion of their booking agent who had the boys traveling and performing all throughout the Midwest, promoted over the icon of rock and roll radio stations, KOMA Oklahoma City.
Several of the original Apostles, including Willie Bertsch and Sam Hasegawa continue to play as “Apostles Jazz Standards Band” for private parties and a regular gig at the Carnival Grill restaurant in Sioux Falls.
Lots of the members, past and present, will be back on stage making music at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony.Also being recognized for their contributions to South Dakota rock and roll are The Trippers. This five.. and then six.. piece band originating in Sioux Falls was promoted by 2009 HOF inductee, Ken Mills who kept them busy working all over the upper Midwest in the late sixties. They were good enough to open for the “Lovin’ Spoonful in Sioux Falls and received some national attention with their recording of a song called “Have you Ever.”
A couple names you might recognize from The Trippers are guitarist Mark Henjum , drummer, Terry Park, whose dad owned Ron Park Drug and Organist Mark Griffin..whose family owned Lewis Drug..still does.
I’ll have more on the rest of this year’s inductees in the days ahead prior to the April 24th ceremony and concert..
Tickets are 20 dollars and available at any Sunshine Food Store or at Lewis Southgate. You can also get them on line at the South Dakota Rock and Roll Hall of Fame web site just CLICK HERE.
The South Dakota Music Association, which puts on the show, is totally non profit. All proceeds go towards promotion of the events as well as support of the SD Rock and Roll Hall of Fame museum located on the second floor of the Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls.  The Red Dogs performing before a packed house in S.F. in late 60’s
Here’s hoping you all have big fat tax refunds coming this year!

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