Still Rockin' & Rollin'

Posted: Wednesday, March 17, 2010 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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Can you stand one more story about my old Lincoln..fondly dubbed, “White Lightning”?
When the air shock absorber system failed last Fall, it was the last straw; 900 bucks to fix. With the rust growing like melanoma on a mission, a finicky heater, faulty driver-side window, leaky power steering unit and 188 thousand miles, she was so far gone that even the places that advertise for junk cars in the Shopping News weren’t interested in hauling her away.
So, she sat in my driveway all winter buried in snow looking like a big deflated marshmallow.
A few days ago, I needed to get the Camaro out of the garage which meant having to move white lightnin’ after scooping three feet of snow from the hood, roof and trunk lid. I hooked up the battery charger and, as expected, she fired right up. Okay, it’s running but how was I going to get her backed into the street with no rear suspension?
As I was thinking about how hard it was going to scrape the pavement, I heard a pumping noise and to my astonishment I could see the back end slowly rising up like the Lord on Ascension Day.   
Not only that, the heater started pumping out warm air and, when I hit the button, the power window somehow grabbed on to the mechanism and rolled up tight.
I have no explanation as to how this car keeps managing to heal itself but it does.
On Tuesday, I drove her over 100 miles delivering tickets to area Sunshine Food Stores for the upcoming Rock and Roll Hall of Fame celebration April 24th.
I was somewhere around Lennox when I suddenly realized..oops, I dropped White Lightning’s insurance coverage last December. So, I “carefully” headed for home and now face the same old dilemma; do I re-up the insurance and squeeze out a few more miles..or take her to Nordstrom’s under her own power..with some dignity instead of on the end of a hook?
I’ll let you know.
As I was saying, preparations are well underway for the second annual South Dakota Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony and concert April 24th. Last year’s event was such a huge success that it’s being moved to the much larger Ramkota Exhibit Hall. Tickets are still 20 bucks and, in addition to being available at Lewis Southgate and the Hall of Fame website, all area Sunshine Food Stores have now agreed to sell them as well.
It’s an amazing line-up that will include two out of state inductees who rocked the Midwest during the 60’s and who will be performing (In my best Ed Sullivan voice) LIVE on our stage: The Fabulous Flippers and The Roarin’ Red Dogs.
In the coming weeks, I’ll have more on this year’s inductees.
Let’s start with Marlys Roe and The Talismen.
Based out of Brookings, The Talismen got their start in 1960 when guitarists John Murphy and Jeff Ferrell started compiling a song list. Soon, Pat O’Connell  joined the group on drums and Tom Hoy on bass guitar. Initially the guys played school functions, fairs, and street dances. Next they added Bob Tries on sax who was replaced later by Dennis Gerald..who eventually took over the Talismen and has kept it going into the 21st century.
The first few years they were booked by the legendary Jimmy Thomas. By 1966 they were known as Marlys Roe and the Talismen consisting of Murphy, Gerald, O’Connell, Wynn Kanten on bass, Mike Cannon on keyboards, and Marlys Roe doing vocals.Marlys Roe and The Talismen recorded at IGL Studios in Iowa and also in Minneapolis. Songs recorded included the popular "Remember September" and "Walking Proud" as well as "Whole Lotta Happiness" and "Missing Parts of my Heart and Soul". In 1968 several members of the group left but Marlys Roe and The Talismen continued to perform with numerous lineup changes into the 80’s. 2010 marks the 50th anniversary of this phenomenal group and they’re anxious to take the stage again at the Ramkota April 24th.
Also being inducted in 2010 are The Cavaliers.
Their  first gig was August 20, 1966 on a flatbed trailer during Watermelon Days in Lake Preston.  There were six members between the ages of 15 to 17 all from the Lake Preston-Arlington area;Greg Shelden, Lynn Larson, Dave Cecil, Ron Nelson, Dave Scheller and Mike Peterson.
Throughout the mid to late 60’s, The Cavaliers were extremely popular and performed to big crowds all throughout eastern South Dakota.
In 2005 the band reunited and recorded a CD at the old Ford Garage in downtown Lake Preston.  Fans were delighted when they opened the show as the house band for last year’s Rock and Roll hall of fame ceremony.
They, along with seven other bands will reunite and be taking the stage again for this year’s event. (Click Here for more info)
Just goes to prove that there’s still plenty of spark in an old rocker’s heart.
Sort of like a 20 year old high mileage Lincoln I know that refuses to stop rollin’.

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