What's For Breakfast?

Posted: Thursday, March 4, 2010 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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Breakfast, according to all the health and nutrition experts, is the most important meal of the day. But not just any breakfast; you need fresh fruits, whole grains, skim milk or yogurt and honey in order to charge out of the starting gate each morning ready to face the new day with a smile and a determination to do your very doggone best. . 
Unfortunately, that’s not me. (Or anybody I know for that matter.)
My breakfast usually consists of copious amounts of coffee and, depending on what diet I happen to be on that week, a couple slices of toast.
I love bacon, eggs, hash browns, pancakes and all those breakfast staples that will eventually require a Roto Rooter guy to unclog my arteries, but, I only eat those things when we’re traveling. I’m too lazy to fire up the stove and fix them at home.
Occasionally, I’ll have a bowl of cereal but not very often and certainly not like we used to at our house when I was a kid.
My dad loved breakfast cereal and had several favorites that mom made sure were in the cupboard at all times.
There are several that I remember he especially enjoyed; many of which..like Kelloggs Krumbles..are no longer made having given way to all of the kid-driven pre-sweetened cereals that began competing for grocery store shelf space in the sixties.
Much like the disappearance of some favorite candy bars from my youth, which a wrote about a couple weeks ago, I got to thinking about cereal bands that have drifted off to obscurity.
See if you remember some of these pictured below and feel free to comment on others that you remember so well you can almost taste ‘em. Pep cereal, as I recall, wasn’t big on taste but my dad must have bought into the claims that it lived up to it’s name. You needed a lot of pep to trudge off to a job building  houses in the wintertime.Puffed Wheat was another flavorless cereal that, for some reason, the old man liked. I think much of it had to do with the fact that it was cheap. But what you saved on the cereal itself you spent on sugar in order to make it palatable. My brothers and I were allowed one pre-sweetened cereal in the house . The joy of Sugar Pops was enhanced by the endorsements of Jingles from the Wild Bill Hickok TV (Having some trouble loading pictures so will stop here. Comments?)

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