Cabin Fever Diversion

Posted: Monday, February 22, 2010 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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Linda and I are going on an adventure this afternoon…something we’ve never done before…and NO it has nothing to do with a trip to Annabelle’s first..sheesh!
What could it be, then, ask..tubing at Great Bear? (Not likely since Linda is already medicating to prevent brittle bones and that snap, crackle, pop I hear each morning is not coming from my Rice Krispies.)
Well, then are you going to rent an auger, and some fishing gear then drive big red onto the ice at Wall Lake to try your luck at catching a few perch or bullheads? (Oh, yeah..I can see the headlines now; “Bodies of elderly Sioux Falls couple found clinging to fishing poles inside their heavy Lincoln which broke through the ice. Police suspect husband error.”)
Perhaps you’ll be getting out the ladder, a hammer or tire iron and be climbing onto the roof to bang the ice away from the eaves in order to prevent that damn damming problem? (That would be an adventure alright. But I’d rather have a leaky ceiling ( if and when it ever thaws) than a broken back from the 12 foot header I’d surely take off the slippery last rung of my aluminum ladder.)
No, no..none of the above.
We’re actually going to the movie theater for a matinee showing of the film everyone is raving about and is nominated for so many academy awards; Avatar.I know its been out for several weeks..but we wanted to avoid the crowds.
I’ve grumbled here before about my aversion to theaters..not only because you pay ten dollars for a dime’s worth of popcorn or pop but also because you have to sit with other people. You know who I’m talking about; the inconsiderate clods who, despite the pleas from management and other movie patrons, talk and text and chomp throughout the whole picture.
But, if we’re to have the total Avatar experience..we can’t wait until it becomes available for rent at home. The film is in 3-D and, according to my granddaughter; it’s absolutely amazing..even if you have to wear those goofy glasses to get the proper effect.
I haven’t been to a 3-D movie since the 50’s and remember those cheap cardboard glasses they passed out with the one green and one red lens.I don’t recall much about the film except that it was pretty low budget with little or no story line..just a lot of zooming and panning to demonstrate the 3-D effect which lost its magic after the first 10 minutes.
So, I’m anxious to see if Avatar provides the wow factor that was lacking in the one 50 years ago.
Even if it doesn’t, on Oscar night, we can at least say we saw the movie that’s expected to force James Cameron to build a bigger trophy case.I don’t that I think about it..maybe we might just swing by Annebelle’s on the way home. 

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