Aw..Isn’t That Sweet?

Posted: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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Every time we visit our desert daughter in Phoenix we make sure to bring along a few Twin Bing candy bars. Bing bars, made in Sioux City, were a favorite of Christy’s as a kid but she can’t find them for sale anywhere in Arizona..which makes her crave them all the more. 
I’ve never cared much for Bings. The texture seems odd to me and they’re about as appetizing to look at as the floating Baby Ruth which cleared out the country club swimming pool in Caddyshack.
Visiting with friends the other night, the conversation somehow got around to candy bars that we used to love but can no longer find.
Topping all our lists was Walnut Crush…which disappeared after the Fenns Brothers company in Sioux Falls sold out to Heath candy in the 70’s. My first job in town was right across the street from the Fenns plant and I was greeted at work each morning with the intoxicating aroma of those sweet confections being created just a few yards away.
Walnut Crush, distinctive by its orange wrapper, was made from fluffy marshmallow nougat and slivered walnuts dipped in chocolate. Fenns also made the less popular Nougat bar which was pretty much the same thing with a different balance of ingredients and a very bland wrapper. And, who remembers the Butter Brickle toffee bar? It was a Fenns’ creation that turned into the Heath bar following the sell out.
All of them are gone now or have been morphed into something totally unrecognizable.
Linda’s all time favorite was the Mars bar. She noticed a few years ago that stores stopped selling them. Well, that’s because Mars Candy decided to discontinue them in 2002. The company must have felt the heat from Mars bar fans ,though, because they’re making a comeback and will be reintroduced to the market this year.
I used to love a candy bar called “Big Boogie.” I don’t know the manufacturer but it was billed as the biggest bar you could buy for a nickel. Hardly anyone remembers them..but Big Boogies were made from white taffy and nuts. On a hot day it was soft, chewy and was quite capable of sucking out your fillings.
On a cold day Big Boogies would turn as hard as 8th grade algebra..requiring lengthy stays in the mouth in order to become pliable enough to chew. A situation that could get you in big trouble if you tried eating one during class in school.
Bit-O-Honey taffy pieces are very similar. I love them too but they’re also getting hard to find.
Another favorite; Munch bars.They managed to stave off that craving I get for peanut brittle which is year round..not just at Christmas. I haven’t seen a Snickers Munch bar in years..nor the much inferior version from Planters for that matter.
I also used to be a sucker for Chuckles; those little trays of fruit flavored jelly chunks  with a sprinkle of sugar on top to provide a bit of a sand-like grittiness and promote cavities. I didn’t like the black liquorish flavored piece, though. I have no idea why the makers had to throw that one into the mix; perhaps as penance for our enjoying the other globs of goodness so much.
Some of these candies are being manufactured again..on a limited basis.
In fact, there are lots of places on the web where you can now buy the sweet treats we remember from our youth.
But they certainly don’t cost a nickel anymore and, so far, nobody has revived the Walnut Crush. Darn!


  1. Bob Sutter says:

    The big boogie candy bar was also made by Fenn’s, right accross the street from where you used to work. I worked at Fenn’s in the 60’s and worked in all the departments and worked making all the different candy bars. Doug I wrote you a few months ago and asked where you worked accross the street. Did you ever eat at that little hamburger shop run by the two brothers, we ate there quite often.

  2. paul says:

    I use to eat big boogie candy bars all the time when I was a kid. I love them, twin cherry bings, and walnut crush. I grew up about 30 miles from Sioux falls and visited the fenns ice cream plant

  3. Addamaine says:

    I loved the Big Boogie. We used to stop at the B&G Milkyway on our bus ride home from swim lessons at Terrace Park. My dad would give me a nickel so I could buy the Big Boogie. My dad loved the Walnut Crush. I grew up 40 miles SW of Sioux Falls.

  4. Dan Simbro says:

    I grew up In Council Bluffs in the sixties and also loved the Big Boogie candy bar. Annabelle candy company now sells a similar bar called the Big Hunk which is largely sold in the western U.S. ,but can be purchased directly online. Just finished my last one i guess it is time for another box. Dan

  5. Tessie Talk says:

    (According to the Heath history website, Heath bars were around long before they bought out Fenn’s…/ Heath bars made since the 1920s… I suspect they just bought the rights so no one else could make the Butter Brickle recipe as Fenn’s were superior.the superior chocolate and toffee bar.. I actually remember comparing them as a kid/ loved Butter Brickles… )

  6. Sue says:

    For years I’ve been asking people if they remember the big boogie bar…. Glad to know others do remember it… The big hunk does remind me of it. Wish they would bring some more of the old candies back.

  7. Bob S says:

    This is bob again, I wrote back on May 25th of 2010 almost two years ago. Most of you are talking about the big boogie candy bar. Yes, i sliced those candy bars up, starting from about a 4 foot by 8 foot piece of candy to a little candy bar that fit into a little yellow wrapper that had big boogie written on it. After I sliced it up it went into another room where some women would run the bars through wrapping machines and wraped them up. I worked in all departments making walnut crush, butter brickle, Royal brazil (sp) big boogie etc. candy bars. I could write a book about working at Fenn’s Ice cream and candy company. I enjoyed working there, looking back at it, it was some of the good old days. Right now I wish I had a Walnut crush candy bar, What memories that would bring back!!!! Write me if you have any questions. Doug, they quit making Mars candy bars again, if I had known they were going to do that, I would have filled my garage up with them.

  8. Mike says:

    My wife and I both grew up in Sioux Falls, but left in 1972 sesking fame and fortune. We have many flashbacks about the BiG Boogies, the Walnut Cruch and the Butter Brickle bars.I think Big Boogies were the best. You may recall that KSOO TV used to have BOZO to compete with Captain 11. One day as I recall, they used to give out the candy bar as a prize and instead BOZO said “Give that kid a Big Booger. The was a little nickname we had for it and poor Bozo was on KSOO no more. We now have fame and fortune and often speak of Sioux Falls. None of our family lives there anymore, but after living in many places, Sioux Falls was a fantastic place to grow up and I bet it still is. Go O’G !!!

  9. jane says:

    I would die for a walnut crush…AFTER I ate it…also loved the big boogie and did they make the la fama small maple cream bars? Found them once in kansas and bought 4 boxes…ate all but one I shared!

  10. Daren A. says:

    I am doing a presentation on Fenns Ice Cream in June (2014) and would be interested in any information anyone has. My Dad worked there about 30 years so have a lot of different things. Thanks.


  11. Darlys Buchholz says:

    While your researching all this yummy candy how about finding out what happened to Charcoal chewing gum. It was in a blue, white and red wrapper and had the best flavor. Small sticks kinda like the dentyne gum.

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