I See Spots Before My Eyes: Super Bowl Ad Review

Posted: Monday, February 8, 2010 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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Funny, it was one of those Super Bowl games that I couldn’t care less which team won.
When New Orleans finally did pull off the victory, I sort of felt bad for the Colts..but then I’m always doing that: hating to see the stunned and saddened faces of fans, players and coaches. That’s what rooting for the Vikings over 48 years will do to you .
Actually, I was more anxious about seeing this year’s batch of Super Bowl commercials than the game itself..and there were plenty of them squeezed in the four hours.
How about we play a little game ourselves..where you comment on your three favorite..or least favorite ads?
I’ll start:
I thought the Late Night with David Letterman promo featuring Dave and his nemesis, Jay Leno, on a couch together with Oprah Winfrey sitting between them as a mediator..was great. Considering all the barbs that have been flying between these two former friends and Leno’s return to the Tonight Show, I was shocked and tickled. I read today that Leno actually flew to New York to do the spot which seems odd since he’s promoting the competition..but it was fun to see.
My second favorite was the Snickers ad featuring the wonderful Betty White getting banged around in a pick-up football game. She is such a delight and great sport as is Abe Vigoda..seen being tackled at the end of the spot. The actor first seen in The Godfather movie must be 120 years old by now.
My next favorite is a tie between the E*Trade babies..which always crack me up, and the little kid slapping around his single mom’s date for the evening..admonishing the suitor not to touch either his mother or his Doritos.
Most disappointing?
I wasn’t impressed with the Bud Light beer can house. I saw a feature on all the effort that went into making that commercial. It sort of left me cold..so to speak.
The Coke spot featuring the Simpsons characters also didn’t do much for me. The evil ruthless billionaire, Montgomery Burns goes broke, loses everything then receives pity from Appu who hands him a bottle of  Coca Cola and all is well. It was a sixty second spot and felt like it.
Finally, I hated the Brett Favre spot showing him in ten years at age 50 still unable to decide whether he should retire from football or not. I’m still smarting enough from that interception he threw two weeks ago in New Orleans to find anything he says or does funny.
Don’t agree?
Have at it with a comment or two.
You can review the ads by CLICKING HERE.

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