Floods Of Feelings

Posted: Wednesday, January 20, 2010 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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Build an Ark in Arizona?Noah, Noah,Who’d build an ark in Arizona?Brother Noah built the ark.
In came the animals two by two,A couple Gila monsters and a Javelina too.In came the animals three by three,a pair of rattle snakes and a Ky-oat-tee.
Yes, folks of Keloland..Arizona is in official panic mode after receiving a couple inches of rain with even more on the way.
As I watched it come down, I kept thinking about the movie Vacation in which the Griswold’s were hauling the recently expired Aunt Edna through Phoenix perched atop the Queen Family Truckster in a pouring rain to drop the body off at her son’s back door so Clark could continue their quest to Wallyworld.
TV news shows this morning were inundated with uber concerned reporters standing in front of flooded streets interviewing cops about the dangers of hydroplaning and police frustrations at having to fish fools out of lakes that were city streets yesterday.  It’s all very dramatic.
Even though it creates hassles for those here who aren’t used to such deluges and do stupid things like trying to drive on water, for the most part the rain is really welcome. It’s been unusually dry; even for a desert and it will be good to not feel so guilty about taking a shower or washing the car.
Unfortunately for me, while I was having that guilt-free shower this morning, Linda answered a call from one of my golf buddies saying today’s round has been called off on account of rain. “But it’s sunny out.” I said. “I know, but the course is too wet for carts.”  On the bright side, my cousin called. He and his wife are staying in Mesa this year and have a place right along Painted Mountain golf course and he’d like to get a round in.
As my old chum, Dave Dedrick always says, “life is good.”
Dave was moved to Sanford hospice Tuesday. My heart starts pounding everytime the phone rings. Please pray for comfort and peace for Dave and his family.  

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