Cloudy Skies And Cloudy Moods

Posted: Monday, January 18, 2010 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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Well, we knew it couldn’t be sunshine and 70 degrees everyday out here in the Arizona desert..and this morning the heavens opened with a rather meaningful rain: a rain that just might hang around all week; bad for my golfing plans but the locals are grateful for any moisture that falls if for no other reason than to  settle the dust. But for those of us who are used to what Dave Dedrick used to call “flat rock” rains..this is nothin’.Speaking of Dave, I’m afraid this dark gloomy day reflects my mood.  The strongest antibiotics have failed to squelch the infections that continue to ravage his body so doctors have given up further efforts and he’s being moved into hospice and being made as comfortable as possibleBut he’s a tough ol’ marine and his daughter, Sunshine, tells me that he actually had some bacon and eggs this morning; the first solid food he’s consumed for a few days and they enjoyed a coherent conversation.I’ve also been in a sour mood since receiving a letter from the Star Valley Magistrate Court in Payson, Arizona claiming I violated their speed limit and offered up a not-so-flattering  photo in themail of yours truly behind the wheel of Big Red to prove it; racing through their community at the breakneck speed of 56 miles an hour when the posted limit is 45.Linda said she saw a camera flash and I said well, they can’t be after us. I’m slowing down and there are a couple cars ahead of us.These modern day thieves aren’t all that different from outlaws of the old west who got rich robbing passengers aboard passing stage coaches.  They have a legal license to steal..placing their trap cameras within a few hundred yards of the reduce speed sign. The cost of my infraction: 190 dollars! It’s a good thing I borrowed extra money from savings for this trip; the service engine soon light is back on the the neighbor noticed big red is leaking antifreeze. So it’s back to the shop tomorrow. I better call the bank and tell them to expect another big withdrawl..provided there’s any left to take out after this trip.But hey, the Vikings won!

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