Wish You Were Here..Really!

Posted: Saturday, January 2, 2010 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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A couple weeks ago, I sort of scolded a Facebook friend who was born and raised in my South Dakota hometown, but now lives in Tampa. He was going on and on about how great the weather was there in Florida and how he’d been spending lazy days swimming in the ocean or the pool at home; bombing around  in his wife’s new Corvette or soaring the soft blue skies in the Cessna he’s learning to fly.  I’m sure Tim worked hard to get where he is but it’s a bitter pill to swallow hearing such things at a time when we in the Midwest have had to tunnel our way through the snow to get a to the general store and lay in a few provisions before we starve. Or not daring to step out the door for fear of having our nostrils freeze shut and suffocate.
So, please don’t consider it gloating when I tell you that Linda and I have survived the challenging trek to Arizona; arriving safely on New Year’s Day in time to help our desert daughter celebrate her birthday. I must say I looked a bit sillier than usual in my all black Johnny Cash outfit; heavy jacket and sweat pants..while the other snowbird guys, who’ve been down here a few days already are wearing Bermuda shorts,  sandals and socks, brightly colored shirts and sunglasses while the classy grey haired ladies are donning silver and gold jackets with shoes and a big purse to match. Yes, all of us are here now..meeting every morning for coffee and conversation at Starbucks right down the street..and then getting together for late afternoon cocktails featuring a huge variety of crackers, chips, cheeses, salsa and 20 different kinds of dips.
We’ll end up talking about home..our real home in the Midwest.. from which we have temporarily escaped in order to warm our old weary bones.
So please understand that I’m not gloating..but actually thinking of you all.. when I say the temperature here is a bit above normal for this time of year; low 70’s.
We’re not sorry to have missed the record low of minus 30 and genuinely ARE sorry you must endure such torture.
Well, I must close. We’re heading over to the place we’ll be calling home for the next four weeks. I must also make sure the car’s air conditioning is working..then it’s off to friends for drinks, crackers and cheese and making tee times for next week.
Wish you were here..honestly I do.

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