Get Outta Dodge

Posted: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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Well, here we are in Dodge City.
Marshall Dillon, Miss Kitty and Festus are no where to be found, though.
Linda and I feel like a couple of drovers who’ve been rode hard and put up wet after following the suggestion of my golf buddies to take the short cut through Kansas on our trip to Phoenix this year. What we found were too many trucks and too many snowbirds driving pokey RV’s on too many two lane highways in freezing drizzle that turned tires into big ol’ squirt guns shooting great clouds of brown spray onto my windshield.
(That reminds another gallon or two of washer fluid before heading to Albuquerque tomorrow.)
We’ve settled in to a Comfort Inn that sits empty amid a deserted island surrounded by  street construction. I’m not much of a wheeler dealer but when the young tattooed lady clerk quoted me the full rate price for a room I pointed out that we’re the only people here!
“Well, I can call the manager to see what she can do,” she said.
“Well, we can go down the road to Super 8 which doesn’t have any business tonight either and might be more wing to deal,”  I replied. “I’ll give you 65 bucks.”
“Okay, but I’ll still have to charge you tax.”
Front Street, Dodge City, Kansas the way it looked in the 1870’sEven though it’s 40 degrees here in Dodge City and there is no snow on the ground, we probably won’t be venturing down to  Front Street to check out the Longbranch Saloon or Boot Hill. Both looked a little touristy to us when we drove by…and as empty as this hotel.
Front Street in Dodge today. You can hardly tell the difference.I think my little traveling partner and I will probably order something from the Wyatt Earp Palace of Pizza…then snuggle under the covers and watch the Nebraska Cornhuskers kick some butt down in San Diego in the “Oh, my gosh we get to play in a bowl” bowl.
Well, so long until maybe tomorrow evening from who knows where?
Happy New year from Linda, Me, Matt, Kitty, Doc, Wyatt, Batt  and all the other characters who have spent a little time here in Dodge..

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