Bah Humbug

Posted: Tuesday, December 22, 2009 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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This is going to be a quickie..but Oh, My Gosh I just realized that all I need is one more entry to post my 300th Lund at Large blog.
I need to get it on line before Hemmingsen..who is one post shy of an amazing 800!
I’m so grateful to Keloland for this opportunity to “stay in the game” so to speak; sharing stories, observations and memories. I really appreciate you for reading my ramblings over the past three years and hope to continue for many more.
Such an occasion should be marked by something more meaningful than an “I told you so” rant about Brett Favre and the Vikings familiar failings; how we allowed ourselves to be sucked in by this team’s early success only to have our hopes sacked like old number 4 himself on a third and long.  Here we are at a time when the team desperately needs to intensify its focus..but instead, we have the distraction of a feud between the professor and the redneck over who’s really running the show. AWWRRGG!
It also doesn’t make much sense to talk about the weather; a three day Christmas blizzard that is going to freeze us in our tracks and screw up so many plans that only those who are naturally good natured or heavily medicated will get through it without going nuts.
I was one of those crowding into the grocery store last night loading up on milk and booze for the siege ahead.
Our warm weather kids from Arizona and California managed to get here after harrowing flights filled with horribly crowded airports, weather delays and icy landings. But the rest of our family, scheduled to arrive from Nebraska on Christmas Day, will likely be waiting out the storm at the “other” grandpa and grandma’s house in Norfolk.
Our college granddaughter planned on driving back to Lincoln on the 25th so she can board a bus with her University of Nebraska marching bandmates for the trip to San Diego where the Huskers are playing in some consolation bowl game. A big Midwest blizzard will likely mean nobody’s going no place.  
The annual Christmas Day dinner gathering with Linda’s mom, sisters and brothers in Alcester probably won’t happen either unless Trobec can do like Pat Robertson and pray the storm in a different direction.
Grandma Mary, who is now in her mid 80’s, lives for these family get-togethers and, even though she’s a sweet Christian woman, will likely utter a few uncharacteristic expletives if she winds up sitting out the holiday alone in her little house listening to Burl Ives on the radio singing about a holly jolly Christmas.
Oh oh..the phone just rang. It’s daughter Brenda. The front wheel on her car came off as she was driving to work sending her within a few inches of a light pole on Kiwannis avenue. She called from the tow truck sounding like a Bond martini..both shaken and stirred.
Ho Ho Ho.
I realize, of course, there’s  not a blasted thing any of us can do about it and we must try make the best of a bad situation…but if you’d care to vent a little bit about how the weather is screwing up your own Holiday plans..feel free to do so with a comment below.
Oh, yeah..please try do it without using any of Grandma’s expletives.

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