How’s Captain Eleven These Days?

Posted: Saturday, October 10, 2009 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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Last Spring around the time of Dave Dedrick’s 81st birthday, he and his lovely wife, Marjean, came down to Skelly’s to hear Mogen’s Heroes play for the big St. Patrick’s Day celebration  that always packs the place.
When I got up to sing a couple songs, I mentioned that my old pal Captain 11 was in the audience and he had a birthday coming up. 
When Dave stood up to acknowledge the crowd and said “How’s my crew today?”  Everyone gleefully shouted loud in response, “FINE!” and then erupted into cheers and applause. Next they all recited the famous words heard every day at the beginning of “The Captain Eleven” program that entertained kids on Keloland TV for over 40 years: “One man in each century is given the power to control time..etc.”
It was obvious by the tear in Dave’s eye that he was thrilled and moved by the outpouring of affection from so many former Captain Eleven crew members who hadn’t forgotten even though it had been over a decade since he signed off the air for the last time.
For thousands and thousands of kids like me, the Captain was bigger than life..the nice guy in the blue uniform who liked kids; a hero that reminded us each day to “Mind mom and dad, eat everything they tell you to eat, brush your teeth and say your prayers before you go to bed..that’s the most important part.”
I share this with you today because one of the questions I’m asked most often is “how’s Captain Eleven doing?” Well, at the moment the answer has to be “not too well” and, if you still follow his advice about saying your prayers..I hope you’ll send a few his way.
Dave has had a rough go of it lately with a variety of health issues..not the least of which is a back condition that is particularly painful.
The doctors and nurses are working hard to fix him keep looking up.To see how popular Dave still is with fans check out Friends of Captain 11 on facebook.
Another longtime friend, Gary Randall of Madison, could also use some divine healing.
Gary is one of the most talented and gentle people I’ve ever met.His amazing singing voice is only matched by his skills as a guitar player and song writer. Many years ago, Gary, decided to share those skills along with his faith, primarily through a music ministry in churches and other Christian settings.
Recently while working on his house, Gary fell 20 feet when scaffolding failed. He suffered a crushed pelvis and severely broken wrist. His sister tells me he is mending but the way back will be long and difficult.
Gary would never ask himself, but I know he and his wife, Deb could sure use any help they can get..spiritually AND in meeting their down-to-earth needs. Click here to learn more about Gary and his calling.

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