Au Revoir Canada

Posted: Thursday, September 17, 2009 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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And, just like’s over. 10 days romping around some of the most beautiful places on earth and we’re about to board an airplane and return to the reality of a world where bills are due, a lawn is in desperate need of mowing, there’s laundry to do and we have doctor and dentist appointments to keep.But, if the truth be told, we’re also sort of anxious to be home again; to pick clothes out of the closet and dresser drawers instead of a meet up with good get back on a familiar schedule that’s more in tune with our natural comfort zone. It has been a grand and glorious week and a half, though. We have met some terrific people, including Julia, our Australian-accented tour guide who has managed to rally all 46 of us each day with good humor, respect, incredible knowledge, a ceaseless enthusiasm and desire to please. That’s her on the left.
Along the way, we have learned that Canadians appear to be pretty happy with their health care system but many, especially baby-boomers, still don’t like the government mandated metric system.
They’re anal about the environment; convinced that global warming is to blame for just about every negative occurrence from fewer grizzly bears and salmon to shrinking glaciers. They insist that Indians be called “First Nation” people..not Indians or native Canadians. They don’t bother with paper money below a fiver. As a result you run around with a pocketful of loonies and toonies. (One and two dollar coins.) Even though very few people in the western provinces speak French, the government insists that every public sign be printed in both English and French. But as I mentioned in an earlier blog, Canadians we encountered were genuinely Midwest-type-nice; helpful and good natured. Not a one of them ended their sentences with the stereotypical “eh?”   Be advised, though, if you plan a trip up here, be sure and have your passport up to date. The days of crossing the border without one are long gone.
I’ve written here before about how I’m willing to wait for a movie to come out on rental rather than pay through the nose to sit in a theater full of noisy, cell phone texting, food chompin’ disrespectful clods. But Linda and I will make an exception this weekend because my nephew, Jayden Lund, is starring in the new Matt Damon movie, “The Informant” which opens Friday.  Actually Jay may not have a starring role..but he is prominently featured in several scenes. We’re so happy that Hollywood is starting to recognize Jay’s tremendous talent and hope this is just the beginning of several more significant parts in movies and television. To see a clip of Jay with Matt click here.He’s the big guy to Matt’s right.Well, there’s the announcement that our plane is boarding.  I used to love so much and will be glad when the wheels touch down in Sioux Falls this evening. Back to eating Nutrisystem dehydrated delicacies instead of medallions of beef with a lovely reduced red wine sauce, glazed new potatoes and buttered asparagus spears.   

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