Greetings from Victoria

Posted: Thursday, September 10, 2009 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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At the risk of boring you to tears like when a relative drags out the home movies..I’m going to post a few pictures from our tour and offer a comment or two…so bear with me. We are currently in of the most beautiful cities we’ve ever seen.
We ferried across from Port Angeles, Washington  aboard the ship CoHo.It’s pretty roomy too. Over a hundred cars and our tour bus fit comfortable below.A rather foggy rainy crossing but it had cleared by the time we reached the other side.That’s my dentist, Denny Graber and his wife, Ruth boarding the bus in the bowles of the boat.The sun always shines sometime during the day in Victoria providing a flourishing environmen for flowers. There are thousands of hanging baskets around town. Some of the prettiest are fueled with birth control pills dissolved in their least that’s what our local guide says.Okay..most of us on this tour qualify for the senior discount at Century theaters but two of our most seasoned travelers are also two of  the most fun. That’s Ruth on the right..she’s 86…9 years younger than Doris on the left. We spotted them sitting in the lobby this afternoon and asked how their day had been. Both had been hoofing it around town. We’re a couple of streetwalkers Doris laughed.I’m having fits trying to get these pictures and my comments posted and don’t know quite what’s wrong but hope to get it sorted out with a phone call to Landon at Kelo tomorrow. Also on the trip I somehow managed to knock my eyeglasses out of whack and needed a fix which I found at a place here in Victoria’s downtown called Iris. Two very attractive young with a French accent, managed to get my bows jokes please.. They wouldnt accept any money so I took their picture and promised to mention their kindness on the blog. Of course it was the only picture that didn’t turn out. But here’s a shot of their business cards.Sorry girls..thanks again.Heading to Buchart Gardens and Van Couver tomorrow.

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