Facebook, Clinton & Fine Art

Posted: Wednesday, August 5, 2009 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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Just ask Linda; the last thing I need is an excuse to spend more time at the computer. But, thanks to Facebook, that’s just what I’m doing. 
I know, I know..Facebook is nothing new but I figured it was mostly for kids to interact on the internet until my daughter got me hooked up a couple months ago and, all of a sudden, I’m hearing from loads of people from my past; relatives, old friends and former colleagues.
For those who don’t know…Facebook is sort of like a pyramid scheme only the objective is to acquire friends not a boatload of cash.  It’s a social networking website in which users can create profiles including photos and lists of personal interests, exchange private or public messages, and join groups of friends…well, acquaintances really.
Facebook is kind of like the old party-line telephones in that you can snoop around people’s sites, finding out what they’re up to, reading their conversations and looking at their pictures.
Anyway, it has been an entertaining diversion and a help in dealing with my recent struggles with moodiness and unproductivity.   Someone the other day suggested I learn to twitter. But I can only absorb just so much technology per decade.
I like to assume the best in folks..I really do. That’s why I’m not going to say anything negative about former president Bill Clinton’s mission to North Korea to free those two young American journalists who strayed across the border and were sentenced to 12 years hard labor. Of course many will wonder what, if any, side deals were made with that pip squeak dictator in order to gain their release. 
For now, though, you can’t help but be touched by the site of the former hostages’ emotional reunion with their families and outpouring of gratitude to Bill Clinton and their country for getting them home after nearly five months of captivity.
I’ve always felt that South Dakota has a disproportionate number of really gifted artists. I’ve done stories with a lot of them over the years..including Joshua Spies of Watertown who just keeps getting better and more popular. Joshua Spies putting the finishing touches on another magnificent wildlife painting.Josh’s latest accomplishment was having his entry win the coveted Federal Duck Stamp. Josh is not only a wonderful painter but he’s also a terrific guy. Check out his web site here.
There is another young artist from Aberdeen whom I’ve never met but..it seems to me..is destined for greatness.
His name is Benjamin Victor. To my eye, he has the talent of a Michelangelo only he uses clay instead of marble to create his masterpieces. Benjamin Victor working on the statue of a World War II Army Air Corps pilot. Still in his twenties, Victor has already had many prestigious commissions from all over the world. One of his pieces, a bonze statue of an Indian woman, is on display in Statuary Hall at the U.S. Capitol building.
Not only are his pieces painstakingly detailed but, like all great artists, Victor manages to breathe life into his subjects.
His art is simply astounding. Think I’m exaggerating? Check out his website here.
Well, that’s all for today..except that I’ve got to make a decision on Ol’ White Lightnin’ my 19 year old Lincoln Town Car.  
She’s a perfect candidate for the “cash for clunker’s” program but then what would I use to haul leaves to the drop-off site this fall?She holds 16 bags..and wadda I get?….a traded-in Lincoln and a another car debt.

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