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Posted: Sunday, July 12, 2009 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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I used to love going to movies.
Now, not so much.
I’ve written here before about how my desire to see a new film has been tempered by the actual movie-going experience.  
First, the cost of tickets and treats causes my jaw to drop from sticker shock.
Then, despite, pleas from the theater management and clever ads on the screen urging people to shut up during the show and turn their cell phones off, you can see the faces of people all over the auditorium reflected in the glow of their cell phone lights as they text their pals outside the building and talk out loud to the ones sitting in the seat next to them..all the while noisily munching popcorn and opening bags of candy.  
After going through this time and again, Linda and I have both concluded that it’s just better to wait until the movies we want to see come out “On Demand” and we can enjoy them on HD in the peace and quiet of our own home.
In the last few weeks, though, there have been two films that I just couldn’t hold off on, while Linda went shopping last Friday, I decided to see them both back to two different movie houses.
The first was “UP” at the Century. Just five bucks admission..with the geezer discount. A bag of popcorn and a medium Coke?
$9.50..uffdah!The main characters in Disney Pixar’s "UP." The old guy is voiced byTV’s Mr. Grant, himself..Ed Asner.
I hadn’t been to a 3-D movies since the 50’s and was anxious to experience how it looks in the 21st Century.  But when I asked the kid taking tickets where I should pick up the special 3-D glasses..he informed me that I wouldn’t need them because“UP” was no longer being shown in that format.
“But..but the newspaper ad said it was in 3-D,” I whined.
While still in the car, I had made sure to set my phone on vibrate..but for some reason at the beginning of the feature, my pocket started ringing out loud and heads turned in my direction with looks of disgust.
Yes..I was one of “those” people that I complain about; too dumb or too stubborn to shut the cell off! embarassing.
The movie was cute and very clever. But it was one I could have waited for.
That wasn’t the case with “Public Enemies,” however. So, no sooner was “UP” over, I was out the door heading “down” the street a few blocks for the 1 pm showing at the Carmike.Johnny Depp as Johnny Dillinger. 
Not too many others shared my enthusiasm, apparently, because there was only one other guy in the theater when I walked in during the previews.  But within a minute, two more guys entered and sat in my row. One was big enough to make me look anorexic and between gasps for breath, he consumed great gulps of popcorn and carried on a running conversation with his companion loud enough to be heard over the deafening roar of the volume theater operators insist upon these days even when there are just four people in attendance.
I moved down a few rows only to find myself underneath the air conditioning blower which had been turned to the “Antarctica in January” setting.  
The movie?
I absolutely loved it.  Johnny Depp certainly played Johnny Dillinger different than other actor before him, including the amazing Warren Oates back in the 70’s..But Depp was great.  Director, Michael Mann plays fast and loose with some of the  historical facts but more than makes up for it in delicious action sequences including the best and most realistic gun fights since his movie,  “Heat.”
The 1936 hold-up of Security National Bank in Sioux Falls, when Baby Face Nelson goes nuts with the tommy gun, has a prominent part in the picture.
It’s a terrific film that I’m glad I got to see and would urge you to do also.
Just be sure to shut your cell phone off and bring a jacket along.

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