What Month Is This Again?

Posted: Tuesday, June 9, 2009 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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Our desert daughter, Christy, arrived here last Sunday evening from Phoenix. 
Linda and I went to pick her up at the airport and sat double parked outside the baggage claim..waiting. (It’s great that Allegient offers non-stop flights in and out of Sioux Falls..but they really should figure a way to speed up the process of getting luggage from the plane to the passengers.)
Finally, we could see Christy coming through the automatic doors to the outside only to have a blast of frigid air just wipe the smile clean off her face.
Using a magazine to shield her from the chilly rain driven by 30 mile an hour winds, she ran toward the car..threw her bag in the trunk and hurriedly jumped into the back seat uttering a couple expletives about the weather even before saying hello.
Can’t say that I blame her.
Christy and her mom have been looking forward to this get together for weeks.
South Dakota in early June can be wonderful and Linda was hoping to spend a lot of time with her talking, laughing and sipping wine out on our newly power-washed decks attached to our newly painted house enjoying mid-70’s sunshiny days and soft..mild evenings with air perfumed by the nearby lilac bushes.
Instead, we get the month of March all over again which has Christy  going through her mother’s closet looking for heavy sweaters to wear rather than the cute little sun dresses she had packed for the trip."Honey, we could use a little more wine to take the chill off please."
Personally, I’d rather endure a cold June in South Dakota than the scorching heat of an Arizona summer but Christy would not.
She has now lived most of her life in warm climates..far away from the fickle mysterious weather extremes of her youth. She has adapted to the heat and grown more sensitive to any temperature below 65 degrees.
Jay Trobec says it’s supposed to be nicer by the weekend.
I sure hope so, otherwise I’m afraid the current women in my life will decide that if it’s going to be too cold to be outside..they might as well head to Flandreau in search of some hot machines to play INSIDE the casino.

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