An Ace In The Hole

Posted: Friday, June 5, 2009 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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“Hey, and Linda want to join Joanie and me at the Alpine for a drink?” said my pal Denny Graves when he called one evening a few days ago.
We usually get together with the Graves’ at least once a week, but I could tell there was a different tone in his voice this time..almost anxious.
“Something’s up with Denny,” I said to Linda after hanging up.
“Oh, God, I hope there’s nothing wrong,” she replied.
Those concerns quickly disappeared when we entered our favorite little neighborhood food and beverage establishment to find them sitting in a booth..Denny looking like he’s about to bust with his news…good news, no doubt, from the look on his face.
I knew he had played golf earlier that day because he’d asked if I could join him. Unfortunately, I couldn’t but it was clear from the little grin on his lips I should have.
“You shot well, didn’t ya?” I said.  
Denny Graves and me. So many golf little time.Denny and I have been golfing buddies for nearly as long as we’ve known each other; 30 years or more.
We’re mediocre players at best but share a passion for the game and a similar handicap.  We are competitive but never combative which makes our outings an enjoyable experience even if we shoot a lousy score.
Whenever one plays a game without the other, the first thing we do when we get together is ask about their round insisting on a hole by hole..shot by shot account.
Our wives find these rituals puzzling but most golfers understand.
“Well,” Denny said..almost laughing now, “I did have an excellent day.” He then produced a score card from the East Nine at Elmwood on which he’d drawn a circle around the fourth hole and a big number 1 written inside.
He had done it!
After all these years and thousands of rounds, Denny had finally achieved the ultimate glory for any golfer; A HOLE IN ONE!
I let out a whoop that caused other Alpine patrons to momentarily look up from their Wisconsin beer cheese soup wondering what was the heck was wrong with me.
It was a real hole in one too..not one of those little executive-course aces some people report to the TV stations and newspapers.
Nope, he used a 7 iron for the down wind shot of 163 yards. Luckily, he had joined up with another group so there were plenty of witnesses.
The only thing that sort of dampened my enthusiasm about this golfing milestone is that I wasn’t there to see it.
Oh well, maybe on the next one.
Congratulations Buddy!

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