GM, The Events Center And Other Annoyances

Posted: Wednesday, June 3, 2009 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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Sorry, it’s been awhile since my last entry.
I’ve started several blogs in the last couple days concerning a few issues that I find troubling but then had to ask myself, “Do you really want to go there?”
So I’ll try to be brief.
Monday, General Motors finally filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Usually, that would be considered bad news (You know, “As GM goes the country.”) But we now live in a bizzaro world where up is down and black is white.  Investors see the GM bankruptcy as a good thing..sending the stock market up 250 points.
Some say GM shot itself in the foot by not building the types of vehicles  people want and the planet needs.  Perhaps that’s true but I seriously doubt folks are all that willing to give up their pick-ups and SUV’s in exchange for little underpowered roller skates that get 50 miles a gallon..but have no real room for passengers or luggage and would get squished in a confrontation with a deer.
Where’s Ralph Nader when you need him?
Instead of spending billions of dollars to bail out General Motors (which looked to cheap labor from Canada and Mexico to become the kings of outsourcing) I’d much rather this country put that kind of money toward developing a modernized efficient rail system which would reduce the number of fuel guzzling semi trucks that belch-out plumes of pollution and chew up the nation’s highways at 5 miles to the gallon.
See, now I’ve ticked off my truck driving son-in-law, a brother-in-law who’s a truck dispatcher and a golf buddy who has been an owner/driver for 30 years.
Let’s see, what other topics have I been hesitant to comment on?
Oh, yeah..the events center thingy.
I really thought  the recession had put that one way down on the priority list..but, nope, up pops the task force report this week which recommends a 150 million dollar investment in a new 15 thousand seat arena built at the same site as the antique arena which might crumble and collapse at any moment. Okay, that last comment was mine but to hear committee members talk you’d think because the arena is over 50 years old it simply falling apart and has to go.
Same with Howard Wood field. It, too, is so old it’ll take six million dollars to make right.   Really?  For what?  Shoring up crumbling concrete? More comfortable seating? Nicer toilets?  I understand that a large chunk of it would be for replacing the press box. If that’s so, I know a few people in the construction business who could probably build a pretty darn nice press box for less than a million bucks.
The truth is, most people who want the events center want Howard Wood outta there so there’ll be more room to park.  What we’re not hearing so much about is the cost to relocate. Even with free land and some infrastructure in place, the school board says it’ll still need 15 million dollars from somewhere to build a new track and football field.
Is anyone else asking; do we really need an events center to accommodate 15 thousand people at a cost of 9-thousand dollars a seat?  Are we really missing out on that many big name performers to justify that kind of investment? What performers are still out there touring who have the ability to sell 15 thousand tickets?
Well, there ya go, old anti-progress fuddy duddy, now you’ve taken up sides against Mayor Munson..who you like a well as your long-time good friend, Jim Woster, who sits on the events center task force.
I should just stop right there..but I can’t help myself.
This was the title of Todd David Epp’s blog on last Monday.
Pastor Steve Hickey Rejoices In Murder of Kansas Abortion Doctor.
Well, Todd David could probably be rehired by KSFY for writing sensationalized headlines like that.
I must admit  it made me curious enough to read on..only to discover that the pastor..who is an outspoken pro life advocate..said the shooting made him sick and sad adding that such acts of violence only do harm to their cause.
Todd David also seized the opportunity in his blog to once again bring up Leslee Unruh’s name suggesting that its people like her and her “legion of goons” who take the law into their own hands.
I don’t know Leslee very well..but I’m pretty sure she’s not packin’ heat and has no intention of gunning down any abortion doctors. Todd David just hates it that she hasn’t buckled under his endless barrage of name calling and attempts to discredit her integrity.
Just for the record, the latest Gallup poll shows that 51% of adults in this country now consider themselves to be pro life..compared to 42% who say they’re pro choice.
As recently as last year, the numbers were reversed..50% pro choice to 44% pro life.
Anyway, after hearing that Pastor Hickey was receiving personal threats because of his story and threatening legal action, Todd David did what all bullies usually do..he backed down..writing a “clarification” on his Keloland blog..then retreating  to the safety of his personal blogs where he blasts Keloland for “knuckling under to right wing zealots” when it decided to pull his stories on Hickey.
Expect a little name calling directed at me in 3…..2….1….

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