Linda And I Have Been Stimulated

Posted: Thursday, May 28, 2009 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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Like manna falling from heaven kept the desert-roving Israelites from starving to death in the old testament, Linda and I have just received a blessing from on high too; a pair of Social Security bonus checks totaling 500 dollars for…well, I guess I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s just a little something from Barack and Michelle as a way of saying thanks for all those FICA dollars we’ve paid-in all those years and will likely never see returned in full.
But, just like most married couples fight over money..we’re already arguing about how to spend our windfall.
“I think the president wants us to just blow it on stuff rather than tuck it away for a rainy day,” I said.
“Well,” she replied, “after paying for groceries, house paint and the cost of renewing our passports so we can go to Canada, consider our windfall blown.”
“Can we at least go to the Brandon Steak House for dinner ?”
“That does sound nice and I think that’s the sort of thing the president wants us to do but we only have about 50 dollars left.”
“That should just about cover it if we order off the geezer menu.”
“Did you remember to fill my car up ? It’s running on fumes”
“No, I forgot. Mine is sitting on empty too…and, I see that, for some reason, gas is close to three bucks a gallon again.”
“Maybe we should just stay home.”
“I’ll light the grill.”
“Did you remember to get propane?”
“Soup..I’ll make some soup.”

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